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When Matt Smith emails me, I pay attention. Sometimes I’ll go 2 weeks without hearing from him, just because he’s so busy with his real job. Last month this showed up in my inbox. I made time to follow the instructions in the email. You should too. If you want to learn how to advertise online, this video gives you some big insights… it can be applied to ANY market. – Craig
Display advertising tips from a $550 Billion industry (video)
By Mike Colella

There’s one industry that subscribers have been asking us to do a breakdown for…

The weight loss industry.

Now… there’s no denying it. Weight loss is possibly the most competitive industry online and offline.

Our culture is obsessed with being slimmer, stronger and sexier.

There’s very few of us who are completely happy with how we look.

99% of people would love to lose a few pounds.

And in an industry so huge… the potential profits are absurd.

Anyone who can crack off even a tiny piece is guaranteed to bring in a lot of revenue.

And this is great news for you… even if your business has nothing to do with weight loss.


Because all this competition means that weight loss advertisers have to keep on evolving.

They aggressively test new landing page, copywriting styles, ad creatives and angles.

So when you see one of these advertisers doing something new and unique…

It’s probably going to work for your offer as well because they’ve already tested it with millions of dollars worth of traffic.

So pay attention to today’s video….

Because we’ve put together a short video blog post that shows the display advertising strategies for 3 different weight loss companies.

Check it out here:

>>> Watch it: “[VIDEO] Sales Funnel Breakdown: Weight Loss”

A bunch of people have wrote in asking for a breakdown of the sales funnels for advertisers in what is probably THE MOST competitive niche out there…

Weight loss.

Ask and ye shall receive.

We’ve recorded a quick 9 minute video that breaks down the advertising strategies for 3 different advertisers.

One advertiser is a nutracetical targeted at an older generation… another is a community targeted at women in the 30-50 age range… and the last is another nutraceutical company that uses fear of the “american parasite” to convince prospects to buy.

There are a lot of great tips/tricks you can apply to your campaigns… even if you’re not in weight loss or think their tactics are “scammy”.

Check it out:

>>> Watch it: “[VIDEO] Sales Funnel Breakdown: Weight Loss”

Very informative and it can be applied to ANY market,

Craig Ballantyne

“One message, well developed, has more impact than ads that are overloaded with competing ideas.” – John Forde