Win Your FREE Copy of Turbulence Training 2.0

So this is our 10-year anniversary together, and it deserves an explanation. But first, a personal story to illustrate my point…Back in the 1980’s when I was growing up on the ol’ Ballantyne farm, I’d look forward to the last Thursday of summer before I had to head back to school.You see, that was the day that my mom would take the day off work from the factory to spend with my sister and I.We’d start first thing in the morning with the 30-minute drive to the Kitchener Farmer’s Market. We’d walk the rows of produce vendors for hours, picking out fresh fruits and vegetables for mom to cook and can back in her kitchen.After a magical morning there, we’d head to that big city mall for back-to-school shopping. Of course, we couldn’t afford much, so this was a HUGE deal for my sister and I to get a new shirt and pants for school.

But the best part of all was stopping for lunch at the mall food court. Of course, I know today how terrible fast food is for your health. But back then, as a 10-year old kid, this was a magical moment. There were so many choices, I was like a kid in a candy store…but instead of candy, it was fast food!

And then for our drive back to the farm, we’d stop at Dairy Queen for an ice-cream sundae. What a way to end the day.

Those trips to the market will always hold a special place in my heart.

So last week, I was feeling a little nostalgic. I decided to take the morning off of TT projects and join my mom – and crazy ol’ Bally the Dog! – on one more trip down memory lane to the Farmer’s market.

We loaded up Bally into the back of her mini-SUV and made the drive for old times sake. It was nice to walk around the outdoor fruit and vegetable vendors, even though it rained a bit.

But things change.

The market was massive. There was a new indoor meat market, fancy vendors selling coconut oil and other exotic superfoods from all over the world, not just the local fields. The word “organic” was every where, as was “gluten-free” in the bakery area that smelled wonderfully of fresh baked goods.

The market had evolved to be even bigger and better than I had imagined.

But that’s the way things work, right?

And you and I must evolve and get better with time, too.

So that brings me back to our Anniversary discussion…and some bad news.

As I mentioned, it’s been 10 years now…Yep, it all started between us back in September, 2003.

That was when I released the first version of Turbulence Training to the world. Since then, a lot of things have changed.

Over 147,221 people have used Turbulence Training workouts, videos, and the daily tips delivered in these emails to change their bodies – and improve their lives.

135 different Turbulence Training programs have been created.

Dozens of imitators have popped up on the Internet.

But that hasn’t stopped us from creating the 10 Million Transformation Mission and giving out more than $75,000 in cash prizes to the 51 men and women that have won my Turbulence Training Contests.


It’s been an incredible 10 year journey.

But things change.

And so I must offer you my condolences, my deepest sympathies, and my heartfelt sadness at your loss.

You see, it’s all OVER for the original Turbulence Training.

Its time has passed.

Old age caught up to the “Godfather” of fat loss workout programs, the one that has been around longer than almost any other program you see on TV or have read about on the Internet.

And so, I bring you the bad news:

Turbulence Training is dead.


Long Live Turbulence Training!

That’s right, it’s time for Turbulence Training 2.0.


The new and improved evolution of the world’s greatest fat loss system is coming soon. In 16 weeks of advanced follow-along workout videos and updated programs, you’ll train just three times per week for only 30 minutes.

You’ll do every rep of every exercise in these half-hour sessions with me and one of my Certified Turbulence Trainers.

You’ll blast fat faster than ever – and these workouts will give you amazing beach body transformation results in less than 90 minutes per week.

Win my Transformation Contests in less workout time than ever before.

It literally delivers the power of 10 workouts in one.

We worked like dogs on this…it’s truly the best and most advanced fat burning system I’ve ever created.

And I want to give it to you for free.

That’s right…I’m giving away FIVE copies of TT 2.0 for free this week.

All you have to do is tell me WHY you need the New and Improved Turbulence Training 2.0 system and follow along workout videos.

Just post your comment below

We will select the five most moving stories. But don’t just tell me you are strapped for cash. Tell me how TT 2.0 will change your life. Tell me what TT has done for you in the past. Tell me why you need to save time and regain your health, energy, and body from the clutches of age and stress.

That’s what will win you a free copy of TT 2.0 – proving to me that it will go to great use.

But hurry and tell me why you need TT 2.0. The contest ends on Thursday at 5pm EST, and the winners will be announced this Friday!

I look forward to hearing from you, and more importantly, sharing the NEW Turbulence Training

Things change for the better,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – Here’s to another…

…10, 20, 50, and even 100 years of Turbulence Training!

We are going to go forever on our 10 Million Mission, and it will grow and grow and grow until we’ve helped everyone we can to get back in shape and burn fat with fun, fast, effective workouts that you can do at home.

So hurry and tell me why you need TT 2.0. The contest ends on Thursday at 5pm EST, and the winners will be announced this Friday!

All you have to do is tell me WHY you need the New and Improved Turbulence Training 2.0 system and follow along workout videos.

Just post your comment below

Be back soon with more really cool updates on how I made the workouts BETTER than ever.

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  • Mark Glodfelter

    I’ve use your workouts exclusively, but as with anything, changes and updates are needed. I would love to receive your new and improved workouts to motivate me in getting back to where I use to be. I’ve gained around 12 pounds and using your workout would help shed the fat.

  • Paul Go

    I first started using TT years ago when I was younger and less fit. However, my life has changed recently, with a new marriage, more job responsibilities and a return to graduate school. Time and money are tighter than ever and I need the energy and fitness that TT gives me to make it through the day.

    With TT2 providing better results in less time, I can continue to meet and exceed in my marriage, my home life, my job and my classes while remaining fit without spending as much time. I look forward to using TT2 and making it a part of my regular routine!

  • Jim Byard

    I’m a 70 year old man who now realizes that I’ve been doing ‘things’ wrong all my life – the Turbulence Training Program ‘is the way to go’!

  • Chris Dargis Riharb

    I would love to get started with your videos! Just found you on FB, your website and Pinterest! Just started adding your 4 min workouts to my regular routine and am loving them!!!! I am 51 and working on getting into the best shape of my life and reducing my body fat/belly fat!!!!! So excited and can’t wait to try another workout tomorrow morning!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing so much!!!!

  • Melanie Mc Bride

    My platoon of 13 medics and I are currently deployed to afghanistan. Our workout routine is pretty messed up and we need your plan to help us stay fit to fight at our current location. You will be helping us out hugely if you should decide to give your free plan to us. I bought your plan on my last deployment and I had nothing short of amazing results. Now I want to share with my soldiers. 🙂

  • Janna

    I haven’t done any of your workouts before. I’ve done px90 on and off, it’s a good workout but I just don’t have the time. I’ll be honest, 3 times a week sounds a little too good to be true but I’d like to try it.

  • Sue

    Hi Craig, I started using your posts on Facebook and have bought a few workouts, which I love! I have recently turned older , which is good! But nearing 60 is scary in a way, I have to be a bit more careful, yet I am still striving for a better shape. I also recently started a new job, so time will now be a factor. I am the mother of the bride twice this fall, (j$$$) and could use a time saving, money saving workout to rock my dresses and continue to be a great role model for my girls. Thanks for all you do!

  • Bonnie Lang

    As a personal trainer, I’m always looking for new, fresh ideas for myself and clients. I’d love to try TT 2.0 out for both parties! I’ve actually never committed to a full plan before, just done random workouts consistently, so I’d love to see how I can change my body by sticking to a plan to follow. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • gee

    I can’t remember exactly when I first came accross Turbulence Training, although I do know it was quite a few years ago.

    I have been frequenting gyms for over 20 years and had been a member of the slow boring cardio set for some time. I recall

    reading an article of yours that changed my way of thinking for GOOD. I still do the occasional bout of LISS cardio however

    most of my efforts are spent on HIIT which has been revolutionary in my pursuit of a better lifestyle.

    My mother is about to turn 73 and really needs to start an exercise program and this is where I’m hoping TT 2.0 will come in.

    Although she was rather active in her younger days she has become rather sedentary over the last decade or so, so any help

    you can provide would be fantastic.



  • Tudor Pangal

    Hey Craig, Tudor here, from Mississauga, Ontario. A few years back I managed to drop my body fat from 23% to just below 12%, by losing approximately 30 lbs. of fat, along with some muscle. That was in the summer of 2010 when I first followed a HIIT program sold by a certain company that puts out a lot of infomercials. The program worked great, but only the first time I used it. Any subsequent attempts to lower my body fat using the same program have failed. Since then, I hit a plateau; no matter what I try, I can’t seem to bring down my body fat percentage.
    If I focus on building muscle, I end up gaining fat at the same time.
    If I try to lose fat by creating a calorie deficit, I seem to lose muscle and strength too. TT 2.0 might be the answer to my breaking through this plateau.

    Thanks for all the free info you’ve been sharing!

    • Luka

      Some three years ago I decided to do something with my and my family health issues cause I saw too many of my friends and family members heaving health problems including diabetes, high blood pressure, hearth attacks and others as a result of years of bad diet, lack of excersise and stress. I beleived I am on the same track…….My biggest concern were my kids and what todays industrial and GMOs food combined with sedentary life can cause to their health even in early twenties.
      I am not polititian and I knew that best way to motivate others is to be example instead of talking. So I bought land where my father and me are growing organic plants with old seeds(some like cabage and tomatos are almost 100 yrs old) and started to buy raw milk(my 4yr old son adores goat milk), organic meat. I even bought fishing licence cause I live on the sea and started to go fishing. I am also lucky to live in Dalmatia, southern region of Croatia, where still many people, despite obvious food industry pressure and low price policy, have their own gardens and animals so getting real food is not so hard task.
      I also started to do cardio. I was doing one hour, three times a week early in the morning and although changing some eating habits and some cardio was ok I did not feel so many changes considering my effort.
      On year ago my friend gave me as a present package of TT programs including Get lean which helped me too lose 14 kg in 11 monthsand tranform my body the way I did not imagined is possible anymore(I am 37). Esspecially after two years of cardio. I used to train long jump and this excersises did not semms to be so hard but doing three times a week, early in the morning(before work) effect were amazing. My biggest present was also that I had no backpain anymore (Had injury and I spent lost of time in car). I felt that was final step towards higher life quality. I started to feel great, had more energy and I can not imagine skipping excersise.
      I still have so many space to improve but my next step is also to change life of people arround me as much as I can including my wife and one friend of mine and this could be perfect present for them to start improving their health and excersising habits.
      Greetings from Croatia and GL(sorry for somethimes bad English)

      • Craig Ballantyne

        Great to hear from you. I was just in Croatia, in Split and Makarska! Congrats on your results. – Craig

  • Evan Drahzal Gasster

    Hey craif evan from new york this would help me so much going to cape cod soon and it would help me look great on the beach!

  • Sean Little

    I’ve used turbulence training workouts for several years now and peaked physically with them before returning to school. Once enveloped by the engineering workload my fitness plummeted and I have been trying to get back into top shape but struggle with time and the motivation to do it
    Heading into my final school year, short, intense and meaningful workouts with the new and improved system are exactly what I need

  • Kmp


    I am mother of two kids and weigh more than my husband and he is 5’10” and I am 5’3’m. I have a 6 year old and a 2 mnth old baby. I am sitting at highest weight ever. Being a food lover I have never been skinny but was doing ok. But after my first baby I m did so muchto get back to my pre pregnancy weight. Did 100 of hours of excercise, ate healthy but nothing ever worked. I would loose 5 lbs in two weeks nd gain back 6 in 1. Nothing ever seemed to work. Now at my highest weight I am being ridiculed and humiliated by people one hand Aand the. They tell me not of take of fense. I need some thing now that can get me to I shape and works for after pregnancy body as you I kenow the body change drastically and ac t differs t after pregnancy. I am yet to see something that works for me and whelps me to get back to prepregnancg weight. I stand to loose 50 l s now and would like to see if its possible by tt 2.0

  • Chevy

    I have just recently turned the big 4 0 and I have been overweight most of my adult life. I have tried just about every diet and diet pill on the market but I dont need to tell you that none of that has worked for me otherwise I would not be posting here for a free copy of your book. I am real concerned about my health and weight especially as I grow older as my family history isfilled with diabetes, heart disease, high blood preasure etc and I would rather not have to deal with these conditions.I love all the free posts you have on the internet and would love to get my hands on a copy of your latest TT program. So as I sign off I am wishing myself luck in being one of the five winners.

  • Bas Prins

    Craig, I’ve been a TT user for years and love it. I do and appreciate how you evolve with it, and continue to make it better. I wrote you a while ago that it is hard for me to go over 30 minutes per work out. Now, I’m hoping that I can accomplish this even while completing all reps, something I’m not always able to do. Especially pullups. I weigh 200 lbs. and it is tough to move vertically upwards 🙂 I’d like to get down to 188ish and feel and look good.

  • M G Desgagne

    What a good idea! I was going to post my story because yes I could use a some proper workout advice & yes I would love to reclaim my body after a devastating car accident but instead, after reading the comments below, decided that there are already two really great stories posted that are worthy of those free dvds.

    I’d recommend:

    Melanie McBride & Jim Byard

  • FunNKre8v


    I have struggled with my weight for my entire life. I know that in the past and even now it has held me back from so many possibilities in my life. I am now 61 and I am very concerned for my health and I mean all aspects (physical, emotional, spiritual , mental) I was caregiver for my parents for about 15 years: My father died in 2004 then my mom in 2009. Just when I thought I would have a break, my sister contracted lyme disease shortly after my mom died so the care giving continued. She doesn’t need as much of my time now so I need to work on myself. I need help now. I can’t put off caring for myself any longer. TT 2 would be an encouragement and boost my confidence and ability to enjoy being active again. I believe it will help beat the mild depression I am experiencing right now. “It’s my turn now.”

  • Mark

    I’m turning 50 this year and not spending a cent more on ebooks. I had become an ebook junkie and spent literally thousands on fitness and nutrition books. You can’t try that many programs, so after all the spending and reading I have narrowed the books I use down to yours, Mike Geary’s and now a couple on kettlebells which have become my training preference. I love the way I can incorporate the kettlebells into your programs. These books have changed my attitude to a healthy lifestyle.
    So much info out there, but these books stand out above the rest.
    Hope TT 2.0 is all you want it to be but enough is enough, I’ll stick to what I have. 🙂
    Mark B.

  • Andy

    Since I started using body Wt. Training I have seen myself obviously transferring. I have history of shoulder injury that took me back two steps. TT training holding me from sliding the hill. I believe the new system will help me reach my goal while recovering my injured shoulder. Thanks

  • Chantelle

    I’ve been doing turbulence training for the last five years and I’m completed addicted to it ! My favourite workouts so far have been the gauntlet and thermogenic 30, I just LOVE the fast pace and the results and I’m thrilled all the workouts will now be 30 min ! I’m jumping for joy and I cannot wait to test them out 🙂 I’ve only just finished thermogenic 30 so need a new program ASAP to kick my butt the way that
    one did 🙂

  • John

    Just back in the office after a TT lunchtime session! Feel awesome and full of life. It is great to hear there will be a TT 2.0 as that should free up more time to spend with the family and “Timo” the dog. Wish there was a work out for him as he is suffering from paralysis of the back legs – although through daily massage and acupuncture he has started to get the back end up! Anyway all the best for today, tomorrow and the future!

