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Rick Kaselj is a master at getting things done.

He has two young kiddos, coaches our Mastermind members, and runs two 6-figure info businesses.

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How to Find a Virtual Assistant and More Secrets

By Rick Kaselj

I just wrote these notes for Shawna. They may help you:

I had a great success getting someone here.

I have a great new VA. She is excellent and I pay her $400 a month. Half of
her time she does task I do not like. The other half she does tasks that generate money for the business.

If you do use the company above here are some things:

#1 – Post a job

Something like this:

I am looking for someone that is reliable and can complete tasks on time
with minimal supervision.

I am looking for someone that is open to learning and growing. I buy a lot
of stuff to help myself learn and grow when it comes to my online business
and I am open to buying products that will help you learn and grow but will
also benefit in helping my company grow.

Daily Work Description:

Customer Service – Respond to customer issues via email and the odd time call a client (1 or 2 times a month). Sample customer service issues are answering questions regarding products, help answer/solve download questions/issues

Customer Recruitment – Search for potential customers on the internet and make initial contact with them via email.

Image and Video Editing – Perform very basis editing. Being able to crop
and decrease the resolution of an image. Be able to trim the start end of a video and crop a video, uploading videos. Also uploading videos to Youtube and adding descriptions.

Blog Management – Posting of blog posts, formatting blog posts, inserting images, performing lightproof reading of blog posts, managing commenting to the blog post and approving/declining blog comments.

Document Organization – Formatting Word documents, creating tables, organizing styles. Example is formatting exercise programs (adding exercise descriptions and pics to programs).

Transcription – Be able to do some transcription from audio or video into a Word document.

Manage Social Media – On a daily basis manage Facebook by adding posts, responding to people, and working on interaction with people. Plus manage YouTube a few times a week and LinkedIn on a weekly basis.

Sales Organization – On a weekly or bi-weekly basis will collected sales made and organize into a spreadsheet.

Internet Research – Search out a topic on the internet and collect information.

Summarize Data – Collect data and provide summarize of website statistics and list numbers.

Tasks and Procedures – Assist in building procedures that you are doing and creating little videos of the task you have done. This is also the way that training is done.

Document Creation – Be able to format a Word document and convert it into a PDF.

Software – Must have an understanding or be open to learning Microsoft office products, Skype, Dropbox, WordPress, Lastpass, Gmail, Google Docs, Jing and Screencast.

#2 – Filter Step #1

Have the applicants email a specific Gmail account.

Have that Gmail account auto reply some test you want them to do. For me, it was this:

#1 – At the present time, where does Rick Kaselj live?
#2 – List off three products that Rick Kaselj has?
#3 – What is one of the main fitness associations in Canada?
#4 – Please transcribe this video – – from 0:30 mark to 1:22 .

Edit the transcription so it can be used in as an article or blog post.

Also perform a screen capture of the start and end position of the exercise.

Please email your replies to . Make sure to have your subject line start with [Application] .

#3 – Filter the Applications

In 24 hours I have 70 applicants. I filtered it down to 5.

#4 – Your Top Candidates

Get them to do a and see if being an assistant is a good fit for them.

I had one lady who had a great resume, communicated great over email, followed all of my instructions and had great english. So I went with her.

#5 – Do a Skype Interview with Them

The big thing here is you want to see how they are with their English. Do they have basic virtual assistant experience. Do they like being a VA and plan to be one for a while.

Some links on VA Interview Questions:

#6 – Hire Them

Be clear on their expectations, wage and work. Put them on a 1 month trial. Remember they are people and there is a lot of demand for good VAs. If your VA is good, with time (every 3 to 6 months a raise), you are going to have to pay them more than $400/month.

#7 – Train Them

You can use sites like this to train you VA: – This site is amazing. It ain’t free but has amazing training.

Bottom line:

You need to outsource the little things so you can do the big things.
You can’t make $100,000 per year doing $10 an hour tasks.
Success begins and ends with your personal responsibility.
Success lives and dies with you and your ability to take action. Identify what needs to be done and take action today.

Do it,
Rick Kaselj

“Retire into yourself as much as possible. Associate with people who are likely to improve you. Welcome those whom you are capable of improving. The process is a mutual one. People learn as they teach.” – Seneca