Why Whey Protein is the Best Drink for After a Fat Loss Workout

There’s no competition. This one drink has been proven over and over again to deliver the most important ingredient that everyone needs to have after exercise. It’s true for runners, for people losing weight, for grandmas (like my mom), and even growing teenagers.

But no, it’s not Gatorade, despite what the expensive commercials say (that are of course created by the Big Food companies). It’s something better – and healthier – than sugar water.

In a study published last month in the Journal of Nutrition, researchers, including my old rugby buddy, Dr. Stuart Phillips, found that whey protein helped you build a lean body and supported fat burning better than soy drinks or carb drinks.

And in addition to having this drink right after training, there’s another unique way that it can speed your fat loss. If you do this 2x’s every day – just like the overweight men and women did in Dr. Phillips’s research study, I have no doubt that you’ll boost the number of calories you burn while overcoming any weight loss plateaus that you might be struggling with.

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If you use this twice a day (in the morning and afternoon and/or immediately after your workout), you’ll kick-start your stubborn fat loss and boost your metabolism – and best of all, it tastes better than anything else out there.

Say goodbye to Gatorade and diet sodas and say hello to a healthier way to lose weight.

Stay Strong and Keep Pushing On,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – Keep taking action EVERY day. Here’s why…

From our good friend, Tony Robbins…

Progress equals happiness. If you feel like you’re growing, expanding in psychology, in your humanity, in your emotion, in your capacity, in your economics, you feel alive. We grow or we die. It doesn’t even matter where you live. If you know how to learn, the world is yours. Change your strategy, change your story and change your state and you can pretty much change anything. If you’re running east looking for a sunset, you’re in trouble. You’ve got to have the right strategy.” – Tony Robbins

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