  • Libby

    I’ve maintained a 35lb weightloss for nearly two years now but no matter how I tweak my diet and/or training my body fat % just won’t budge down from 26%. It never gets any higher. Its starting to get me down. I am a size 10 (uk) 5’7″ tall, at around 60kg right now. I love your workouts and I really believe that your new and improved system will be the key to unlocking my sucess

  • Jay Frasier

    I can’t claim to deserve TT 2.0 more than any of the folks who have posted on here. I’ll just share a little about what is going on with my family and see what happens. While I am certainly excited about they possibility of using TT 2.0 myself, I am more interested in getting it for my wife.

    I am 47, and my wonderful wife is 51. My wife sacrifices so much for everyone else, to the detriment of her own health. I have a step-son who is on social security disability because of mental issues. He has OCD, bipolar disorder, social anxiety disorder, clinical depression, and is on the autistic spectrum. He also experiences periods of extreme rage. My wife has spent countless hours trying to help him. She often stays up to 3 or 4 am talking to him, trying to help him deal with his rage and calm down. I don’t mean to sound overly melodramatic, but I honestly believe my step-son would be either in prison or dead right now if not for my wife spending so much time helping him.
    In addition to helping my step-son, my wife also does a great deal to help her parents. Her parents had their home foreclosed-on a few years ago. Within a few months of them moving into a duplex, her mom experienced health problems and had to move into a nursing home. Her dad could not afford to stay in the duplex, so he moved in with us. Since he lives with us, he is quite demanding on my wife’s time.
    I know my wife feels exhausted much of the time. I also know that she feels like she has very little time to work-out. I also know that she wants to lose weight and get in better shape. Her knees hurt often. She would like to no longer be overweight.
    So, why would I like to use TT 2.0? I would love to get in better shape as well. I injured my left knee years ago doing Tai Chi. Then, earlier this summer, I injured my right knee playing kickball (I got persuaded to join an adult kickball league). I also pulled my right bicep tendon last winter. I have not worked out much this summer, and I have gained a bit around my middle. Since my knee is starting to feel a bit better, I want to start working out again. Trying to find a time-efficient workout is important for me. Since my wife cannot work because of my step-son, I work more than one job. I teach full-time at a community college, which is a very time-consuming job. On top of that, I am also a magician. I perform at a restaurant and do a good number of gigs in order to pay our bills.
    Believe it or not, there’s other stuff going on with us as well. But, I think I’ve already written something close to a novel here. Sorry about that. I’ll just finish by saying I appreciate Craig’s offer to give TT 2.0 to a few people for free, and I’m sure those folks lucky enough to receive the program will benefit a great deal.

  • Susan

    Your programs are tried and true. Life w/o the upgrade would be life without living. 🙂 Thanks for striving to make things better for all of us all the time! Your dedication to fitness and wellness is inspiring and amazing.

  • Maja Pachale

    Hi Craig, I used to be a proffesional volleyball player in germany untill two years ago. During that time we had practice twice a day and a season going from september untill may. So after I quitted playing I was really enjoying my freedom of time. During the first couple months I thought I give myself a break. Later i thought oh i should go and workout but only sometimes would make the effort and excercise irregulary with no real plan. That’s on reason why I choose a team sport – it is really hard for me to get motivatied by myself. So now after two years basically not working out and a fulltime job and lots of other plans coming up (wedding next summer) I really want to get back in shape and loose my 22 pounds I’ve gained.

    The thought of beeing so effective and to see results with 3 times 30 minutes per week will even get me motivated for sure!!!
    I would love to recieve yout free book to finally be persistent with my goal and to have a plan i know will work out!!!

  • Sven Skarie

    Working out has been a such a struggle for me. I’ve been doing some of the turbulence training core stuff. And also the insanity 8 week program and finding the 90 minutes a week new system would be miraculous. I am working as a realtor and being a busy professional I love the ability to work out from home and just hop out of bed and use body weight. Dropping the last 20 lbs would help me feel the confidence to ask my girlfriend to marry me!!!! Thank you for the great emails and the encouraging programs.

  • Tony

    TT 2.0 – who needs guarantees – it will work

  • kishan

    the reason i really need this new version is i have done most of your workout programs and now i need to go a notch higher to get something of a greater challenge and get the body of my dreams…. and this T.T 2.0 will get me there….

  • Bree

    OMG what a Very Very awsome and just in the nick of time Opportunity is this to receive the new and improved TT 2.0!!

    3 years ago when I was approaching the big 4.0 I searched the big ol’ net 4 some advice to lose weight and get in shape..

    Well 2 make a long tory short..not did I not only find some advice but I found real solid advice on the matter by you mr C!!! Open up my eyes and mind about al ot of stuff concerning Training, Losing Weight and even about Developing yourself in other areas too!

    So you have helped me a lot already..Why I need TT 2.0 is that I can not break lose from my dream to become the Go to Girl in Fitness&Health in my area and for everyone around me!!!

    I want to be part of the Fitnessindustry on a Pro-level!!! People have hear me saying this 4 years and I’m finally ready to put my money wher my mouth is!!! I have been in the swing of things 4 a couple of months now..and I deffo see improvement of my body and mindset..(got like 20 kg more to lose, lost 10kg already!!!!).

    But I did&do this all by myself….Would be so glad to receive help in a professional & structured & more effective way by following TT 2.0 and get my Masterplan to finally live and be my dream in action: The allround PT and the Next Successful Certified TT Trainer..of the YEAR!!!(Trust me..)
    Gracias!! :))))

  • Mimoza

    TurbulenceTraining exercises makes me happy. I feel awesome after doing them. They make my life easier because they made me stronger and leaner. They help me win at life by staying focused .They never get boring and are very effective. I always find time to do them always see the results. If there is no possibility to do the whole workout session I can do only 4
    minutes of workouts and it doesn’t matter what time it is or where I am

  • Raymond Perina

    I had been doing various programs at gyms for many years and never really saw any gains and only ended up with injuries on the programs I was on and also poor form. Thankfully I came across TT several years ago and started working out again. I loved the idea that I could also do it at home with a home gym. After using the TT program and at just over 40yo I was in the best shape and condition I was ever in. And the best part was I was injury free for the first time EVER. Unfortunately work, family and life commitments all meant I had to give it away for a while. Anyway, I am back now and just started on the HWR to lose a few pounds and get some fitness back while I wait to clear the gym in the garage from under years of rubbish and neglect. I was going to then start the original TT program again shortly but now that TT 2.0 is coming out I will definitely be doing that program. Here’s to having the best and strongest body again at 44/45yo and on to a great 50 yo body that will put most 30 yo’s to shame 🙂

  • Zakiya Alake

    “Example is better than advice”, read the little paper in my fortune cookie two weeks ago. I own my own business-I’m a substance abuse recovery coach who has balooned into a “fake and a fraud”-5″4′ 266lbs waddling into substance abuse treatment facilities to support women through their first phase of recovery. Two years ago I was different-I was working out with some of my clients as a component of my coaching service and life was good. Then, a family crisis forced me to re-organize my life around the needs of my youngest grandbaby a then-traumatized two-year old-and I almost lost my ” whole entire self” while I gained 70 pounds soothing myself. Its taken awhile, however my grand son has settled into the loving arms of my youngest son and daughter in law and I can focus on rebooting myself as my full-time gig.
    TT 2.0 will help me jump start my personal recovery and again reflect the vibrant health that attracted so many clients and know I was a powerful example to women who want to recover physically, emotionally & spiritually !

  • David D

    Alas,I fell off the wagon when the family and I went on vacation to Canada.I gained 15 lbs and lost the drive to work out properly.I am currently working out to a T.T. Program and, I need a swift kick in the arse to put me back on track , T.T. 2.0 is just what I need to do it !!

  • Ellen Wilson

    Craig, I am so happy for you! 10 years, wow… I have been following you for about 6 of those years now.. my first discovery of you was two years into my recovery from a coma, this medical mishap changed my life as i knew it.. a former long distance cyclist and runner,happy mom of almost adult twins, separated because of my mishap but I love to move forward, this was one thing they did not take away from me.. now I do have deficits like memory issues.. but when i saw your videos on youtube, i had to know more.. slowly adding some of your TT programs and others you recommended along with some popular tv dvds, I was rocking the hardest workouts at the gym… anything trainers threw at me, I went for it… but your workouts suited me better.. i could do them at home if i was having a hard day.. the last two years my issues affected my back and i had to work around this, no problem, every dr i saw knew i needed to keep doing something for my mental as well as my physical health..i just took your advice and made sure i did it all properly.. saw the last surgeon july 19th.. they can’t really operate to make me in less pain.. this time i was crestfallen and asked the neurodrs advice yesterday what to do… he said Ellen you have always not let anything stop you.. you have extra weight that needs to come off, i know you eat very healthy, why are you letting no surgery put you down? so Craig, your email came to me at the most important time of my life.. yes i can say this honestly.. not just to win something on the net.. but to HAVE another chance at getting back to the best I can be, don’t need to be supermodel status, i just want to be more fit, lose this weight so my pain will decrease.. i won’t have to beg drs to look at me anymore.. and i can do the simple things like walking through farmers markets and spending time with my family on outings again. i have never expected miracles, i know that we make things happen for ourselves, its up to us to change our world. it does help to have some great advice and examples tho 🙂 i wish you the best with your new training, and continue to enjoy your advice for 15 minutes of questions on fb. i have leant much from you Craig, your mom must be so happy to spend those special days with you.
    Ellen, 57, hardworking and loving my kb and tt workouts
    thanks for letting me share with you. 🙂

  • Charles Burleigh

    I have struggled with my weight all my life. I’ve always been the “short, fat” kid / man. Last year I topped out near 195 lbs! That’s a lot to stack on a 5′ 5″ frame. I was embarrassed to take my shirt off when we went swimming with my girls. Worse than my physical condition was the fact that I didn’t teach my girls how to be healthy and fit, and so we have an obese family. Last year I decided that was enough and started exercising on occasion and eating a little bit better. With that little bit of work, I got down about 30 lbs, but got stuck. I couldn’t exercise very regularly because going to the gym in the morning would take about 1 1/2 hours. A few months ago I discovered Turbulence Training and signed up for the newsletter. Shortly thereafter I purchased the Home Workout Revolution, because I can do all the exercises in my home, without the 30 minutes commute to the gym. I’m looking forward to the TT 2.0 so I can help my girls start learning about what it really takes to get fit, and ween them off the long, slow cardio that they only do when we do go the gym as a family. I want my girls to lead fit lives as adults and teach their children to be fit, not how we have taught them so far in their lives.

  • Kathleen

    I first discovered TT while doing a random internet search. I was in need of some serious inspiration – I had allowed my health and fitness take a back seat to life while dealing with my divorce, a solo move cross country, and the start of an entirely new career. You inspired me with your short but incredibly powerful workouts and your encouraging personality. Since that time, I have completed numerous TT programs, which have empowered me in all aspects of my life and I have become somewhat of a “TT Ambassador” with my friends. In the past year, however, life has again taken some unexpected curves, and in that time we have had to put my father into a nursing home with Alzheimer’s, my doggy companion of 13 years passed away, I injured my knee and had to get surgery, I discovered my boyfriend trying to commit suicide, and my work situation has resulted in me getting furloughed and needing to find another job. I also turn 40 this November, and the thought of hitting that major milestone with everything else going on in my life is impacting me more than I thought it would. And I need inspiration again, and I know you have the power to inspire me to pick up the pieces again and become my best self. Receiving a free copy of the new TT program would be a true blessing, and I think you for offering this opportunity.

  • keith

    I have reached a sticking point in my quest to reach my ideal weight of 145lbs. I am currently at 164lbs 24%bf. I’ve had good success since being 230lbs a couple of years ago. But nothing seems to work, I have tried just about evey program out there with little success, it seems more is less, your program seems to permote great results without overtraining. I need to complete my goal but I’m tired of being ripped off and lied too. Everything I have reasherched says that short but intense is the way to go aso I am asking for a chance for you to prove you right for myself. Thank you for your time , keith

  • Carmen Wilcox

    Hi Craig. I am 53 and a retired army soldier. For many years I worked overseas and stayed in very good shape. But I am now going back to school and just started a job standing on my feet all day. Something had to give and it was my workouts. Plus as I’m aging they are not doing the same things and i’ve gained 13 lbs and have lost tone and muscle. Help before it gets even more out of control! 3x a week sounds doable.

  • Carolyn

    Hi Craig
    I literally worked my butt off whilst on mat leave with my 2nd bub. I was completely in the healthy lifestyle groove, exercising heaps, including using your turbulence training (mainly grind house workouts) as well as a mix of other things. I lost all my baby weight and another 7kgs. I was lighter and leaner and more energetic than ever. Then, a short “break” and I lost my mojo and haven’t been able to re-gather or refocus. I’m gutted because I’ve gained back those 7kgs I worked do damn hard to shed. No excuses, life just got busy and a bit stressful (hello lack of sleep and emotional eating – goodbye lean muscle mass). Well I’ve finally said enough is enough – time to re-lose these kgs the right way. Being able to get results from 90min a week for a busy working mum is a godsend. I’m not scared of blood, sweat and tears. Bring on TT 2.0!!!

  • Christine

    Hi Craig,
    I have tried a lot of workouts and nutrition plans. I get close to my goals, but never achieve what I see as the “final product”. As a single parent who both works and goes to school, time is at an absolute premium. I feel like your philosophy of and approach to training would maximize my workout efforts and provide me, finally, with the ultimate physique (that being a physique like a female figure competitor). I simply don’t have the time and money to hire an expensive personal trainer. I’m personally motivated to be fit and am careful what I eat. I understand that the entire process, both exercise and nutrition, must work together and require tweaking to get it right for each individual. I think your new Turbulence Training 2.0 could be the little extra spark I’m looking for. Thanks for reading.

  • Francesca

    I REALLY need to be successful at TT2.0 because my trainer is your trainer of the year — guess that puts pressure on all three of us. But hey, if I don’t win I’m going to buy it anyway. I trust you and Catherine and I’m ready! Thanks for sharing your expertise so generously. Namaste.

  • Kathrine

    Craig… I want this LATEST workout system created by you for perhaps a different reason than most that will post today. I have known my mission since I was a kid, and now I’m 48 years old, carrying out that mission as both a Personal Trainer AND as a Licensed Psychologist/Personal Coach. You see, my dad weighed between 350 and 450 most of my life. What a batch of fear weighed on me as a kid and college girl…I just knew that any moment I would get the call that he’d keeled over from a heart attack, and I loved my dad, so I dreaded that moment for years.

    I was puffy and tubby myself as a teen in the late 70s and early 80s, having grown up with my overweight parents’ lifestyle. That was hard to deal with, as it doesn’t get you many honors from the social crowd. Gratefully, I began running in 6th grade, and I advanced to the cross country team and ran track for a while as well into junior high and high school. However, it made little change in my overall weight. I committed to change when I left for college. It was then that I started paying attention to different ways to run, to workout, and to eat real food.

    It began to pay off. I lost weight over time, built a healthy and beautiful body, and have continued to look and feel years younger than my peers.

