Where Are the Superstar Employees Hiding?

Your business is growing rapidly. But you have trouble keeping up with ever-increasing orders, customer service is suffering… and you feel overwhelmed.

Your one-man shop has to make some hires. But take on the wrong people and things could get even worse.

Michael Masterson says forget the typical help wanted ads. Instead, try a superstar search on steroids.

As Michael said in Ready, Fire, Aim: “If you want to enjoy the financial and personal benefits of being surrounded with great employees, you have to be willing to devote some serious time and attention to finding them.”

Use your copywriting skills to write a persuasive, much lengthier ad. Focus on benefits to the employee. Instead of asking for a resume, ask for a two-page letter describing why they should get the job. That will tell you more.

Then spend the money to place the ad in local and industry publications. Just like any other direct-response ad, you might have to test different ad locations, publications, and/or copy. But in the end, you will get better candidates. And anybody you interview will be very qualified, making hiring the right people that much easier.

[Ed. Note: Finding a superstar is one of the best possible ways to jumpstart your business growth. Discover more keys to skyrocketing your business to success in Michael Masterson’s best-selling book Ready, Fire, Aim: Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat.]