The TT Hardcore Session Continues

Welcome back to another class of TT Hardcore.  Today, I want to go over workouts B and C from the program with you.

But before you jump into workout B, remember we want to start out with a dynamic warm-up to get your muscles ready for the workout. So, if you missed the exercise descriptions from the Hardcore warm-up, then you can jump back to last day’s post.


Okay, now that you’ve done your warm-up, you’re ready for Workout B from TT Hardcore 2K10.

You’ll be doing 6 repetitions of 6 exercises in this workout.

Start with a barbell complex, but start with an empty barbell for the first time you go through this.  You can even use a broomstick for this.  If you are training at home, you can even use dumbbells.

Start with Romanian Dead Lifts.  Press your hips back as far as you can, keep a flat back and then drive back up to feel that stretch in your hamstrings.

Next up is a hang clean (6 reps), so you will do a little dip, drive up and catch the bar underneath.  You want to get that extension, especially when you have some weight on it.

Move right into front squats.  Keep your elbows up, push your hips back as you lower and drive back up for 6 reps.

Next is a military press.  You will be limited in this entire complex by the weight you can military press or push press, but I want you to choose a weight you can press overhead 15 times.  Press up and with your last one, bring the bar behind your head to move directly into a back squat.

For back squats, press your hips down and back and drive back up.

Finish with a forward lunge.  Step forward, lunge and drive up, alternating sides.

You will find that your upper back and legs will be a little fatigued with this complex.

Do these 6 exercises with 6 repetitions for each one, rest and repeat for a total of 3 times through.

After the complex, we’re going to move into a couple of tri-sets.  We’ll have a lot of resistance training, but no interval training.

Move right into a 3-exercise circuit starting with either underhanded inverted rows or a chin-up with knee up.

For the chin-up with knee-up, we’re going to combine our lats and biceps with abs.  Use an underhand grip, do a chin-up while bringing your knees up and back down nice and slow.  Do 2 reps short of failure (if you can do 10 of them, you will only do 8).

If you cannot do the chin-up with knee up, you can do underhanded inverted rows instead.  With your palms facing you and your body in a straight line, pull yourself up and slowly lower back down.  This is an easier exercise, but if you want to work your upper back a bit more, this will do that.

Next, move into spiderman climb pushups.  These are the same as , except you will touch your foot to the ground.  Start in pushup position and bring your knee to your elbow as you lower down.  Keep your abs braced.  Do 1 repetition short of failure for these.  If you can do 10 reps, then only do 9 reps.

Finish this circuit with a 1-leg stability ball leg curls (this is why we did so much hamstring warmup).  This is a POWERFUL exercise for your hamstrings.  Raise one leg up and bridge your hips.  Curl the ball in and back out, contracting your hamstring.  Do all reps on one side and repeat on the other side.

Rest 1 minute and repeat this circuit 2 more times.

We’re going to finish this workout with something that is a bit different than usual.  We’ll finish with 3 exercises in a circuit, but we’re going to do 5 reps for each.

First up are incline presses.  Drive up and in and slowly lower down and out for 3 seconds.  With the incline, you will be working the deltoid muscles more.

Move directly into dumbbell split squats.  You will probably use lighter weights for these.  Start with your lead leg out in front.  Your lead leg will be doing all the work, while your rear leg will be used for balance and stretching through your quadricep.  Lower and hold for a 1 second pause at the bottom and drive back up through your lead leg (quadricep) and your glute.  Do 5 reps on each side.

Next move into a stability ball ab pike.  Start with your feet on the ball and keep your body in a straight line.  Push your hips straight up pike in and back out.  Go as high as you can.  You will do 5 reps.

Rest 1 minute and repeat 4 more times (for a total of 5 times total).

At this point, you may be fairly tired out, but you still might be able to press out a decent amount of weight.

No interval training for workout B.

And lastly, here is TT Hardcore Workout C.

This metabolic resistance circuit that we start with is one of my FAVORITES I’ve ever put together.  This will challenge you in so many different ways.

Start with a depth jump.  Elevate yourself a little less than a foot or even less than that.  If you are not ready for the jump, you can do regular jumps or bodyweight squats.  However, if you are only able to do bodyweight squats, you are probably in the wrong workout.  It’s very ADVANCED.  Make sure you DO NOT preform this on concrete floors.

Step off with one foot and right into a squat and immediately jump straight up and land soft with your hips back to absorb the force of the jump with your muscles.  You will do 6 reps.

Move to a deadlift.  You will hold for a 2 second pause at the bottom of each repetition.  Move the bar right up against your shins, use an overhand grip, press your hips back while arching your lower back.  Pull up and slowly lower down for 3 seconds, pausing for 1 count.  Reset, arch your back and pull up.  Do 8 reps.

Move immediately into pushups.  You will be doing 50% of your maximum number (if you can do 60, you will only do 30).  Lower down, keeping your abs braced and holding your body in a straight line and drive back up.

Finish with a Turkish get-up with a kettlebell.  Lie down, bring the weight up pressing strong.  come up and slide your leg up and under while holding your arm up and keeping your shoulder in a strong position the entire time.  Move your leg back out and slowly lower down without losing control of your arm and weight.   Do all reps on one side and then switch and repeat on the other side.

That concludes our first metabolic circuit of Workout C.

The second metabolic circuit starts with a 1-leg bench squat.  Stand on the bench with your hands out in front of you.  Step off the bench to the side, while you push your hips back for a 4 second lowering phase.  You can touch the floor if you need to, but if you can control it, just stop right before your foot reaches the floor and come back up.  Do 10 reps and repeat on the other side.

After that, you will do renegade rows with either flat hex dumbbells or kettlebells.  Start with your body in a straight line with your abs braced.  Row the weights up and alternate sides (using the same amount of weights on each side).

You will be doing pushups with your hands on the stability ball.  These work your triceps a little more.  Keep your body in a straight line and lower down.  Drive back up.  Some people have some wrist problems with that exercise, so you can do a different kind of pushup in place of them.  You can do pushups with your feet on the ball or close grip type pushups.

Finish with hanging leg raises.  The easiest grip is with the bars that go straight out so your palms face one another.  Keep your abs braced and bring your legs up.  Keep it controlled on the way down.

If you can’t do those, you can do stability ball rollouts in place of them.  Roll out with a stretch on the way out, keeping it controlled and contract your abs on the way up.

And, we have one more superset to go.

First up will be a burpee/chin-up combo.  You will start with a burpee, dropping down, add a pushup and come back up with a jump.  Then move immediately into a chin-up with an underhand grip.  Go right back into a burpee and then a chin-up.  This is great for people who can’t do so many chin-ups in a row.  You will get that little break with the burpee.  You want to do 10 of these, but if you can’t do 10 chinups, just do as many as you can and then finish the rest with just burpees.

For the last exercise, you will do with your feet on the ball.  This is a little bit harder than the ones we did earlier.  Do 8 reps per side (alternating sides).

Rest and repeat.

Finish up with adrenaline interval training.  This time you will do 36 seconds of work with 54 seconds of recovery.  This is still the same 2-3 ratio of interval training to rest.  It’s a lot easier to do on a machine for interval training.

Two things you can CHANGE UP, you can do your interval training the day after your workout days.  You can change that up so you can do shorter workouts.

So there you go – the TT Hardcore 2K10 fat-burning program all laid out for you. Be warned, this is an advanced workout program…

…but if you’re stuck in a plateau, then there’s no better program to bust through it.