    Fast-forward to now, where I am a Boot Camp instructor, lead Fitness Adventures, and work with folks for private personal transformations, and I am in my zone, doing for a living what I was born to do. HIIT Training has become my model and the backbone of my own workouts, not to mention how I train others. And your TT program has had a huge impact on how I see things as I create and offer HELP to so many others, here in my little country town.

    I was put on this earth to help others, and so were you, Craig. That is apparent. And as those of us who recognize our gifts join our sweaty hands together to collaborate and share the tools that work, we are ALL helping our co-inhabitants of this marvelous earth to make changes that impact and benefit us all.

    Having your new program in my hot little hands will help me in my personal workouts to stay hot and healthy for myself, and for my son who is nearly 8 and growing up to know and embrace health and fit living. I know HE is growing to make a difference in the world, too. Your program will also allow me to add to my repertoire of healthy and effective fat-burning and metabolism-rocketing moves, SO THAT I MAY BETTER HELP OTHERS, injury-free, and making it FUN to move.

    In all gratitude for doing what you do so well,

  • Tony Stellar

    I NEED to have TT 2.0!! My wife just had our second child and I am working two jobs until she can go back to work. We’re both super tired and super strapped on time. My wife wants to get her body back and we both need to get into shape to keep up with TWO kids now. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send us TT 2.0. We’ll do the whole before and after pictures to show how great it works and tell everyone we can about it. You won’t regret this Craig and I know we won’t regret it since we’ll be ones getting the most benefit from it. Thanks for all the advice in your emails, it keeps us moving but this will get us moving faster and better. PLEASE SEND US TURBULENCE TRAINING 2.0!!

  • Kathrine

    And…to follow up….I did get that call about my dad, in my early 30s. My dad collapsed in a restaurant, died a few times on the E.R. table, spent 9 weeks in ICU (while too young for Medicare and having no health insurance), and then had a quintuple bypass. He was given 8 more o.k. years by grace, then he died after a month-long stint in the hospital at 70.

    I am committing to help direct people toward a healthy end, rather than a tragic one like this, which leaves deep scarring on those loved ones in its wake. Let’s ALL make one better healthy choice a day, and stay on the road to taking good care of our bodies.

  • Eric

    Because you can’t live an extraordinary life doing ordinary things. Live TT2.0!

  • Dan McDevitt

    Craig, I really need the new version of your workouts. I just turned 51. I just got remarried to a younger women 🙂 and I have started back to grad school and hopefully a PHd. I also just developed diabetes and high blood pressure. I need to redefine my physical self just as I am redefining my mind and spiritual self with grad school. I have always been a power lifter but they just reconstructed my left shoulder and left knee. I need to change this body and give my new wife someone that will be here for her for a long time. My life is starting over and I need to live long enough to do something with the gifts I have been given.

  • dsmith12203

    Craig, Thank you for this opportunity. My spouse and I have not done a good job taking care of ourselves as we aged. I am 90 lbs overweight and he is 200 lbs overweight. He had congestive heart failure on Friday, and has been in ICU since then…soon to get out in a day or two. We are 58 and 59 years old, deconditioned people, who are running out of time. I plan to work together with him and loose the poundage to live out the end of our years healthier. We are not going for beach bodies, or to be models. Just to have the best health we can. Changing habits of 30 years is hard but not impossible. Taking only 30 minutes 3x week, and using body weight (which we have plenty of!!) would be a blessing. Thank you for all you do to serve others in this journey of better health.

  • Kathryn

    I was overweight and decided to grab the bulk by the horns and worked my ass off and lost it! Fast forward a couple years I got pregnant and had the most beautiful baby girl in the whole world. Four years later poor choices and a busy life running my own business etc I have gained the weight back and suffered a heel spur! Tried everything to deal with the spur but most importantly need to take the weight! Been receiving physiology for my heel spur and trapped nerve and am starting to feel better! I now can go for long walks with my 4 year old without suffering, my little girl starts school this year and I shudder at the tought of being the FAT mom! Kids can be cruel and I don’t want my child being picked on or teased because her mom is fat! Yes I run my own business and unfortunately dont make a lot of money, I bought a gym membership and received gift certificates from the facility and invested hundreds of dollars only to find out that the gym closed its doors and ran off with a lot of money! ( this is true I can provide names and details about the business) As a mom it seems that financially everything I do is for my daughter! And I find it difficult to spend money on myself because she always needs something more! but being the fat mom is something that haunts me and brings rtears to my eyes! I willbe walking her thru those schools doors as the fat mom but I want to be. A mom that she can be proud of! Please help! I will do everything necessary your program will not go to waste!

  • pat

    Congrats Craig and thank you. With the PDF of your Sample Fat Burning you gave away “way back in the day” and your emails I have workout with you for for years and felt I have had the best personal trainer and guide. In your emails you give a lot and introducing like minded colleague is exemplary. I keep in great shape thanks to you. Live long and prosper!!

  • Landis Whitehurst

    No long drawn out, fancy stories. I’m 43, so I just want to stay in shape to keep up with my 9 year old and I am looking to make a career change to law enforcement, so I want to be able to meet the physical requirements.

  • Steve

    Here Goes-
    I lost weight with TT 1.0, then I had kids- Kids who didnt sleep 🙂 Which caused me to get shingles. The shingles invaded my spine and I got something called Zoster Myelitis. Couldn’t work out at all, just walking caused my hands and feet to buzz and have pins and needles. So I ate, and ate and ate…And then one day about a year later, I felt better.
    I started over- I’m doing the intermediate TT from 1.0 now. I’ve lost about 23 lbs in 5 weeks. (I drop the first 20 fast,20 more to go) Now the hard part starts. I need to switch it up and confuse my body again. TT 2.0 sound perfect.
    I have 3 year old and 17 month baby, I work a day job and have a small business and go to school at night, after class I go to the gym even though I don’t need the membership for tt. At 40 I dont want to get healthy so I can look good in a “smedium” tee again. I just want to be around a long time for my kids.

  • At the age of 50, with 100 lbs of excess weight, I made some subtle but effective changes that brought me 35 lbs lighter. Unfortunately, at 51, I plateaued there. And my blood sugar skyrocketed. Now I’m taking meds for diabetes and hypertension.

    And to add insult to injury, I’ve started climbing back up again 8=( I need something extra to take me to the next level. I need to regain the energy I had as a younger man. I need to get my sugar and blood pressure levels under control without (or with less) meds. I need to be here for my kids, my wife.

    My goal is to get back down to 188 (or less) which is 100 lbs below my highwater weight of 288. And I need to do it healthy. Fad diets and risky exercise isn’t what I’m looking for. I’m looking for a true health building diet and workout combination. Something to get me fit for living!

  • Mike

    Good morning Craig! My goal sounds simple but has proven very elusive! I am 57 years old and due to my career in sales and always on the go traveling from one place to another I have always been out of shape and over weight. Over the last three years I have worked hard to get the weight down and be physically fit. I have gone from a 42 inch waist to a 34. Not bad but there is one goal I can’t seem to reach and that is to rid myself of the spare tire. Yes it is much less than it was but the not-so-loved handles seem to be a permanent fixture. I believe that if your system does what it says I will be your best advocate! As a matter of fact I will agree to let you post before and after shots. Just so that you know I have never had anything close to a trim belly, let alone a six-pack.

  • TJ

    For as long as I can remember I had a “high metabolism”. I didn’t worry much about weight. But as I got older, my metabolism started slowing down. I’m 56 today and I’ve noticed I have less energy and have started putting on weight. I’ve used your TT training methods and have enjoyed the ease in which I can get a great workout.
    Why would TT 2.0 be a blessing to me? Simply to be able to enjoy the other half of my life. I have a wife and two dogs (I love your Bally the dog stories) and I want to have as much energy, strength and stamina I can have while losing my belly in order to give all I have to the ones I love. My life is sooooo busy with home, in-laws, etc that having your latest and greatest system in my home would help me in achieving the best I can be. Thanks for reading my post and congrats on the last 10 years and here’s to the next 10 years!!!!!!

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Thanks TJ, and glad you love the Bally the Dog stories! I bet your two pooches are quite the pair. – Craig

  • Karen

    HI Craig!
    I desperately need the Turbulence Training 2.0. I have lost 50lbs- but hit a plateau and can’t break through. My goal is to lose another 30 lbs. I work 55+ hours per week, and opted to use my spare time working in my garden instead of working out. I have noticed a huge difference in muscle tone, I am getting flabby and need to get myself back in shape.
    Please pick me as one of your 5!
    Thanking you in advance,
    Karen Miller

  • Frank

    Craig – I would like to get this for my wife. She has structural issues with foot, leg, hips, and neck. We have the HWR program and she does what she can with it. We really like the way you and the trainers provide alternatives to the exercises. We are going to Maui in November and I feel this would help her as we plan a lot of snorkeling. Since she doesn’t walk very far she is starting a chi kung class. We do eat mostly organic as best possible so the meals are pretty good – mostly home cooking. So thanks for your consideration.

  • Aaron Pfoutz

    Five years ago tomorrow (my birthday) I had a CT scan that would change my life. A week later I found I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Within a a month I had what is called whipple surgery to remove half my stomach, one third of my pancreas, my gallbladder, a foot of colon and all the stuff (diudem) that connects them. To say it has been a struggle would be an understatement. I got the first TT a couple of years ago because I needed a workout that would be effective. I did well for a while but had some set backs and now am ready to go again. I am in the best health I have been in the last five years and have doctors permission to do whatever I want. It is time I get back in shape and maybe the best shape of my life not just the last few years. I could tell you I am poor but I have done mission trips to thrid world countries, they are poor. Finances are tight after all these years but we are not poor. Actually we have been very blessed with great family and friends. Well there it is that is why I need a free TT 2.0 Thanks

  • Melinda

    When I was twelve, I had my first of a series of breaking & rebreaking of compression fractures in my lower spine as well as tailbone. I was small for my age and my parents had focused their sports/athletic tendencies on my siblings; I was their artist/writer/frail kid. I never understood how this label and these physical injuries gave me permission to be physically and emotionally timid throughout my teen and adulthood years.

    Fast forward to the present day: I’ve spent my adulthood chasing health, weight loss, and emotional resilience, only recently understanding how interconnected those things are. I turn forty this year. I trained for a marathon this fall and was diagnosed with athsma. That woke me up! I was a very well conditioned runner; I had believed that I was the slowest, oldest, wheeziest member of my running team when in actuality, I had let my prior “weak”, “frail”, etc. labels allow me to settle for that. One puff on an inhaler & I was smoking them on our course! The best part was that I felt a shift in how I thought about myself. I was an athlete. I was strong. I was no longer a delicate little girl, but a very capable and powerful woman.

    While running 10 and 12 miles every other day did not take off my extra 10-15 lbs, I found that my body responded to high intensity training like Insanity. The hours required for those programs were too much for my single-mother schedule, however. My point is that now I am ready for Turbulence Training 2.0. I am mentally ready to do this well and I know that this is what my body needs. Your product, support, and passion arrived in my life at just the right time. I’m ready to transform!

  • I’m going to be the first female american ninja warrior and TT 2.0 is going to get me there!

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Right on, that will be a 1st for sure!

  • Linda

    I am your average 54 year old grandmother of 4 ,except I have MS for 30 years. I have been on every diet possible still 15 pounds overweight. I work out regularly and then I don’t. I use to teach aerobic for 20 years. Last year I started teaching a class similar to TT. Six different exercise 30 seconds each than rest for one minute. What I learned from that class is most people my age just want to exercise; but not REALLY give themselves a workout. The class was to hard for people of my age. But I did come to understand something about myself. I have to be obligated to be teaching or meet someone at the gym to keep me exercising regularly. For that reason, I would love to have the TT on disc so I can follow along with you. I know I have to walk today so I can walk tomorrow to stay ahead of MS. I need to be told what to have and what to exercise even after all these years. I am so tired of not knowing what to eat and how long to exercise, information seems to change every ten years. Do this not that it never stops. I really could use your TT and even that is new!

  • CJ

    Wow, what an opportunity at a chance to win TT 2.0 to turn my health around and build up my immune system with some serious muscle. How can I not try to be one of the lucky 5! I’ve been struggling my way back to health since 2008 after losing almost 50% of my weight due to Celiac disease, severe food allergies, and a thryoid disorder all of which totally kicked my butt and robbed me of all my muscle mass and more. It’s been a long road, but now that I’m finally getting back on my feet, putting some weight back on and working hard on regaining some muscle tone to improve my health and immune system I realize that I need some direction and a coach to help me safely reach those goals. I’ve been eating an even more refined version of paleo for 3+yr (due to food restrictions) and have the diet down now I’m ready for the next step.
    Win or lose, I’ll continue to work on reaching my goals and passing TT along to friends.
    Congratulations on 10yr!

  • Amy

    I am going on 44 years old and I ran across the original TT and purchased it because I needed a new short program that would keep me interested. I found out it did more for me than that. I am a very busy person, I work in a physically and mentally demanding career, I am in school working on my Masters and every time the new semester starts I stop working out. However with the original TT I noticed since it was so short and that there were different exercises to do I found that I managed to do the whole program. However when it was over I didn’t want to start the whole thing over again, which was a mistake. I tried to just stick with the 6 minute six packers and realized I slowly lost interest and stopped my workout. I’m not very good at implementing new workouts as my mind is always preoccupied with work and school, so having TT do it for me kept my thinking out of it and I could just do the workouts for that day. I need this program because I felt better, I stuck with it, and I have toned up. I need a program that I can stick with and has results and this is the only one that I have found so I would love the new TT 2.0.

  • Kindredcottage

    To keep it short–
    You’ve already given me hope to believe I can get there, the healthiest strongest body of my life.
    I think the TT2 would continue that progress.
    Don’t you?
    I’m gonna be in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life this December when I turn 50!

  • Real Housewife

    Hey Craig,
    I’m your everyday housewife who does everything for everyone else and nothing for myself. I had 4 kids in exactly 5 years (and no, none of them were planned, I would not wish kids this close on anyone!) my oldest is 7 youngest is 2. It really took a toll on me physically, mentally and emotionally. I was in the best shape of my life before my first baby. Didn’t realize how hard it would be to stay motivated, have energy and take time for myself after a baby and how my body wouldn’t just bounce back to normal. I want the easy way out and my confidence back now, I want surgery!! My husband said there is no way he will let me get surgery until I’ve worked out regularly and done I’ll I can first. I need a change in my life. I’m not a fan of the gym, not good with what moves are what, I have several of your w/o and done them on and off over the years, what I’ve struggled with outside of time and energy is when I would actually try to workout I was wasting so much time trying to figure out how to do the move or which one was next or how to time myself, took me out of rhythm and I’d lose excitement….I’m so excited for these video workouts, it’s exactly what I need. No gym, not hours a day and I follow along don’t need to worry about how to do it or how to time myself!!
    Thanks for this opportunity to better myself

  • Silvie

    Dear Craig,

    First, congrats to the 10th TT anniversary!

    Second, I want to a little bit share my story to understand why i crave for the TT 2.0.

