53 Video Ideas for Facebook

Video ideas for Facebook that you can film today.

Check out these shocking video numbers that our team has discovered…

Let’s say you film a video and post it on YouTube and get 1,000 views.

If you take that same video and upload it directly to Facebook, you’ll get 3-4 times the number of views on your video! 

But wait, there’s more…

If you did a LiveStream version of that video, you’ll get another 300% boost (or more!) in viewership. 

Facebook Lives are the king of video right now… although Instagram Live videos are building massive momentum… and YouTube is about to roll out its Live video option to everyone very soon.

So why is FB Live the best?

It’s because Facebook rewards people for using their LiveStream service, and will show your video to more of your fans and followers.

Now I understand you might struggle with live video for many reasons, but as I’ve taught you over and over (and over) again:

EVERYTHING is a learnable skill. (Watch this video to get better on camera!)

So if you’re struggling with video ideas…

Don’t worry. I’ve got you. In fact, it’s really easy to create an endless number of videos for your fans.

Your folks want to know everything about you. So take out a piece of paper and separate it into two columns. On the left side, write down all your daily activities. On the right side, write down the Big Lesson you could teach from each one.

Check out this list of ideas I created for one of my Mastermind clients who is a guru in the nutrition and anti-aging space. 

For example:

  • Wakeup => teach morning beauty ritual
  • 1st hour => teach morning routine (I.e. Gratitude, journaling, etc)
  • Exercise routine => teach tricks and tips to get more from less
  • Breakfast => teach your secrets for cooking breakfast, fast breakfasts, smoothies, etc, plus what NOT to eat
  • Workspace => teach productivity tips
  • Lunch => teach your secrets for turning leftovers into lunch, as well as wraps, more smoothies, high protein meals to fight afternoon energy slumps, and more
  • Afternoon routines => teach “how to have more energy” tips
  • Dinner => teach how to cook great meals for the family & how to batch cook for days
  • Evening => teach family time tips
  • Bedtime => teach your rituals for youth sleep

And the list goes on… You can make videos on…

  1. What you do for fun
  2. What you read
  3. How you keep a relationship strong
  4. What you do on your weekends and how your routines are different
  5. What to do if you have young kids
  6. What to do if you’re over 55
  7. What to do for your man if he’s unhealthy
  8. What to do if you ARE a man
  9. What to do if you’re 21
  10. What would you do differently if you could give advice to yourself 10 years ago
  11. Tips for going out in the sun
  12. Tips for buying clothes to look younger or slimmer or taller… Tour of your closet
  13. Makeup tips for looking younger
  14. What to eat at restaurants
  15. What to pack & eat if you’re at a seminar… Or if you’re out with the girls
  16. What to take in a carry-on for the airplane
  17. What groceries to buy at the store
  18. What to buy on a budget and if you live in a small town
  19. Your favorite books
  20. Your most inspirational movies
  21. Your most inspiring mentors
  22. How to master a pushup
  23. What to do for flat abs
  24. Superfoods to buy
  25. Anti-aging Superfood recipes to make
  26. How to slip superfoods into regular meals that other people will eat
  27. How not to overindulge at a party
  28. How to deal with negative people
  29. How to get more done
  30. How to deal with belly bloat
  31. How to look 10 years younger in 10 minutes
  32. Self-care videos
  33. How to do a home spa day
  34. How to use a foam roller
  35. How to appreciate simple things in life
  36. How you got through tough times
  37. Your top 5 childhood lessons
  38. 5 big lessons from your mom and dad (great for Mothers Day and Fathers Day)
  39. Date night tips
  40. How to raise kids
  41. How to make time to start a side business
  42. How to have more confidence
  43. Energy tips (physical and mental)
  44. How to write a book
  45. How to overcome obstacles
  46. How to leave a legacy
  47. How to stop thinking small
  48. Turn your favorite motivational messages into a show
  49. 10 things you learned from (insert guru or experience here)
  50. 5 things you learned in kindergarten
  51. Vacation tips for staying young
  52. How to deal with relatives at holiday dinners
  53. And you can do an endless number of Q&A livestream videos…

This was just my 10-minute list that I brainstormed on an airplane… you can probably come up with twice as many ideas.

Have fun,

Craig Ballantyne

PS – Here’s another video for you…

It’ll help you focus on what matters so you make the right decisions for your right life, right now, and always.

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