The 8-Minute Graduation Workout

The Graduation Workout

This is the 8-minute TT Graduation Workout that we put all new Certified TT Trainers through once they have passed their tests. I recommend doing this in a group, pushing through it together, encouraging one another, and celebrating together. You can also do this quickie on your own at home.

The 8-Minute TT Trainer Graduation Workout (Advanced)

1) Total Body Extensions – 4 rounds of 20-10
2) Pushups – 4 rounds of 20-10 (use kneeling pushups if you fatigue)
3) Punisher Squats – 8 rounds of 20-10 (10 second hold in bottom position)

The Total Body Extensions take a total of 2 minutes, as will the Pushups, and then the Punisher Squats is a full 4 minutes, for a total of 8 minutes.

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Now if that’s too hard, try this 8-Minute Quickie:

Quickie Booty Cardio Workout – Beginner Level
1) Total Body Extensions – 2 rounds of 20-10
2) Mountain Climbers – 2 rounds of 20-10
3) Bodyweight Squats – 2 rounds of 20-10
4) Close-Grip or Kneeling Close-Grip Pushups – 2 rounds of 20-10
– Repeat the circuit one more time for a total of 8 ‘quickie’ minutes.

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Here are some happy CTT’s after finishing up the ADVANCED workout!

Where on earth did I get the idea for these workouts? From this study…

Canadian researchers at Queen’s University tested a Turbulence Training style workout against long cardio. 22 college-aged women did 4 workouts per week for 4 weeks in one of three groups.

Group A did 30 minutes of treadmill running at 85% max heart rate
Group B did 8 rounds of 20 seconds of burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, or squat thrusts with 10 seconds of rest b/n rounds.
Group C did nothing (they were the non-training control group).

Both training groups increased their aerobic fitness levels by the SAME amount (about 7-8%). That’s right, the short bodyweight workouts (of 4 minutes) worked just as well as 30 minutes of cardio. Shocking.

BUT…only Group B, the bodyweight training, increased muscular endurance in exercises like chest presses, leg extensions, sit-ups, and push-ups.

(Reference: McRae, G., et al. Extremely low volume, whole-body aerobic-resistance training improves aerobic fitness and muscular endurance in females. Appl Physiol Nutr Metab. 37(6):1124-31, 2012)

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Another great quickie bodyweight session,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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