    I have been working out for over 10 years. I was doing a lot of the same things for years and years. Well, I was fit, lean, but I did not really feel like I was really functionally training. I was lifting hard, I was doing the right things, I thought, but I was not getting the results I longed for. Also, from time to time, I suffered from several pains from lifting heavy weights
    and working out too often. When I was 22, I tore a right knee ligament;
    lately, I figured out I put too much pressure on my knees when squatting
    with heavy weights and running for hours and hours on the treadmill.

    At the end of the year 2009, I was pretty stressed out, depressed from my work and many things/problems occuring in my life. I felt like I
    really needed to change something in my life, especially my workouts,
    as i was sick of doing the same things still on and on. Accidentally, I
    ran into the TT workouts, I met you Craig. I was reading more and more
    about your workouts and watching more and more of your training videos. I decided to give those workouts a try. I must admit I had no idea of how hard the workouts were. But, the more often I workout, the more stronger I became. I was actually getting stronger, fitter, more ripped, and was becoming happier day by day. A year later, I was gradually involving more hard calisthenics, more plyometrics into my workouts.

    Unfortunately, I tore my right knee ligament again in 2011. But, I learned from my mistake and right after my 2nd plastic knee surgery, I decided to start practising lots of TT bodyweight workouts to get back on a track. Also, I decided to workout ONLY at home. I was getting stronger, my ligament was getting more and more flexible. After 2 months, i was able to normally go on foot without crutches and a month later, I was even able to jump rope again!

    To finish my story, I am DEFINITELY dedicated to the TT workouts. My titanium ligament works at 200% (really!) now. I have been
    currently using the TT 2K13 Extreme Fat loss manual, the TT Grindhouse manual, and the famous HWR – they all are awesome!!!

    Finally, I decided that this year will be full of “transformations.” That´s why I have been working on my future since now, I have 2 jobs, I have been running my new business – successfully. But, I really do not have “extra”time to workout. So, I would like to get a copy of TT 2.0, as I have already proved myself that your workouts do work, they are pretty effective, you can get the great results in a short amount of time. And I long for more… Also, I would like to prove my friends that they can get to the best shape of their lives when training for only 30 minutes just 3 times per week.

    Thank you so much for your daily inspiration and motivation!
    Keep rocking!

  • Joize

    Hey Craig, Congrats on your 10th year anniversary. To keep it short and sweet. I wanna be part of your 10 million transformation mission. Your workouts and principles have made a great impact on my life. I never knew I had meaning and purpose in life until I’ve been transformed by your training. Corny but true. I’m currently pursuing my goal to be a Certified PT and hopefully a great CTT in the future. Here’s to another 100 years. Cheers.

  • mike

    First, thank you for this wonderful opportunity and for all that you do! You are an inspiration! Congratulations on 10-years- and here is to the next 10!
    Why do I need the TT 2.0? There are a few reasons. No. I am not an obese man. At 6 foot tall and 225 pounds, I cannot make that claim. Truth is, I do need to lose some weight, probably 25-35 pounds. I’ve used some of your workouts and various others to get down from 250 pounds. For the past few months I’ve been stuck and I need a kick start. I’ve worked hard, both in the gym and the kitchen, and I know TT 2.0 would give me that much needed kick!
    Unequivocally, for me the main reason is not the weight I need to lose (and want to lose). It’s about the challenge of fighting past the resistance that weighs us in life, to become the man that I’ve always aspired to be. One of the attributes of that man is being physically fit. Another is being resilient and it takes resilience to work hard, face set backs and still achieve your goals. This is the example I want to set for my 18-month old son. The beam of light in my life. I have no doubt that I’ll set an example that he will be proud of. My character won’t have it any other way. TT 2.0 would help me reach my fitness goals quicker, and in a more structured way. And so my main reason for wanting this as badly as I do- is so that I can be the best damn father to my son that I can be.
    I know you have 5 tough decisions ahead of you. All the best in making them. Know that, either way Craig, you have a fan in me and I find inspiration in what you do. If it is not me, it will be someone else who needs it. Someone else who wants it. But I assure you, you will be hard pressed to find someone who wants it more than me. Keep up the good work, Craig! And thanks again for doing what you do!

  • Rebecca Sizemore Estep

    Dear Craig,

    I am a 47 year old mother of five children, a wife of a disabled husband and a grandmother of an adorable baby boy! I have spent my life pouring myself into others, I was a stay at home mom for 20 years but over the past couple of years I had to go back into the work force and with that came a desk job sitting all day where I gradually packed on a lot of weight. It catches up to you and before you know it, then you see a picture of yourself and realize that you are no longer the person that you used to be. That happened to me but in May of this year and I decided one day that I was tired of packing around this extra weight! I started walking on my lunch hour but that was difficult because I would come back to my desk and be a sweaty mess but instead of that stopping me, I started setting my alarm for 4:30 am and I began walking 2-4 miles every morning. I have since lost 20 pounds with a goal of 20 more. I am thrilled at the changes that have taken place in my body but I am at a spot in my journey where I need more than just the cardio, I need to add the strength training and that is when I found your video’s. I have been doing the ab workout along with some other strength training video’s and have already lost an additional 1/2 inch around my stomach to add to the already 5 1/2 inches I had lost. I am so excited about my results but I need to ramp it up to the next level….Would you please consider me for one of your winners, I promise it will not sit on a shelf! This grannie will give it her best shot at making you proud!

  • RandyG

    Hi Craig,

    First off, let me say that I don’t yet own your first TT program but based on videos and information in your your emails I already started transitioning over to your workouts about 2 months ago and they totally rock! Having been into body sculpting before turning 40, I’ve seen program after program and can testify that yours is 100% legit. I’ve already lost approximately 2% body fat in a short time!

    The reason I’m set on receiving a copy of %% 2.0 is that I want to be like I once was – totally lean and fit – so I can help other people do the same thing. I just turned 43 and I’m still in “good” shape, to the point that people still ask me for training, workout and nutritional advice. But along with age, I knew my workouts needed to change – and they’ve been changing into everything you’ve put into your program. I believe it’s critical to choose a mentor and for fitness I’ve chosen you. I couldn’t be happier and more challenged to go to the next level!

    TT 2.0 will let me spend more time with my wife and kids instead of at the gym trying to regain my energy so I can give them quality time. Moreover, TT 2.0 will push me over the top as a role model to show others that they can be fit, healthy and energetic at any age. And best of all, it won’t be about me – I’ll get to turn them on to the same system I used to get there and stay there.

    That’s why I’d be walking on clouds to receive a copy of TT 2.0.

  • Rich

    I am a young stroke survivor who has suffered a major stroke four years ago at age 37. I have battled long and hard and with the help and support of family and friends I was able to regain the quality of life I have grown accustomed to. Now I am at the stage in my recovery where I am able to start interval and circuit training to get down to a reasonable body weight and sustain it. I am extremely grateful for your amazing advice and training tips, it has helped so much but I am ready to take it to the next level. Thanks for reading.

  • Paul Marlow

    Hi Craig
    Firstly I just wanted to say congratulations on 10years of helping people lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way.
    My journey starts not 10years ago but 18years ago this year. I was only 9 years old, and I caught a pretty nasty viral strain of meningitis, which knocked not only me but my whole family for six. I was left in a coma for over a week, my parents were told that IF I woke up, the damage to my brain would be SO bad that I wouldn’t be able to take care of myself, I would be a vegetable…
    But I did wake up, and I AM able to take care of myself and I’m not a vegetable! So during those few months of convalescing I gained alot of weight. Extra weight I’ve been trying to lose since then. It’s affected me in many ways… I’m 27years old, unemployed, and live at home with my parents. I’m not lazy, I’ve been to the gym on and off these last 10 years, it’s just that they’re very expensive (especially if you get personal training) and I always end up getting injured (last time it was my shoulder) due to length of time spent exercising, I’ve had success with TT one but would really love a free copy of TT2.0. I think it makes a big difference in every aspect of your life if you feel fit and healthy rather than overweight and unhealthy.
    This is WHY I need TT2.0 to get confidence back in my life.
    Paul M

  • Meghana Guptha

    I am currently suffering from harmonal disorders and the only way I could come out of it is to lose weight. I would really want to try the new program.

  • Esther M. Felicies

    TT has been my one to go exercises since 2011. I came a cross it when it was advertise by one of Craig’s buddies. When i did it the first time i was shock, it make feel strong and beautiful. TT is very different of the exercises i have done in the past; is accurate and is truth to is word ( if it say 45 minutes is 45 minutes, if it says 15 minutes is 15 minutes). Also is people friendly, there is always away to do the exercises from you home and that was my selling point. Thanks to TT my sister has is improve her lifestyle since she loved the 30 minutes workouts.

    In the past I was always stuck……feeling week, i did not see changes in other program; TT push me away from that feeling. I was able to get stronger, a little leaner and fast. TT 2.0 marks a new chapter both for me and the TT community. I really appreciate to have this new approach for my life and those around me. The TT training has always lift me up when i am down, especially if i hit rock bottom. I will really aprecites if i win on the of the free copys.

    Thanks and sincerely,


  • Esther M. Felicies

    TT has been my one to go exercises since 2011. I came a cross it when it was advertise by one of Craig’s buddies. When i did it the first time i was shock, it make feel strong and beautiful. TT is very different of the exercises i have done in the past; is accurate and is truth to is word ( if it say 45 minutes is 45 minutes, if it says 15 minutes is 15 minutes). Also is people friendly, there is always away to do the exercises from you home and that was my selling point. Thanks to TT my sister has is improve her lifestyle since she loved the 30 minutes
    In the past I was always stuck……feeling week, i did not see changes in other program; TT push me away from that feeling. I was able to get stronger, a little leaner and fast. TT 2.0 marks a new chapter both for me and the TT community. I really appreciate to have this new approach for my life and those around me. The TT training has always lift me up when i am down, especially if i hit rock bottom. I will really appreciates if i win on the of the free copy.

    Thanks and sincerely,


    Sorry for this; don’t know if my comment was posted, the computer freeze on me…Technology 🙂

  • chontzy

    Craig- Congrats on 10 years and being a source of great information and inspiration. I need TT to get back into shape after about five years of fatherhood where I basically neglected my fitness and health in order to focus on helping raising our two kids and creating a solo consultancy after being laid off. I’m looking for a proven, efficient training program to get back in shape so I can create more energy, play with the kids, and get some self-esteem back. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Ray Paez

    I’ve just discovered TT and it’s exactly what I need to blast my weight and fitness plateau for life! I need this to soar to new heights! These workouts are a GAMECHANGER!

  • Mark

    Hi Craig,
    Congratulations on the 10 years.
    I have been a follower of yours since around 2007. My name is Mark Davis and I’m 56 years old and here is my story. I used to be in great shape; the key words here are “used to be”. I was an athlete in Jr. High, Sr. High and College and after I was out of college too. I lifted weights, played softball in a league and was an ultra-marathon bicyclist. This was my life style until about 2000 when the family moved and the job changed locations. I could no longer bike to work, travel time now became longer so my workouts suffered and I slowly put on weight and became out of shape! Then in 2007 I discovered TT and started to implement some of the workouts. Again because of my time constraints I never put full effort into them! I am now complaining of back pain and my wife finally says, “…enough is enough, you’re going to the doctor.” So to make a long story short I need to have back fusion surgery! They go in and fuse from L3 through S1, well S1 was already fused in that the disc never formed when I was an infant. Rehab went slowly and after six months the L3 – L4 section didn’t fuse! They tried bone stimulators, etc. nothing worked. All this time I was in a lot of pain so I was under the care of a pain management team and they kept the pain somewhat at bay, but not entirely. So outside of the physical therapy I wasn’t feeling like doing much exercising. I am now only able to walk for exercise and then not without a lot of pain. Then in 2010 I’m at the doctor and he asks me if I ever get out of breath. I think a little bit and tell him I do. He now orders a stress test and he doesn’t like the result so he orders a nuclear stress test and again he doesn’t like the result; let’s just say my ejection fraction is 25%!! He now orders an angiogram and during the procedure they have to put in 3 stents and angioblast (my term) another one of my heart arteries. But instead of getting better nothing happens and now I have a bundle branch block to boot. My life is going to hell in a hurry! Now my beautiful wife, who has been looking over me and all of my health issues for over 28 years, we find out has stage 4 cancer!! She passes away in May of 2011. We have no children so I am all alone. So it is now 2013 and I am deciding I need to make a change! I’m going to lose weight; I went from a very fit 210 lbs back in the 1990’s to a very unfit 309 lbs in 2013. I am now eating better following your nutrition guidelines and have lost 28 lbs. I am gaining back some of my energy too as my hormones were all out of wack and they are now starting to come back into the normal range now too!! So I think that I’m about ready to start exercising again. I asked the doctor the last time I saw him and he said that it would be a good idea, but only if I start out slow and do some bodyweight movements first. Here is where I would love to get your new Version 2.0 to see if it would help me to start getting back into shape. That this would help accelerate my weight loss efforts and hopefully strengthen my heart to where I can get the needed repairs made to my back which would lead to a more normal life and help to wean me off the strong pain meds that I am on. It has been so long since I felt normal I can’t remember just what normal felt like. So Craig I would love to restart my life and use TT Version 2.0 as a beginning point where I can use it to springboard into a new me, a fitter me, healthier me with your help and guidance. Thanks for reading my story.
    Take care and God bless,

  • Ryan Jensema

    Thanks so much for TT. I have been doing workouts for about a year. I’m a 36 year old dad of 4 youngens. I’ve always loved athletics and workouts but it seems each year I’ve crept up in pounds and pants size. I was also finding that every time I got the chance to jump in on a pick up game or play ultimate I was getting hurt, the worst being a torn acl in 2011. Since doing TT I have rehabed my knee significantly and regained all the strength lost as a result of the surgery. I find that I am able to jump into games with far more energy and strength and recover quicker. I have lost about 12,13 pounds, but more than that I have noticed my belt loosening and needing new holes. With the busy job I have and family I am so thankful for the short time frame workouts. Before I found TT I was trying to keep in shape by doing some local triathlons, but the 1-2 hour windows I needed to train were hard to come by and were producing diminishing results. I love that I can jump into a work out for as little as 10-15 minutes, hit it hard and see results. Thank you for all your efforts, I look forward to the new 2.0. A grateful and more fit busy father.

