[Uncensored] 5 Exercise Metabolic Kickstarter Circuit

Last week Women’s Health magazine contacted me for a unique bodyweight exercise. I sent them a dozen moves you’ve never seen before…

But they rejected my exercises over and over and over again.


Because they don’t have pictures of my unique moves in their database to use in the magazine article (that’s how unique they are!). However, there’s good news about this below. But first, a kick-butt unique bodyweight exercise workout for you!

As a TT insider, you get full, uncensored access to all of my workouts, whether it’s today’s Monday Metabolism Kickstarter or my home workout DVD’s.

Enjoy this unique, uncensored fat-blaster to kickstart your week of weight loss.

5 Exercise Monday Metabolism Kickstarter

By Craig Ballantyne, MCTT (Master Certified Turbulence Trainer)

1A) Bulgarian Split Squat or Regular Split Squat or 1-Leg Hip Extension
1B) T-Pushup (or toughest pushup you can do for 30 seconds)
1C) Prisoner Squat Jump or Total Body Extension
1D) Kneeling Plank to Triceps Extension
1E) Iron Cross

– Do each exercise for 30 seconds with 15 seconds transition between moves/sides.

This equals a 4:30 circuit, so rest an extra 30 seconds at the end of the circuit and repeat 2-3 more times… or if you are short on time, just do one round.

In the Iron Cross, stand with arms out to side and thumbs up. Brace your abs, squeeze your glutes (your butt), and then squeeze the muscles between your shoulder blades while tightening the back of your shoulders. Squeeze like heck for 20-30 seconds. If you do 2-3 sets of that, it will be a really great challenge to off-set all the pushups you do. Let me know what you think!

What will this do for you?

You’ll get incredible total body strength in a calorie torching circuit. It’s a two-on-one workout (I mean two for one! I meant to censor that!).

Why does it work so well?

Non-competing exercises allow you to go nearly back-to-back without isolated muscle-fatigue limiting the next move.

What will it do for someone’s fitness and body transformation?

Your heart rate will be elevated for the entire session, your cardiovascular fitness will improve, and so will your performance in, *ahem*, uncensored activities… that you’ll be partaking in more often because of your fat loss and lean, sexy body sculpted with this uncensored circuit… so when your significant other starts getting their hands all over you, don’t say I didn’t warn ya. 😉

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Stay Strong and Get Stronger,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer


PS – Monday Motivation Kickstarter…

Monday sets the tone for the rest of the week. Start it off the right way. Be productive, work hard, and do something to challenge yourself. And remember…

When someone tells you it can’t be done, it’s more a reflection of their limitations, not yours.” – #truth

So if there is something you’ve been waiting to do, take a big step in that direction today.