What To Do Next

If you were missed our big event in California last weekend, I have a consolation prize for you. These are your marching orders from Bedros. He originally sent them to our $100K Info Mastermind group back in September after our Las Vegas meeting. They will help you today. – Craig


Do This Right Now
By Bedros Keuilian

Here’s what you should be working on right now…

We talked about the action steps in your business that scream and the things that whisper. The SCREAMS are the Action Steps that will grow your information business quickly and make you money versus the things that create distraction and procrastination (those are the whispers to AVOID). I want to make sure that you’re right on track for massive success!
1. Your sales copy should be done and ready for Copy Logic.

If it’s not, think go back to what Craig taught you. Write down 30 headline options, 30 benefit bullets and identify your hook.

Remember that the best sales copy appeals to the reader’s emotions and logic. It agitates pain and fear, delivers the solution, and backs it up with social proof and a strong promise or guarantee.

To that point, write down the 10 fears, the 10 frustrations, and the 10 pain points that your ideal avatar is feeling on a day-to-day basis.

This exercise will help you craft better copy and speak directly to the person who wants to buy, but still needs convincing.
2. Who are your Top 10 Best Affiliates?

Remember to think OUTSIDE the realm of small-minded reality.

Think BIG.

Do you know them personally? Does anyone that you know happen to know them personally? Follow the formula Craig outlined at the Info Summit that will teach you how to:

  •     Go to your affiliate with a giving hand
  •     Establish a relationship with them
  •     How to make the money
  •     How to be a value adder

How to get them to mail out for you.

As Craig says, in this business it’s all about friends making money with friends. So, what do you need more, friends or fellow info marketers.

3. Finish it.

WHATEVER that is.

Look at what Mikey Whitfield did withing 2 days of the last Mastermind. He took the coaching blueprint Craig created and finished it and launched it. No excuses and nearly $10K in immediate revenue.

Real moniezzz as Roman would say.

It shouldn’t take more than two days to create a product and maybe 2 days to polish it up. If you’re writing an e-book or filming some videos, then isolate yourself for two days from all distractions and write your program out. For the time being, all you need is one good upsell. Don’t stop your progress for the sake of having three mediocre upsells.

4. Take Control

Even if you only have five dollars you can spend them buying traffic. Get on Facebook and start learning how to buy traffic.

Start with just building an email list. Getting an opt-in is going to be a lot easier than getting a sale.

The formula for creating successful Facebook ads is no different than crafting email swipe files. You’ll be using images to get their attention. Test out several different images and see which one is the winner. Offer them a risk-free benefit with your sole purpose being getting them to click on the ad.

These are the only things that matter right now.

If you do these things and continue to do them every day, without fail, even when you don’t feel like doing it, even when you experience a setback.

Take action and you will succeed. Craig and I believe in you!

Bedros 🙂

Thanks B!

Keep on pushing on,

Craig Ballantyne

“Do more than is expected of you. Life’s easy when you live it the hard way…and hard if you try to live it the easy way.” – Kekich Credo #4