  • iRaTe_pAtRiOt

    I was blessed with an extremely high IQ, but for many years was a chronic underachiever. I don’t know if I was afraid to succeed or what, but in any case, I eventually wandered off the narrow path that I was raised to walk on, coming from a very devout Christian family, and found myself engaged in a life I NEVER would’ve thought I’d live. I will tell you that I struggled with drugs and addiction for a good portion of my life (almost 20 years) and learned many things I wish I’d never learned.
    I nearly lost everything in my life including my wife and son, as well as my very life on numerous occasions, but God did not create me to destroy myself. That I am sure of! I was allowed to go through this for a reason and I know it was because He had and has something more for me and for me to do for Him and His children!
    How does this apply to your program???
    Let me explain…
    My 13 yr old niece was kidnapped about a year ago and was held captive for almost 2 weeks by some truly evil men involved in the Human Trafficking business, if you could even call it a business. She was drugged and has endured abuse that nobody should ever have to go through at the hands of these evil men. Due to some brave men who have selflessly served my country with honor for years and have now devoted their time to fighting this #1 money making business in the world (more than illegal guns and drugs!!), through God’s protective hand, and due to thousands of prayers, she was saved “literally seconds” before being handed off to the buyers to be taken over the Mexican border and put to work as a sex slave, likely never to be seen again…at least not alive. Due to pressure from the men I mentioned, she was hastily dumped at a gas station in Houston, TX where the buyers were to grab her and take her, but she was able to make it to a pay phone and stayed on the phone until the help arrived, which was just as the buyers were driving up to grab her, (as the security cameras at the gas station showed)!
    by the way…I don’t believe in coincidence!
    She is safe now and is on the road to recovery and has made some good progress, but still has a long road ahead of her yet.
    For several years after I was finally free from the drugs, I wondered how someone who has lived the life I had could be of any use to God anymore. I have plenty of tattoos and a head full of knowledge that seemed to be only useful for navigating through the dark parts of the world. How could this possibly be used for anything good?
    Once I stopped trying to find out what I could be used for on my own and let Him lead instead of trying to lead Him is when this happened with my niece and that light shone BRIGHTLY on the path of joining the fight against Human Trafficking and that my ability to blend with the unsavory people of the world did indeed have some value and could be used for something good!
    I now work with a group/organization, like the one that helped save my niece and it is this that truly lit the spark under my “backside” to get back in shape as it is vital that I be in shape for the safety of the girls (and boys!) as well as my fellow team members. I have made significant progress (235lbs down to 175lbs) with a drastic change in diet and your HomeWorkout Revolution. I ALWAYS look forward to working out and exercising daily and it has ABSOLUTELY changed my life, but I want to take it to the next level and continue this journey to be as fit as I possibly can.
    I sincerely apologize for the marathon post, but felt it necessary to explain so you could get an accurate picture of the journey I have been on and will continue on going forward.
    Thank for everything Craig and God bless!

  • Kelly

    Hi! My family and I have been using Home Workout revolution and loving it. I hate boring cardio and sooo appreciate the lack of boring same old same old you have provided in the workouts. We have a teenage daughter and son who are learning how to workout and one in particular benefits greatly from having the videos to watch to stay motivated and to make sure he is doing them correctly. We would love to try your newest, latest, greatest workouts! We need new material so we can all stay motivated to keep trying to get and stay in shape. As parents we recognize what a poor job the schools do teaching our kids about fitness so we have chosen to do it ourselves. We would love to have the opportunity to teach them in a shorter amount of time as between their jr. high and high school schedules & homework and our jobs and 4 yr old. we don’t have a lot of family time to spend working out. Thanks for considering us. We look forward to trying 2.0 🙂

  • ttjana

    Hi, I have no success story to tell because I just enrolled in the “dead” TT about 2 weeks ago, and feel like I was sold something “dead”…While I’m a positive person, I’m feeling really crappy about it. Sorry to be a downer, but I think that’s a good reason.

    • Craig Ballantyne

      You get TT 2.0 for free – as all customers do!

  • jt

    Congrats on the 10 year Craig. Way to go.
    Heck people can’t stay married for 10 years!
    Keep helping folks get better. Enjoy your success.

  • alienborn

    Turned fifty,
    body parts have shifted;
    sandwiched between care of elderly parents and kids in college with my resources I have to be thrifty,
    caring for myself makes my spirits lifted,
    TT 2.0 sounds nifty,
    thank you for all that you have gifted!!

  • Megan Thomas Kramer

    Hi, I’m a stay at home mom to a 3 and a half year old also a wife to a very hard working man. I’ve fought being overweight my whole life until November 2011. I got sick of being tired, winded and not being able to keep up with my growing child. I spent hours in the gym lost 75 pounds. I was within where I wanted to be this spring, just have some fat left in my midsection. I was so sick or spending hours a day away from my family exercising.. I stumbled across Turbulance Traing and was hooked! I couldn’t believe what little time it took to burn fat!! I’ve lost probably about 10 inches since the middle of July. I couldn’t be happier with the fact that I now do not have to get up at 5:00 and hit the gym for an hour and a half. Turbulance training has given me my sleep back, and tons of more time with my family (I’m not exhausted from getting up so early) so i am more patient and more of the mom that my son deserves. Fitness is now apart of my life not controlling my life as it did. I think it’s awesome that you’ve created 2.0 can’t wait to see it and give it a go!! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication in changing the “old” to something new!! I embrace change!! If we didn’t how would we ever change the body!! I’d love to be chosen to receive the new 2.0 but to whom ever that person is, don’t ever doubt your capabilities to get the body you’ve always wanted! I never thought that I could…. But with perseverance and ALWAYS attacking the negative with positives I’m living in the body I should have strived for long ago… But hey it’s never too late! Bless all you fellow Turbulance Training friends!!

  • Kyle

    Thanks for creating TT Home workout revolution, its the only one program I have stuck with for the last 6-months. Busy work schedule 50+ hrs week, I have looked forward to the TT workouts, plus the 4-minute finishers. 49 yrs old and finished 2- triathalons this year, and now working on a half marathon this fall. Feeling great, depressions is at bay and want to keep it that way. Love your follow along workouts and would love to own a a copy of TT 2.0 . Thanks for the inspiration, keep up the great work!!!

  • Roger Aucoin

    I have had two TIA and two mini-strokes, fortunately with no lasting effects. At age 61 I’ve lost 20 of 30 pounds this year in my journey to simply get as healthy as possible. I am struggling with the last 10 pounds. I’m OK with not being chosen for the freebie copy; just be sure to let me know when TT 2.0 is available!

  • DL

    I am 50 and led a life of little exercise and occasional drinks. Would like to stay healthy to see my kids through college.

  • Neil

    Congratulations -ten years is a lifetime in the fitness industry.
    I’ve been weightlifting and dieting regularly for the past 3 years and having a problem loosing the last 2 inches from my abs and putting on another inch around my shoulders. I will be 70 in 3 months time and probably maxed out on further growth. I have been using some of your programs in between lifting but now that my gym membership has expired, I want to make your body weight programs my only means to get to my goals. Most programs do not cater to the older guys like me but I want to give this program a serious try out. I want to get my six pack back which is presently covered with fat. I thank you in advance for sending me your program and give you my consent to use my picture and story in your advertisements. Looking forward to getting started.

  • Katie

    I started with your TT for abs 2 years ago and loved the intensity! I recently am working with the hot and buff. Its fun for me to try new things and see myself conquer the challenge. I am a 34 year old, mother of 3 who is starting our 5th year of home schooling my children. I have been through a divorce, moved my children and myself in with my parents to save and get of debt, which all took place in the last 4 weeks. And now, finding a passion over the past 5 years for fitness and health, I became a certified personal trainer. Now off looking for part time work. I actually have an interview tomorrow for a position. I also own a small cleaning and interior painting co. And I am active in the church I attend. Working out has been a must and a real stress release, it keeps me a more relaxed person, one who can face all my realities with a better mind set. I know I would use your new program and get much joy out of it. I continue to do research to find more out and have appreciated your challenges.

  • Tatjana Kuhar

    I started using TT workouts in 2009 after my first child was born. I had great results. Really best workouts I have ever used – time efficient and effective. Now I am pregnant with second child and this new workouts would be ideal for busy mom with one small infant and a child.

  • soulsmilen

    Hi Craig,

    First of all, THANK YOU for your Turbulence Training so far. Love love loved reading about your trip down memory lane, what an opening for TT 2.0! I apologize in advance for my book, but I figured if I were going to lay it out, I may as well lay it all out for accountability.

    Where to start with me? In high school and as a kid I was very active, always in shape, hanging with the guys and even lifting weights with them. I loved it that my Thunder Thighs could press more weight in Jr. Hi than many of the High School football team — my older brother? Not so impressed, since they were his friends! Haha

    I took my health for granted, and didn’t eat like I should have. I was slowly gaining weight, fast food started becoming more common (I’m 46), and life happened. Fast forward to young adult-hood and I had gall bladder problems at 20; surgery ‘took care’ of that issue, though I could have alleviated that with a lifestyle change then, I’m sure. I’m hard-headed, though, ya know?

    A few health problems later, I eventually ended up in the hospital with some mysterious bacterial disease that infectious docs couldn’t identify. I’ll never know what it was, but I do know that the pneumonia it caused set me back several years on top of the crap I was doing to myself. The weight was increasing and my activity was dwindling, though I did still get outside and go hiking with my son at times. I finally felt like I was recovering from that, and lo and behold, I am an idiot! I tried to stop an accident from happening with a forklift and loaded pallet in the warehouse I worked in… what’d this self-proclaimed idiot do? REACTED! Tried to catch the pallet falling from the forklift! Doh – just in case you folks don’t know, that is NOT a wise thing to do! My back immediately gave and I couldn’t walk until some of the swelling went down in the next couple of weeks. Rehab and therapy wasn’t working much, I really did some damage to the discs and realized the only option, after seeing several docs, was surgery. Yeehaw. The first one in 1997 was a conservative laminotomy, and it helped for about a year. The second one in 1998 was a full blown laminectomy with a fusion of those lower discs L3-L5, but I wouldn’t let them put any braces or rods in my back. By this time I weighed around 165 but because of the muscle base, I carried it well. Yeah, we’ve all heard that. I could walk again, the back pain was better, but I couldn’t get back in the swing of things and more weight slowly crept on, and like so many of us, I didn’t take note soon enough.

    In the following years, the chronic pains were increasing and although I hated going to the doctor, I finally gave in because I wouldn’t take medicine for the pain, and something had to give. Lupus, Fibromyalgia were things the docs talked about and I said “Oh heck no, not me!” I was a single mom raising a child – I didn’t have time for this crap in my life. But did I do anything about it? Nope…

    Another year or two and the weight is now up to 180’ish – we’re at 2004 now, mind you. I had an episode of something, lost my eyesight and collapsed. It scared the crap out of me, and I let my coworkers call an ambulance to take me to the hospital. This happened the day before my son’s first day of school that year, and my best friend got to enjoy my mommy sharing with him that week while I was in the hospital. CT Scan results? Some kind of tumor in the brain. WHAT????? I’m floored at this point, and becoming more humble by the minute. That was a very long first night in the hospital. By morning my muscles were weak and I could tell something more had ‘happened’. The neurologist ordered MRI’s so we could see that white spot better, and lo and behold, not a tumor – it’s likely Multiple Sclerosis. Still WHAT?????

    Remember I said I’m hard headed? I got through that first episode, finally let them give me steroids to help with the swelling so I could get back to work and provide for my child, but that was my limit. No way was I going on any of the MS injections. I wouldn’t even take aspirin, so I sure as heck wasn’t going to put that poison in my system! Anyone calling me out on the irony yet? Crap diet, but no medicinal poison. What a crock I was, huh?

    The next few years brought high blood pressure (it was ‘normal’ for me to be 180-220/90-110’ish. Still took a while for the doc to convince me I needed to take meds for BP, but I finally relented. My son wasn’t yet grown and I had to make sure I was there for him. By this time I’m pushing 210-220 lbs; of course the doc had something to say about that, too. So ok, it’s finally time to make an effort – 2008 is going to be my year! I dropped 30 lbs with a fad diet, dropped my blood pressure quite a bit, and considered it a win. The MS and Fibro symptoms were always there, my muscles were suffering, and the pain was increasing, even after that drop in weight. And you know what? I gained the weight back, the pain increased even more, and I hit rock bottom, staying there until 2011.

    2011 was a big year for me – my son graduated from high school in the top 3% of his class (woohoo), and I married my best friend in July. He loved me even at 220’ish, but encouraged me to at least get out in the yard to help with some of the chronic pain. Oh it helped some, but I was still suffering and still hard-headed; one of those folks who suffers in silence and just grins and bears it. Finally it started paying off and I was handling a little more, then a little more… I realized that even though I still had bad pain days, it was happening less often. The nerve pains were worse on many of the days, but I pushed through them – maybe the high tolerance for pain paid off in the end. I didn’t really lose weight to speak of, but it didn’t matter at that point. I was becoming stronger, and best of all, my mind wanted more.

    2013 and we’re planning a family reunion with the brothers – one whom I hadn’t seen in more than 10 years. Something snapped and May 19th, I decided it was time for me to take control of myself, no matter what. I immediately cut out the crap carbs, stopped eating sugar, and watched the weight fall off. 20 lbs and a little less than 3 weeks later, I saw my brothers and more family in Arkansas and something snapped again. I felt better, I looked better, and it really hadn’t been all that hard. I was surprisingly ok with the drastic change in my diet, and I didn’t really miss any food.

    At that point, I knew with my heart, mind, body, and soul that I was committed! so I began to research and learned about high intensity training. Long cardio is hard on me with the muscle and nerve crap, so I had to find something else. Period. And wouldn’t you know it? I learned cardio isn’t enough alone, anyway. I started doing small bits of exercise daily, working through the pain, my body aching to be healthy again. My digestive problems started dwindling, and even though the muscles were being worked, I was becoming stronger, and I could tell that they were SORE, not reacting to nerve pain and spasms (well ok, sometimes I do still get spasms but hopefully they’ll continue to lessen). The more I did, the better I felt, and THAT felt so WONDERFUL, I can’t even begin to express it in words. I would bet the fitness world understands, and I like that I understand now. Shoot, I absolutely love it!

    I researched more and found TT/HWR with the beginner’s program and the 12 week program. I took the plunge and got them and I am so glad I did! My stubborn butt wanted to jump right in to the 12 week program because I’m super woman at this point, right? I tried, and realized I needed to be realistic and start with the beginner program, but I did start on Week 2. Now I’ve gone through the last two weeks, and did another 2 weeks of the same weeks. I figured a little more core strength and getting stronger would pay off more in the long run and I was right. I’m ready for more and I am growing more excited by the day!

    When I purchased the programs a little more than 4 weeks ago, I weighed 175.. are you folks doing the math? I started at somewhere around 220-225 in the middle of May; I couldn’t bear to look at the scale then, so it may have been higher, who knows. Either way, I’m ok with calling it 50 lbs.. ha! 50 lbs lighter, a whole lot stronger, and so unbelievably committed, it’s hard for me to believe the change myself. I can see muscle definition now and my Thunder Thighs are back with their hard core – my jeans, although 4-5 sizes smaller now, are baggy on me. Such a wonderful problem to have, eh?

    I would love to start on the new and improved TT 2.0 for the 16 week plunge. I’m ready for it (save for pushups which I still have to modify sometimes)!

    You guys ready for numbers now? Not as impressive as the first 50 lbs, but I know that with adding muscle, the numbers aren’t as important. The inches are still falling off, and even after a two week plateau, I’m now at 165. Started around 49% body fat, and my scale now says 32.4%. It’s not perfect, but I’m getting there, and I can’t be stopped! I have had so much fun watching what the exercise does for me, feeling it!, realizing that I alone, and no one else, am in control of the final destination. My BP is now down to 130-140/80-85 consistently, and that is on NO medication!

    My husband laughs at me having to exercise now or I feel crappy. My son is away at college and marvels at the changes he sees when he comes home. They are both happy that I’m feeling better, and I can see the pride in their eyes. My stress level is down even at work, and everyone around me notices. What more could a woman want and why would I stop? And the friends? Some are supportive, some are jealous, and some just think I’m crazy for thinking wholesome, natural, one-ingredient foods are the way to go. Many don’t think I need to do the exercising, and some are critical of that. Believe it or not, some even still try to push donuts and other poison on me. I said it before, and I’ll reiterate… I do NOT miss the poison going into my body, I really don’t. That’s how I see processed food now, and it will remain that way, I’m more than 100% sure.

