Where the Best Sales Copy Comes From

People ask me how I’m able to write such gritty, fascinating sales copy. For products and ventures that seem, to the uninitiated eye, so far removed from anything gritty or fascinating.

And the answer comes from life itself.

The more a copywriter understands the way things really are – outside of wishful thinking – the more powerful he becomes as a communicator. His job, as a creator of ads, is to bring with him a nuanced and loving knowledge of life that is beyond the experience of his reader.

It’s a big damn responsibility. He must learn to face truths that are, at times, extremely unpleasant. And he’s gotta read the news. Because his job is to position himself precisely where the necessities of life intersect with the powerful passions of being human.

Copywriters – and especially those who understand the psychology of classic salesmanship – live better lives. The rest of the population will refuse to feel things too passionately, because it scares them. They like being numb. But copywriters voluntarily give up their ability to remain numb and dreamy about reality. They engage, and pay attention to their emotions, their passions, and their fears.

[Ed. Note: John Carlton is an expert copywriter, a pioneer in online marketing, and a teacher of killer sales copy. He knows marketing inside and out. Discover how to get your hands on the kick-ass secrets of the world’s smartest, happiest, and wealthiest marketers.]

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