New Workout Methods

Rise and Grind.

I’m seeing this phrase everywhere thanks to Ray Lewis, the now retired, current SuperBowl Champion legend.

Grinding is a great way to train…sometimes.

So you have Ray Lewis to thank for the new TT Grindhouse workouts that I’m currently developing. I did a few of them this weekend down here at Joel Marion’s place in St. Pete’s (before we hit the Gulf of Mexico for some wave-jumping Jet Ski action).

And on Monday morning I put Joel through a 12-minute Grindhouse workout that had him soaked in sweat while revving his metabolic burn.

Good times. I mean GREAT Times. Always love punishing Joel Marion with a workout. And that’s what I did on Saturday, too…

…when we did an old-school Meathead muscle building workout at the legendary PowerHouse Gym in Tampa. You MUST train here if you are in the area. It’s my 2nd favorite gym in America (behind only Jay Ferruggia’s Renegade Gym in Wachtung, NJ…and just ahead of FIT Gym in San Diego).

The Meathead Muscle workout went like this (with minimal rest)…

*1A) DB Chest Press 1/2 reps – 12 reps
1B) Hammer Strength High Row – 12 reps

2A) Barbell Incline Press – 8 reps
2B) Pullups – 1 rep short of failure

3A) Triceps Extensions – drop set
3B) DB Curls – drop set

We hit each superset 3-4 times.

Fairly simple and straightforward. This Meathead workout will give you the classic upper body pump. But you’ll notice one NEW method.

* 1/2 reps

In the chest press, we did only the bottom half range of motion. Use lighter weights, slightly higher reps, and limit your range-of-motion so that you put more tension on the pecs.

This is great for muscle growth.

You’ll use this method in the new “TT Meatheads” program that will be available to all TT members on March 1st <= this Friday.

That’s just one of the new “Meathead” methods I’m playing around with, and you can apply this to a lot of exercises, including rows, squats, and pushups.

Speaking of pushups…

On Sunday I did one of my experimental new Bodyweight Grindhouse sessions in a tiny corner of Joel’s backyard.

All I needed was a 6×6 foot space right beside the pool…and alongside his 3 dogs all named after Denzel Washington or one of Denzel’s movies. Joel’s the only guy in the world with a dog named, “Man on Fire”.

Anyways…my bodyweight Grindhouse circuit went like this:

Bodyweight Squats – 50 reps
Grinding Pushups – Max reps, ladder form
Switch Lunges – 20 reps per side
X-Body Mountain Climbers – 10 reps per side

I did five rounds of the full circuit (varying my squat stance, using Prisoner, wide-stance, and narrow-stance versions) until I hit 250 squats for the day.

The new method here is the Grinding Pushup…and you’ll learn more about that in the May TT Workout of the Month. It’s unlike any TT workout you’ve ever done before.

You’ll be amazed how you can completely fatigue your pecs with just 8 pushups – even if you are able to do 30 or more “regular” pushups in a row. Trust me, it’s pectorally powerful. You’ll love it.

Finally, while waiting in Canadian customs last night on the way back to Toronto from Tampa, I got stuck in a long line.

Fortunately, I was able to use this otherwise frustrating delay to put the finishing touches on April’s TT Workout of the Month, TT for Abs 2K13.

We’re well overdue for a new abs program over at Turbulence Training, and so my mission is to bring you the best six-pack workout secrets that I’ve discovered in the last 12 months.

Expect to shred your abs with some new, torturous TT Abs methods, particularly the Stretch-and-Strengthen Superset System. From all my research, this system will provide you your best abs ever. But just a little warning…they might get a little sore.

You heard it here first.

Plus, I’m going to head down to Lapeer, Michigan later in March to film this workout for the TT Member’s section, too.

Looking forward to sharing it with you soon.

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More new methods on the way,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – C’mon Craig…

…I hear you saying. Just give me ALL that you’ve got.

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