    I am at a healthy enough place to start the 12 weeks now, so why not just go with the 16 week program? The timing is perfect. I am ready to take that challenge. Craig, will you help me do it? I promise to watch you 3x a week (if not more – I’m insane and put in the effort to get me where I need to be for health, and want to be for my own sense of being. I do spend a lot of time exercising now, and have neglected some of my home responsibilities – my husband hasn’t complained once. I’m sure that day will come, though.. 90 minutes a week would be awesome and might stave off his inevitable, yet deserved, complaints. Heck, I might even don a bikini next summer, and TT has helped me get to this point. Thank you, thank you, and thank you a million times over!

    For those of you reading… if I can do it, YOU can do it, too. It’s a choice, and it’s as simple as that. Take my story, laugh where it’s warranted, scold where it’s deserved, and cyber slap me if you feel the need, and some of you will. Take away the possibility, though, please.. that’s all I ask. You deserve it, and you CAN do it!

    Excited and ready,

  • Peter Chaiyasena

    Just wanted to tell you how Turbulance 1.0 changed my life. When Adam and Ryan recommended it to me, I didn’t think much, but the beginner’s videos program changed my life. I used to do lots of Tai Chi, being the only type of exercise that I could do. So I was kind of skeptical about my ability with TT. After almost a year, of getting to about week 6, and then starting over again, I can say that your program works. I’m now on week 5 day 2, where I work out around 0300 (am) in the morning (only personal time I have), and now I can work out every day. I use Chris Lopez’ stuff on other days, and just finished Ben Teal’s Metabolic Mayhem (which I wouldn’t have been able to do if I didn’t do TT for a while first). I got so excited that I wrote two articles for my University’s News Letter entitled Fit to Teach where I mentioned you by name and the wonderful revolution you have started. I am looking into promoting TT for Calculus, since I now think that long study sessions may not be as productive as thought, but short, intense Calculus workouts might be the answer, with the Subconscious mulling over the material between “workouts.”

    Thus I’m looking very much to Turbulance 2.0. Thank you for all your hard work. Oh… and as a result of TT, I found that I could link my arms to my scapulae, and my legs to my sacrae through my glutes and quads, thus finding what out what the ancients possibly meant by “moving by the center” and using the Tan Tien to do Tai Chi. Thus with TT, I have come back to Tai Chi with renewed insight, with a redefinition of relaxation and silk drawing energy. You see, Craig, I could go on and on, but I’ll let others comment. Very good comments too by the way.

    Thank you again for all your hard work. I meant to write this many times, “Craig, You are # 1,” and it’s not just a password. And thank you for the good deal with the TT Platinum Membership. Thanks.

  • FunNKre8v

    Just wanted to add a ps to my post from last night because I don’t blame or regret any of what I have done. It is just that I am tired and drained and it is time I get recharged. There are others i want to serve but am not able to at this time.Being awarded TT 2.0 would truly be a blessing. Thank you for your commitment and care.

  • Susan

    I need something that is motivating, fast and will get results. I have a desk job and sit for hours at a time without moving. My office has now gone paperless.. great for the environment, bad for me.. I no longer have any reason to get up. My whole job is at the computer and it’s a stresful, time sensitive position. it’s becoming increasing a bigger and bigger issue for my health. So if I can get the extra weight I’m carrying off, I think that would help my back and give me the motivation required to make other life changes. Congratulations on 10 years of TT.

  • Paige Wyneken Yaney

    My 25 year high school reunion is October 5th! I would love to use the new programs to lose these last 10 pounds to get back to high school weight. I’ll have a month to do it and I’ll keep you posted on the progress! How fun is that?!?

  • Jason McMahan

    First off, thanks for all you do! The reason I need a free copy of your TT 2.0 program is because of time and money. Typical answer right? Here are more details: I work a full-time desk job, I leave at 6:30am and don’t get home until 6:30pm. I drive over an hour to and from work (just over 2 hours round-trip), I have a 2 year old and another on the way. So while I can and do fit in an hour workout 5-6 times per week, if I could get those same or better results in half the time, that would be awesome! Oh, and another reason why I need your program: it’ll benefit my wife as well and we could do it together! The couple that sweats together stays together, right? 😉

    Thanks again for all you do and pick me to win!! I know whomever you choose will be a worthy recipient and I know their life will change and improve because of it.


  • graciela ross

    Hello! My best friend is a personal trainer. For the past 6 weeks she has been working with me to help me shed 40lbs that really need to be gone!! It’s been fun and challenging; I have gotten much stronger…but I want to shed the pounds, too. She tells me TT is the very BEST program out there. I would love to try it for myself…and see how awesome it really is!! Cheers!

  • Cheryl M

    This may be too personal – but here goes. Two years ago, while in the best shape of my life – I was sexually assaulted by three unknown men. Since then, I (subsonsciously) let my size 4 fit body balloon to a size 14 out of shape body. Why? I just learned that it was a defense mechanism for me to be ‘unattractive’ to the opposite sex. So it will never happen again. Ah-ha! Well, I just don’t think that’s fair to me. That was flawed thinking. Why should I let these men control how I look to myself. I need to feel comfortable in my skin again. TT can get me there. I’ll show you the progress along the way. Before’s and after’s. I have the motivation to shed these pounds and regain the fit person I was just 2 years ago. I just need the program to do it with.

    • Craig Ballantyne

      I’m very sorry to hear that Cheryl, stay strong and keep pushing on your recovery. You can do it, I believe in you! – Craig

  • Dennis A Falkenberg

    TT has made a huge difference in my life. I’ve really enjoyed the workouts, how quick, intense and effective that they are. The biggest and best thing that happened because of this workout technique is that I met my wife in a fitness class that I teach that mimics TT workouts! Thanks for your part Craig in bringing us together! 🙂

  • FACE

    Hey Craig…

    I have nothing on the level which some of these brave folks have gone through….
    But I DO have a challenge for YOU – I need to find something to hold my interest!
    Was an athlete in HS, continued with sports thru college and beyond…and somewhere along the way I got sidetracked.
    Yes, I’ve had periods where I’ve exercised, got my weight under control – even got into relatively good shape – – – for a WHILE.

    But, I recently turned 60; and while I still find things in life to enjoy, my motivation level is way down….

    I’m 6′ tall, weigh about 215…and trust me when I say it’s far from “all muscle” – definitely have a bit of a “gut”, arms are a bit too thin…can’t even do a single chin-up (part of that was due to a rotator cuff injury….but I’m pretty much fully recovered from that, and had been doing intermediate hanging positions during the recovery, in the hopes of prepping SOME of the muscles for my eventual return to health)

    On a positive note, I’ve been able to successfully battle a long-term case of scleroderma…which, about 20 years ago, the doctors literally said that I “might have 4-5 years left”…

    So, I’m not beyond hope; and I’d like to get into [at LEAST] good enough shape, where I feel competent enough to teach others in my age group, and beyond – (and why stop there – why not be a role model for the younger inactive ones as well?!) – and show them what’s possible with just a little bit of focus!

    That’s about it!

    Keep up your contributions to humanity!

  • Saulius Butenas

    Thanks for great opportunity!
    I need this doozy and powerful set of workouts just because I want to be fit and shred out my belly fat.





  • Lenard Cole

    Have been following you on early to rise since you took it over, great job on useful information. Turned 40 – need to do something so I can keep up with my teenage son who now leaves me in the dust when we are doing things (walking, bike riding, etc.)

  • Aqualung

    at 51 I would love to lose my belly and be in shape to play with my 4 year old son and my as yet unborn baby who is due March of next year.

  • Tami Stillshrinking Tushie Kel

    I need it so I can reach my full potential!

  • Mani Sheriar

    I wrote a crazy long post, saw it posted (said 107 comments) and then navigated away from the page. When I came back later my comment was gone (said 106 comments). 🙁

    I guess I am testing to see if this comment disappears too …

  • soccerhawg

    I have always struggled with my weight and fitness and, until recently, I had just given myself over to the fact that that’s just the way it would be. About six months ago I had a health scare and went to the doctor. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. With my family history of these problems I knew I had to do something so I changed my lifestyle. I started eating right and exercising. Over these last six months I have made tremendous strides – my blood pressure is much better, my cholesterol is way down, I have lost around 60 pounds and I have, and am, gaining muscle. I feel better than I have in a long time and I am wearing smaller clothes than I have since high school.

    Now I am getting excited about getting in better shape and getting even healthier but I feel like I am hitting a wall. I am continuing to do the eating right and working out but my progress is stalling. It seems like I can’t get the remaining fat to budge.

    I have been getting the TT newsletter for a while and I have learned a lot from it. I really feel like TT 2.0 would be just the ticket to help me break through this wall and meet, and exceed, anything I thought was possible before. I’m ready to step up to the next level and do what it takes to get to my goals and I think this is it!

    I’ll admit part of my goals is to get that flat, toned physique but I also want to get healthy. I think TT 2.0 will help me get there.

    Thanks for everything Craig and I hope I hear from you on Friday!

  • stephen grand

    In the past I’ve shed about 90 pounds of disastrous weight. My health has improved and I’ve often been told I don’t look like my nearly 67 years. I am a practicing and teaching chiropractic physician and I help other people attain maximum health and well-being. But, here’s the rub, I still need to shed about 30 pounds (to ideal weight) and, for the past year or more, and that hasn’t happened. I feel I must walk my talk better in order to get others on board with my mission, just as you have. I’m stuck at this level and I’d love to have a key to open this door and spread the news to the many people I see and help each day. Even fellow health professionals (and students I educate), some of whom don’t seem to have a clue, could certainly use something new and different. If this works for me, I can help spread the news exponentially. I’m not one of those persons who claims to have tried everything. Of course that can’t be true. However, I have tried and incorporated, both for myself, my interns, and our patients, a few of the exercises you have shared in blogs and articles. But, I’ve not engaged in a full-fledged program and that’s my intention.

  • Mani Sheriar

    I’m turning 40 on Friday and feel like I have FINALLY found the combination of things that will help me to achieve my goal of feeling good about and in my body – after struggling for nearly two decades!

    When I was 21 I had a bad knee injury which doctors were unable to help me with short of surgery. With bad eating habits and being unable to exercise at all, I gained 10 pounds a year for the next six years, then I got pregnant and gained another 30 pounds! At 27, I was 90 pounds overweight and absolutely miserable.

    Then when I was 28 I met an applied kinesiologist who changed my life – he was able to fix my knee, and he told me about the low-carb diet. Eating less than 20 carbs a day and exercising regularly, I lost the 90 pounds over the course of the next two years, and kept it off for two more years. I did running, hiking, salsa dancing … I looked and felt amazing!

    At 32 I suffered an intense and debilitating illness, which later was diagnosed as a severe case of Epstein Barr Virus. I could barely walk to the other side of the house, let alone work out. I gained 40 pounds in six months, and another ten in the next six months before I started to feel better. Up 50 pounds again – I couldn’t believe it! It was so discouraging after all my hard work.

    At 33, when I was better, I tried to go back to very low-carb eating to lose the weight again but it didn’t seem to work for me anymore. I resorted to a strict low-fat 1200 calorie per day diet and lots of exercise which helped me take 30 of the pounds back off, but the other 20 just wouldn’t budge no matter what I tried!

    At 34 I decided to try to have another child, but after a year of trying my husband and I began seeing fertility specialists. There were issues. It was an extremely stressful time. We started fertility treatments and the hormones made me crazy, and fat. Again. I regained 20 pounds over the year and a half that I was going through treatments. I finally got pregnant (after 31 cycles of trying). I was ecstatic! and I quickly put on 10 pounds, but then lost that baby to miscarriage. Another six months of infertility treatments saw another ten pounds packed on. At this point, after 3.5 years of battling infertility, we decided to switch to adoption. I was now back up to 60 pounds overweight.

    At 38 our son was adopted and came home with us. Infertility and adoption had depleted us emotionally, physically, and financially. I now had a beautiful baby and was so happy, but I did not feel at all good. I decided to focus on my HEALTH and energy, instead of my weight. I learned about the Paleo diet and completed a Whole30 and two 21-Day Sugar Detoxes. I slowly converted to full Paleo. I also took steps to address my low thyroid, my end stage adrenal fatigue, my low immune function, my chronic inflammation, etc. I was a mess! I saw a Chinese herbalist, a chiropractor, a nutritionist, and a neurologist, among other specialists. I gulped handfuls of supplements and buckets of water. I meditated, exercised, got more sleep, and ate tons of fresh, local, organic produce (and pasture-raised, grass-fed everything). I became a health nut. And many of my health factors started to improve, but not my weight. I read story after story about Paleo “miracles” where people magically shed the pounds when they went Paloeo, but that didn’t happen for me, and it was very frustrating.

    This summer, at 39, I learned about intermittent fasting (specifically the Eat Stop Eat program by Brad Pilon). ESE requires weight or resistance training as part of the program, and right after my first fast I got an email from Dave at Paleohacks recommending the TT Home Workout Revolution. I bought access right away. I started ESE and TT together and … I started losing weight at last!!! I am down 20 pounds so far, but I still have another 40 to go. I’m bummed that I won’t be rocking a sexy dress at my 40th birthday party, but I’m so glad I’m on my way!

    I feel so grateful to have discovered your Home Workout Revolution program. I love the videos! I love how they are short but still kick my a$$! I love that I can fit them into my crazy life with a teenager, a toddler, and a job. I love how simple they are and that they aren’t flashy or overproduced. I started doing the beginner workouts every other day and then moved on not too long ago to the intermediate ones (hard!). I love how I can feel myself getting stronger and having more endurance every week. I love buying new jeans!

    I finally feel like I have a plan to get back to feeling good about myself and to have energy and longevity for my children (and to be sexy again! cause I used to be sexy, dammit!!). Your program has been a big piece of solving that puzzle, and I would love to have a chance to try out your new system and make my 40’s the best decade yet!!

    Thank you for considering me. 🙂

  • Paty Mora

    Hello,Im from Mexico and my english its not good, but I bought TT one a few years ago, and recently bought the 4 min miracle…and it has being amazing for me for sure I want the update to see even better results and in less time and I know I will get that with TT 2….thank you you are the best..

  • Venu Julapalli, M.D.

    Hi Craig,

    My brother Vinay and I are on a quest. Our quest is to consciously evolve the practice of medicine. We seek your help to fulfill this quest. I’m a gastroenterologist, and Vinay is a cardiologist. We’re on the front line of the American health care system, and together we see thousands of patients who fall short of fulfilling their unique potentials because of their struggles with health. And this is bankrupting us — our pocketbooks, our bodies, our planet, and our souls. We have big ideas about how to change the face of health care, and we’ve been searching for ways to enact them. We would put Turbulence Training 2.0 right to work, as part of a package for our patients to exercise, build muscle, lose fat, and be strong. Our mission and yours intersect — and like you we realize that we need to come together to help people become healthier, transform their lives, and engage their higher purpose.

    Drs. Venu and Vinay

  • Mel B

    This Kiwi in her 40’s has been stuck in a rut – losing fat, then returning the (bad) favour and piling it all back on, time and time again. To put it bluntly, my stomach needs to be tamed once and for all. Who else to turn to except CB and his TT 2.0. brilliance! Happy 10th Birthday (I’ll refrain from singing) and thank you for all the informative emails 🙂

  • Jay Casconi

    Hey Buddy, first and foremost great job with everything that you do. Although I have only been following you on ETR and your emails, well yours and the pancake kings, for almost a year you have definitely helped me change my life…and already saved me a bunch of money. I am just over 30 and had plateaued. BIG TIME!! I had followed Tony Hortons p90X series for a couple years not to mention mike changs workouts on YouTube and just couldn’t finish loosing my gut or make any significant strength gains. I hate to say it because I respect them both so much but the workouts became boring and I was becoming complacent. It was really exasperating considering that I live at the beach!! I talked to friends of mine who are both personal trainers and nutritionists and they could only give me the same kind of cookie cutter advice. Workout longer, more cardio, leaner foods. Luckily I found out about BioTrust from the health hound and through their daily emails and informative website I found a great protein powder and other supplements to help keep me healthy and bust through my plateau…but something was missing and that something was Turbulence Training!! I lost an inch and a half in my waist and added an inch to my chest in two months. And your workouts challenged me and your finishers well they finished me!! Regrettably the summer came, like I said I live at the beach and it is extremely seasonal down here. So I tried to keep up but when a short work week is 70 hours and a long one is around 105 hours it takes a toll on your body and I just didn’t have the extra energy nor time to really put into much exercise. Through healthy eating and long hours I haven’t gotten too far off track but I have a goal for this winter. I want a six pack, I had one in my early 20s and lost it only to be covered by a mini keg. From my past experience with your workouts they are my only chance. So I will continue to shout your praises to anyone that asks, and all too many who haven’t but have gotten an earful anyways, and whether or not I get a freebie this time I look forward to your program and have faith that it will get me where I need to be for the Spring of 2014!! Thanks for all that you do and Chive on brother!!!

    Jay Casconi

  • Dr. Dan

    Hi Craig. Congrats on your 10th Anniversary. My daughter is a 20 year old Division I Softball player. Her team made it to the Women’s College World Series this past season. Unfortunately, she shredded her throwing shoulder with a couple labrum tears and severe Rotator Cuff tendonitis. The cause? Too much anterior muscle development from no brain Strength and Conditioning Coaches combined with long practices of Long Throws (and running into the outfield wall–the kicker). At college, she gained 24 pounds of muscle and fat and lost a lot of her speed. She is taking a year off to rehab the shoulder and get her speed back (by shedding the bulky muscles and accumulated fat). She asked me what fitness program would help her get in the best shape AND the fastest without seriously irritating her shoulder rehab. Can TT 2.0 help her with her fitness goals? P.S. I’m a 53 year old Chiropractor who is looking to leave his Somatopause years behind. I promised my daughter that I would participate alongside her in whatever workout we did. I’m hoping TT 2.0 is the answer.

  • James

    Hmm, it’s hard to say I “need” TT2.0 since I have TT1.0 and HWR and some other cool affiliated Finishers, FLA, and even some jump-rope and kettle bell routines. I’m looking for something more than just fat loss, but has fat loss as it’s core. I want something that also builds muscle strength, size, endurance, and definition. And since I’m 48, I want warm-up exercises and simple warm-up Pilates/Yoga poses/flows. I’m sure TT2.0 will be great, I’m just hoping it shows to combine fat loss metabolic resistance/density routines with other exercise programs.

  • Tom T

    As 44 years old, I want to be able to enjoy quality time with my very active 10 and 9 years old daughters. It is hard to keep up with them without being in a good shape (and I need some help here). I also want to show them that being healthy and fit is important in life (be a good role model).

  • Dr. Mitchell

    Greetings Craig and TT group. I am a 52 yr health and wellness educator and nutrition/cooking instructor. I have worked out for the past 25 yrs up until about a year ago when I injured my left anterior rotator cuff shoulder. Since that time I have taken this time to rehab and regain my range of motion which is about 95% from where it was. This is the longest I’ve gone without doing any serious exercise and I very much would like to get back to it. I’m hoping the TT 2.0 is the ticket that will aid in my returning to the shape I was in and hopefully better without any further injury to the shoulder. Thanks for all you and the group does to help us out here achieve better health.

  • Sanni Welhotar Tarkiainen

    Hello Craig! I need the TT 2.0 because I already bougth the 4-min miracle workouts (but due to something strange in the prosess, I haven’t been able to register into the program, but I’m figuring it out with your team) and I’m motivated to change the old me into this new me wich includes being the boss of a will-be-growing building/renovating family-company and I want to be “fit-for-the-job” and need the extra energy that good health brings. I also want to offer the system to my busy husband (who’s told me that he misses the old, very fit/muscular him), who want’s to train together with me, but we don’t want to become gym-members, because it’s very expencive and time consuming here in Finland. So Craig, if I would win, there would be two winners in one home, wouldn’t that be geat!

  • A

    Craig. I have been following your emails and workouts on those emails for years and love them. I am not afraid of hard work and would love to continue with seeing the full tt2 and continue with my successful workouts as well as get my procrastinating hubby to start working out too. I am afraid for his health and want him to be around for a long time for our 2 children as well as for me.
    Thanks for all your inspiration …

  • marc

    hi, not a sob story but a truce story, im a 36 year old male from Wales uk and up until 2008 was in shape and fit, met my future wife that year and in the space of 4 years i have had 3 children and gained 4 stone (and 3lbs) my wife looks amazing but im suffering with the baby weight issue and motivation, i cant get started but want to as my moods (man boobs) are disgusting, im willing to give 100% (as any more is impossible) to getting my weight in check and my life and confidence back, that way I WONT HAVE TO TURN OFF THE LIGHTS TO UNDRESS, i have it in me and need to unleash the old me so that in the years to come i will be playing all games with my children instead of watching from the sidelines, with your help i can and will make it happen


  • A

    Craig,I just left a message but don’t see it posted??????

  • Charlie

    Dear Craig, at 45yrs old I’m looking for a new start in my life and I’m sure TT 2.0 will help along the way – I am divorced after 18yrs and at the same time lost my job of 18yrs too (what a way for the Universe to tell me I need to change big time!!!) feeling sorry for myself I let everything go and gained 45lbs in 6months – now I need to get myself back in shape and back out in world. Following your informative emails and works I am slowly getting back into shape and I know TT2.0 will supercharge my progress !!!

  • Andy Apsay

    I’ve been a follower of Craig’s programs since 2007 and credit Craig Ballantyne for his effective and sound fat loss workout programs throughout the years. That’s 6 years this month! When he first introduced his MRT workouts to the TT scene – I was in awe as to how effective these type of workouts can be and couldn’t wait for his next MRT installment to add to my shelf of effective fat loss workouts which are primarily TT workouts.. Now that I’ve lost some weight and have started learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for fun at 39 years young – I truly feel the need to have TT 2.0 as it will not only be a means towards a goal at a fat loss or maintenance standpoint – but also keep me physically conditioned enough to last 5 minute rounds of rolling with guys on the mat who are 5, 10, 15 – even 20 years my younger. I know that sounds almost crazy but I have 100% confidence that Craig’s TT 2.0 will take my game to new heights. Also with only a few more months to 40 years of age – I think this is the perfect program to a younger, healthier me!

  • Crystal

    Craig, I am a 33 year old Mom and a Soldier. I have always enjoyed working out, that is until I became pregnant and delivered my son. I gained just over 50lbs during my pregnancy so the thought of even trying to get rid of the weight was daunting. But, as I said in my first line I am a Soldier, therefore, I don’t have a choice on whether I am going to workout or not. If I want to stay a Soldier I have to workout and lose the weight. So on with the boring cardio. Month after month I didn’t lose the weight even though I was running 4-6 miles up to five times a week. I have tried many exercise plans but none have worked. I stumbled across Turbulence Training and have tried some beginner workouts, 10 workouts to be exact. Guess what!!! I have lost over 2 inches off my belly. My pants fit better and I can see some definition in my core. I have also lost 12 pounds. I can’t believe my results. All without killing myself with running. I am actually waking up excited to workout again. I need your TT 2.0 program because I am hungry for more workouts. I want to transform my body so that I can be a leader and example to other Soldiers, especially to military moms.

  • Cobra39

    Craig, My virtual age is 39 and I have been here physically this time for 73 years. I am in excellent health except for a stubborn ring around my midsection. I want to get rid of that since that is the most dangerous area to have excess baggage. I am on a program of restricting estrogen intake and eliminating the excess I now have. Will TT help me to achieve my goal or getting rid of my spare tire?

  • Gabriel Mesina

    Hey Craig, I’m a Wildland firefighter so being in shape is a must 3 years ago I completely tore my acl and meniscus ever since I’ve been struggling to lose the weight I gained during post ssurgery recovery. I’m hoping that your program can get me back to my pre injury weight and conditioning. I’m currently 215 and used to be 190. Thanks and have a good one.

  • chris

    My comment disappeared. Not going to post again

  • Jesse

    I think this new program will help me to achieve my goal of doing better in obstacle races. This year I did the Warrior Dash and shaved 9 minutes off my time and 20 pounds off my middle. If I were to win I could do better, oh yeah I also raised 1500 dollars for the Four Diamonds Fund, which helps kids with cancer and their families. If I were to win TT 2.0 I would donate the cost to the Four Diamonds Fund in 2014 when I did my big fundraiser race. I am creating a team to run a race in PA in 2014 to raise funds and I can probably get them hooked on the awesome workout plan too!

  • Connie

    Hi Craig,
    The reason I would love to win your new program is because I’d like to give it to my husband to follow along. I’ve heard so many great things about your program and I think he could benefit both physically and mentally from it. He is in his late 40’s, has Type II Diabetes and is not overweight due to the medication he is on. He also has high cholesterol so is also on meds for that. I can see that if he had a program to follow such as yours that some/if not all of his health concerns would minimize if not disappear with consistancy. I love the sample you sent out this morning. I’m a firm believer in this type of working out. Now I want to convince my husband through your program.

  • AW_from_EB

    Hi Craig,

    The original TT brought me back to exercising regularly and the variety of workouts made me a TT “lifer”. More recently, I really enjoyed the video component of Home Workout Revolution. It made all the difference in keeping the intensity of my workouts high. I can’t wait for TT 2.0! Sept. 3 is my birthday – what a great present!

  • zippy

    HI Craig,

    I would love to win a copy of your new program, because-
    your king of the homework out, you have the dedication to review and up grade your programs. That shows integrity and your passion to help others.
    Principles of NLP ,model someone you admire.
    Your programs get results!
    Due to vaccine injure I have developed neuro immune disorder , if I have chemical exposure ( exhaust fumes, bleach, air freshener, open fire etc ) I go into a pre coma state for 5 hours. So I cannot go into any where in the public, or out exercising . SO I need to exercise in the home.

    However I will recover ( fingers crossed ) in 1-2 years and I want to be so fit when I go back out into the world , that people won’t think there is that sick girl, but look at me and think wow look at her, she is so fit and healthy. I want my appearance to be an invitation to others to change their lives. To inspire them to think well if that is what she achieved and she has been so ill, what could I achieve, how can I elevate my life.

    Thanks Craig

  • Summer

    I have loved TT for almost the full ten years! I always come back to it. Recently I have been enjoying the Homeworkout Revolution videos. I liked them so much that I added the KB and TRX videos. I just love working out with you guys!! I just saw the free sample video for 2.0 and I CANNOT wait to do it tomorrow! It looks great and exactly the next step I am looking for! Love you guys!!

  • NatureGirl

    Hi Craig,
    I used to exercise in the past and truly enjoyed the TT style metabolic training workouts; I never could stand the slow going cardio machine workouts anyway. For me to stay motivated the workouts must be quick yet challenging. But four years ago my beloved exercise routine had to take a back seat as my life was filed with other more pressing challenges, such as serious illness in the family. I was also pursuing further educational goals simultaneously and simply could not keep up with regular exercising. My life is now back on track, albeit still very busy, and now I have a great desire to go after my body transformation goals but I find myself unable to get started. It’s sort of like the water being too cold to swim even though I really want to. What I need is a gentle push and I know that nothing will stop me once I get going… Winning TT 2.0 would be exactly the push I need, as I need a well structured program and I must be able to get my workouts done quickly and at home. My 25th wedding anniversary is approaching and I really would like to fit into my old wedding dress to surprise my husband… Please help!

  • mila

    I would like the new program to mix my workouts up and kick up the intensity.

  • Doug

    After working out for over 35 years, I have still not found that perfect fat burning routine and would love to see if TT2.0 is the one!

  • Edward Hodgson

    After finally investing in the HWR i am now addicted to all that TT can offer and am eager and desperate to see what the future with Tt can bring.
    Thanks for the opportunity… Thanks Ed

  • John Crosby

    I’m a work from home father of two girls. I don’t have a lot of time to workout, and the shorter TT workouts would be a great advantage to me. My daughters like to watch and even try to participate. My 4 year old daughter normally does (her version) the warmup with me and some (weightless) exercises. This is great because I want them to start healthy habits early on, but is a disadvantage because they are a distraction at times. Having the follow along videos would help end distraction by (hopefully) entertaining them, and helping me keep up with where I am in the workout. I also can’t use the treadmill that we have because my 18 month old won’t let me. If I lock her out of the room she screams the whole time I use the treadmill, or tries to climb on the treadmill with me when she’s in the room. The finishers will help me to replace what I have been missing from not being able to use the treadmill. I also need to lose some more weight so that I can be more involved/active with my girls, and to prevent any health problems that would rob my children of their father at too young of an age. I’ve already lost about 40 pounds with TT workouts, but still need to lose another 20-30 pounds. I believe that the new TT workouts will help me lose the weight I need to lose while being quick and convenient enough to do with my daughters around.

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Great work, John, keep it up! Always great to hear from you here and on – Craig

  • Scott Preston

    I have been using some old versions of T T exclusively in 2013. Need to step it up to hit my weight loss goals. Sounds like version 2 might help get over the top. I will be 45 in a month and am trying to set a good example for my family I even keep my workout gear in the living room right by the tv

  • Darryl

    Back in 2005 I was hospitalized and diagnosed with congestive heart failure. At that time I weighed over 350 pounds. Within a span of 4 days I lost over 40 pounds of liquid due to the diuretics. Since that time I’ve dropped to 235 pounds. However I am still considered very obese. Next year I turn 50. I use to do a lot of traditional weightlifting and steady state cardio. I read Todd Durkin’s IMPACT book which help me change what I did for exercise. I think Turbulence Training can be the next step to help me lose the weight I need and help improve my overall cardiovascular health.

  • Matto

    I had to have emergency back surgery 4 years ago, and I never dreamed of doing it. The recovery took forever! I could not get back to the gym. When I finally did I was SO excited to get started on my TT again. It has been such a huge help. I am stronger than ever and in better shape than ever. I get comments all the time! But I just haven’t gotten to the peak I have been aiming towards. It feels like a plateau. A great plateau, but still. I would love the chance to go through the 2.0 routines!
    My family has been struggling financially for a while now with two kids and a wife that can’t find a job until just recently. I am freelance, so it is incredibly stressful to carry the financial burden for a family of four and a mortgage. Exercising, and more specifically, TT, is what helps keep me positive and focused and feeling great. I would be beyond elated to be chosen! I would absolutely love to achieve the body I want, and I trust the 2.0 is what I need!

  • Patrick Broderick

    I am a former marathon runner and endurance junky. Recently, I began to wonder about the long term effects of this on my body. I also never had the six pack that I wanted despite hours of swimming, biking, and running daily. I always wondered what I was doing wrong. I found some old TT workouts through the 2006 workouts and decided to give them a try. My workout times have decreased since having a 2 year old and a 1 year old. The results have been great! I have lost 10 pounds that I didn’t know were there to lose. I am starting to see my six pack. It’s really about a four pack now. I recently purchased the Home Workout Revolution system and enjoy the intensity, but kind of miss throwing the dumbells around more. I am craving more TT workouts. Please, help me breakthrough to my six pack and spread the gospel of more TT to all of the obese people that I see daily.

  • Kaia Herrera

    Some times it is a slow fade, you dont always know what is happening. I have always been an athlete, enjoyed working out and competing. Five years ago I started a new career with long hectic days. I continued to work out, tried to watch what I ate but in the irregular schedule tends to lead to irregular habits. Slowly the weight crept on, a couple pounds a year. Slowly enough that you hardly even notice it. Until five years down the road the couple pounds is now 20 and you no longer feel like yourself. You choose watching a movie over going for a hike. You no longer sleep well and your energy level is dismal. It needs to stop and TT 2.0 is a perfect solution. It is short, focused and effective. It is a plan I can stick with backed by a community of support. I am excited to start it, excited to make it my lifestyle and can wait to see the person I was 5 years ago in the mirror.

  • Sheri

    I have found myself between a rock and a hard place. After countless diets and exercise programs, I am burnt out, and yet I now weigh more than I ever have and am in the worst shape ever. Well, until a few weeks ago when I found Turbulence Training. I feel it has been a little blessing in my life, because I can find 10 – 20 minutes 3 times a week. It’s not overwhelming. Finding Turbulence Training has brought me back around. Renewed my desire to be fit and healthy. I’m just a few weeks into the program and I am already starting to feel the difference. Just last night I touched my leg and was surprised to find muscle there that hasn’t been there for a while! I’m excited about the changes that are taking place physically and mentally in my life since starting the program. I’ve been wondering what I’d do once I finish Turbulence Training, but now I know. Turbulence Training 2.0. I NEED to keep going, to keep my motivation and momentum going, and to continue to make healthy changes in my life. Thank you to Turbulence Training for being the rescue I was looking for!

  • Dilenia Frias

    About 3 years ago I lost 30 lbs and have kept it off since then. Right now, I’m at an amazing point in my life. I just graduated from law school and took the New York and New Jersey bar exams this past July-August. I accomplished both of those goals while being the single mother of two children ages 9 and 14 and working full time at a law office. My current goal is to lose another 15-20 pounds between now and mid-November. That way I’ll get to celebrate my passing the bar exam (God willing) in my perfect body. I’ve been so close to attaining my ideal body for so long. But I am finally at a moment in my life where I truly believe that I can lose those final pounds. I plan to enter the latest Transformation contest (which I just found out starts in the next few days) and would love to win the new Turbulence Training program. It will help me get in the best shape of my life and to continue improving all aspects of my life. And could also be an awesome graduation present 😉

  • Joanna

    I was looking for some method for strenghtening my body, core, muscles. I am dance movement meditation practitioner and teacher and hormony of the body is really importnat to me. My observation is that as for myself as for many people that was practising with me, the problem was weak core muscles. I am not gym fun so I was looking something simple, efficient, maybe in my field. And I am so glad that I found HWR because it worked from the begining. I felt my body is changing and I knew I found missing element. I like it is simple, you do not need much time and much equipement so it is easy to add it to the practise without having to go to the gym or enrolling for long fitness sessions. I like video because I do not need to memorize exercises, keep watching on time, I can just work like not being alone, and can concentrate on exercise itself, on doing it properly and on feeling my body what is really important for me. And I hope I would be able to reccommend this program to my friends or other practiotioners, of course for those who speak English. I am looking forward for the NEW TT.

  • Glyn

    Im a PT and relationship coach, I believe that everything you put into your body whether, thoughts, food or liquid/pills affects your overall health and wellbeing. I have an email newsletter I send out for my business contacts and Im about to start a blog and Im a bit nervous to put myself out there in the world in so many ways. I am always looking out for the latest and most efficient exercise and ways of communicating to each other to achieve the best results you can.

    In the last year since including the turbulence training in my weekly training routine, many people have told me I have a great body and are in disbelief when I tell them my age. Im turning 56 in 2 months and I so want to be strong and fit to show my daughters that no matter what age you can achieve what you want to achieve. One daughter is working for a gym and the other a dance teacher, they seem so happy with their choices, and of course I am delighted they are happy with what they do, and I hope I can keep being a role model for them. Its not what you say, its what you do that counts. I have always disliked cardio although with the TT programs so far I dont notice it as much because my interest is stimulated by the pace and the variety of routines available. Variety is vital to my life.
    I recommend the TT program to my contacts in my newsletter and this Spring in Australia, my goal is to double my business enquiries. Would you wish me luck?!

  • Charles

    Dear Craig, I am 79 years old and my darling wife’s caregiver. She had M.S. for 35 years and then was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. I finally took control and took her off the witch’s brew of meds she had been prescribed, and began concentrating on proper nutrition. As a result I took her from being wheelchair bound to walking as well as you or I, and darned if she’s not the sweetest lady you ever could wish to meet, and in the process I reversed my heart disease. I have wanted to work out wit T.T.for some time but with our limited income couldn’t afford it, but, perhaps this is my chance. Wishing you all God’s blessings, Sincerely, Charles Towne

  • Will

    Hi Craig,

    I am an avid exerciser but the results are just not there anymore. I am in my late 40’s and the prospects of me doing even more to achieve the same disappointing results is overwhelming. I want to try TT 2.0 but I must admit that skepticism is part of my DNA so doing less and getting better results seems counterintuitive. However, due to time restraints, a broken body, and disappointing results, I am eager to try. Perhaps this is what I need at this stage of my life. Thanks for the consideration.

    Oh, congratulations on all of your success. I am a regular listener of health related podcasts, Including TT, and your name continues to come up as one of the thought leaders in the industry. Well done!


  • gigi

    I struggle with a rare and unusual auto immune disease. .. it affects the cartilage in my body, while makes for some rather uncomfortable exercise routines. . But suffering for the past 10 years, the anguish has gone way deeper than just physical. . It has eaten at my core. I lost all will to be happy. I settled for mediocrity and accepted defeat. I have 2 beautiful boys that pay the price for my mistakes. Both 10 and under, they are obese and I fear for them. I have no energy and no clue how to help any of us, its difficult to preach good habits when you can only preach.. I’d love to show them by example and i intend to do just that. Just recently I woke up and had the epiphany. . Im existing and not living. I think TT will and can help me get that confidence and desire. I want to be the best me I can be and the best mom as well. My kids deserve so much more. I found this site because I looked for it, the 1st step is the hardest. I’d love to restore my faith in myself and be healthy now.

  • Andrea Lynn

    I am a 46 year old stay at home mom of 3. My oldest will be graduating this year and I finally decided to do something for me. I found your workouts by accident one day. I looked in the mirror and did not like what I saw. I did some research online and came across your Turbulence Workouts. I immediately signed up for the the daily workout. I love that it is a complete workout, no jumping from cardio to lifting. It is just what this Mamma needed. I just did the 2.0 workout above and LOVED IT..!!!! It has been a long time since I have felt this good about myself, .. Thanks Craig… 🙂

    • ttcert

      Thanks so much Andrea!

  • Kate

    I wont post a long explaination of why I want to win, just like everyone else (who are equally deserving) I just want to be the lucky one who gets your awesome workout program, work my butt off (literally 🙂 ) and change my self from the inside out…… and until Friday I can use the free sample workouts on Youtube!!

  • Christine

    I would love to win this. I can’t even explain how sick I am of the treadmill workouts I’ve been doing with no results… I need more variety, and I can’t find the time to go out to the gym with work and running the house. I’ve been looking for something that can fit in my life, and this appears to be the perfect solution. I’ve never been the most fit person and I’d love to enter my 40’s as a healthier happier woman. Please pick me.

  • Julia

    Yes I would love to be the winner! My husband and I are striving for results! We want to be a success story for those who are not completely over weightor those who have no idea about healtht food choices. But we want to be a success story to those who have been doing all the “right” things andstill havent seen the last 10lbs come off or havent seen the body fat % drop and the muscle tone raised! We want to be that story! This would be a huge blessing to win!

  • Carolyn Sanchez Candela

    I NEED TT 2.0! Why, because I am turning 40 and I am noticing things slowing down. I am a School Social Worker by day and sit on my butt, but teach fitness in the evenings and due to an injury, I wasn’t able to do that all summer! So, I am getting that 40ish middle/lower belly fat and back of the arm jiggle back and oh my thighs. I am still fit, but if I am going back to teaching after months of PT, then I need to look more than just OK. Lead by example,right! So with all the money I spend on fitness and trying new programs and buying equipment, I can’t afford to spend more, but emotionally and physically, I need a change. I have found that working out 2x a day, 6 days a week is NOT the answer, so I need this Metabolic training to make my 40 years, my new 30, so I can look like I did 2 years ago at my wedding! Thanks!

  • Latte

    Because I need a good kick in the rear! The first 20 lbs came away but now that I’m entering perimenopause, it’s getting harder to lose the weight without injuring myself (and I’m not afraid of working hard). And my job is ridiculously stressful – and my mother just died after a brief illness. I need to get back on track and lose the 5 lbs I’ve gained back (crud!) plus those last 30.

  • Erika MF

    because I do zumba (the music makes me dance) I tried P90X and Insanity workouts and couldn’t
    stick to it.. doing yours make ne feel strong every morning. . ready for my five years old boy and work 🙂

  • Susan B

    I have been doing the original TT ever since I saw a mutual friend post it on facebook. It works and I love it! Would love a new version with different sequences to avoid getting bored.

  • Brid Ní Bhroin

    Because I need to be saved. All my life I’ve been overweight and I know with your advice, help and encouragement I can do this!

  • Aaron Friend

    In high school an art teacher taught me to juggle and said I had to teach ten more people. I am now 39 and have taught over 1,000 people to juggle. I feel as good about your program as I do about juggling so if you want to reach 10,000,000 people, I am pretty good at sharing good things with others.

  • Aquarium Illusions

    I would like to win this because your workouts have been the best thing to happen to my physical fitness I am 53 and have hated exercise. I would try and buy different things but found it boring and stopped. But with your workouts Craig I have seen & felt results that I didn’t think possible in such a short time ( since May). I was on a big push to look my best because both my sons got married this summer (6 weeks apart!). I am happy to say my dresses looked great and I never received so many compliments in my life. I have continued to exercise and the variety of your workouts ensures I never get bored. I feel stronger, I’m firmer, and I’ve finally ‘Got It’. This is my solution to looking & feeling good. I am so happy I came across your TT training online and I would be thrilled to add more variety & challenge to my work outs by receiving your newest & greatest work out series. Thanks for what you do! Sincerely Lori C. , St Albert, Alberta

  • the unsilent majority

    This! I need this! Well, reading some of the responses, I don’t need this freebie as much as some on here it looks. I’d be happy to pay for the workouts. Hurry up & release it already… I love your workouts! I built myself a gym in my uninsulated detached garage. So I’ve been training w/an Olympic bench & pushing iron for years. & absolutely love it. But I truly love these workouts, as well. One’s that I can do inside & then go out to crank out a quick max weight set, when it’s -20 deg outside… Keep up the hard work brother. Love this!

  • I would like to win because it has been a long and difficult journey to health. I just barley joined last week. I am almost 60 and still feel there is so much still to live for and so much to do, but some days it hurts just to get up and walk. I did damaged to my feet running a half marathon 4 years ago and really put on weight. I believe if I lose weight this problem well improve or go away completely. I want to be able to hike, bike and have fun again.I want to enjoy my grandchildren by running and playing with them and just plain have the energy to enjoy life. I want to have the strength to play my viola and violin without back pain. Most of all I am hoping to get off insulin and save my vision by losing weight. I have enjoyed the exercises I’ve done so far. I moved to a ranch to far from any gym and this has given me hope that I can still get a good work out with more results and in less time. Thanks

  • TT 2.0 is the ultimate workout system that not only guides, trains, and motivates, but also proves itself by showing results in a very short time!

  • Jenanne

    In need!!!! Nearly 50, menopausal and need to stop my stomach sucking my butt fat upwards. Smelly teen boys at gym who go around in 3’s and no floor space at my gym.

  • Linda Akhtar

    Hi there Its very late at night and I was looking for an exercise program that could possibly help my deconditioning. I’m 62 years old and desperately want to feel healthy and functionable. I’m very distressed as recently I have gained quite a bit of weight as I had to be put on Insulin. I don’t know why but insulin seems to hold fat on me. I’m currently disabled with terminations and bulges of the lumbar spine and cervical spine. I have severe arthritis in my left ankle and osteoarthritis in my right knee but I desperately want to exercise. I’m looking for a program that is not based on cardio as I agree with what you say regarding cardio. I want to go at my own pace but I must start some where immediately. I just feel awful these days and this is causing me depression. Mg husband was just diagnosed with prostrate cancer with Mets to the spine. We are married 41 years and he is just the love of my life . I’m so scared because I am finding myself so useless and I need to help him and I know I can overcome my disabilities if I can get out of this deconditioned state and more importantly I must try to do everything I can to get moving again . I’m starting the circuit diet and want very much to do your exercise program because It has motivated me to want to start after seeing many of your videos. I have six children my oldest son is a physical trainer , my oldest daughter a doctor but both of them are firm believers in cardio. I want to show them that there is a wonderful program out there and I want to work it and let them see what it is and if I can win this I want to pay it forward and if I don’t win. it I eventually will get your program. My husband and I shamelessly so are in fore closure at this time with no relief in sight once again our modification refused so things are difficult financially for us.But I will keep fighting were both not working at this time. My husband is saying he will return to work well if I could get some exercise in and start to fix my ailing body perhaps I can get back to work. He is just not feeling well with the Mets to the spine and it has spread to other bones . I believe we will both get better slowly but surely . I don’t want to lose my physical ability to care for him. So somehow I was brought to this sight maybe it’s a lottery for me , If I don’t win I hope I will manage to buy the tapes and start the program soon.Thank you for this opportunity, best wishes to all who have responded and God Bless you all.Good luck Happy days are in the future! Linda

  • Perry wilson

    Craig I’m a 54 year old male that has been into tubulence training for years. I even have the t-shirt. I still wear it. I love your workouts I travel a lot so many times I can’t hit the gym. I’m from Canada but currently in New Zealand spreading the game of ice hockey. I will be back home soon and really want to get back to being my fittest!! I believe TT can help me.
    Perry Wilson