Two Free Workouts (print this out)

Pants feeling a little tight today?

No worries.

Today is the perfect time to start again. And to STOP feeling bad.

I give you permission to forget the past, to ignore the peer pressure that wants you to continue down the slippery slope, and to overcome the self-doubt that leaves you wondering, “Can I really do this?”

You can. Trust me. You’ve got this.

So if you’ve fallen off-track, revisit your goal and re-do your plan.

Yes, there will be obstacles.

No, it won’t be easy.

But the path to success IS simple.

It’s been done by someone worse off than us, with bigger obstacles and surrounded by more negativity, and yet they were somehow able to rise up and beat everything in their way.

If they could do it, so can you. Don’t wait. Start now.

Here’s how…

Step #1 – Join the TT Transformation Contest today – it’s FREE

You can transform your body and your health and win my money – starting today.

This is our 28th contest. I’ve given away over $150,000 to our winners over the last 10 years.

It’s been life-changing for so many people, and it will change your life, too.

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Looking forward to seeing your big transformation.

Step #2 – Make time for Self-Care

Today you’re going to do a personal health audit. (Print this out)

This will help you find your flaws and fix what is needed in preparation for 2017.

  • Are you sleeping 7-8 hours a night?
  • Are you eating 3 servings of green vegetables each day?
  • Are you active for 30 minutes a day doing something you enjoy?
  • Are you doing 3 short, burst workouts each week to boost your metabolism?
  • Are you taking 5 minutes each day to breathe slowly, calm down, and reduce stress?
  • Are you reading something positive first thing in the morning?
  • Are you spending 2-3 minutes in gratitude for all the little things you have in life?
  • Do you have positive social support in your life?
  • Are you planning and preparing for success each day?
  • Are you rubbing a dog’s belly for at least a minute every day?

Give yourself 1 point for YES and 0 points for NO.

If you scored 8 or above, 2017 is going to be an AWESOME year.

If you scored 5-7, then I want you to choose TWO things you can fix right now so you can bump up your score fast.

If you scored below 5, please seek out help! Hire a trainer, talk to your doctor, and get a nutrition plan (like this one).

Step #3 – Get Support (from me and my friends)

If you’re struggling, things MUST change.

Fortunately, the solutions are simple.

It might not be easy, but trust me, following the path to success is simple.

Like hiking a big hill, it’s simply a matter of doing the work and getting support from those around you… in the real world and online, like in our Habit Change Club on Facebook here.

See you there!

Step #4 – Choose the BEST workout for you

Recently someone asked me on Facebook, “Craig. I am quite a bit over weight and I know diet is the biggest part of trying to lose weight, but exercise is important too. My question is, does it make a lot of sense to do the body weight workouts to try to lose belly fat if I’m still overweight or is it better to concentrate on diet first and lose the fat then start the workouts to tone?”

My Answer:
First, you are right… Diet will give you the most results the fastest. However, you can also boost your results with bodyweight exercises, like in this workout…

10-Minute Christmas Calorie Torcher

  • Do not rest between exercises.
  • Go through the circuit 2 times for a 10-minute workout, or up to 4 times if you want a little bit more of a boost in your metabolism.

1) Prisoner Squat – 30 seconds
2) Total Body Extension – 30 seconds
3) Walking Prisoner Lunges – 30 seconds
4) Elevated Pushup – 15 seconds per side
5) Jumping Jacks – 30 seconds
6) Spiderman Climb – 30 seconds (alternating sides)
7) Rocking Plank – 30 seconds
8) Close-Grip Pushup – 30 seconds
9) Inverted Row or Iron Cross Hold – 30 seconds
10) Total Body Extension – 30 seconds

But wait, what if you want to GAIN muscle and lose fat?

Well, here’s just one workout you could use… This is an upper body program that is a LOT of fun. But make sure you also do a leg workout later in the week.

Craig’s Fun Muscle Builder

1A) DB Chest Press – 8 reps
1B) Pull-up – As many repetitions as possible

  • Rest 30 seconds between exercises.
  • Repeat the superset 2 more times.

2A) Bench Press – 10 reps
2B) Chest-Supported Row – 12 reps

  • Rest 30 seconds between exercises.
  • Repeat the superset 2 more times.

3A) Close-Grip Bench – 8 reps
3B) DB Rear Delt Raise – 12 reps

  • Rest 30 seconds between exercises.
  • Repeat the superset 2 more times.

That’ll get you pumped for 2017 – literally!


Step #5 – Don’t wait or hesitate!

Get started on changing your life right now.

Don’t fall back into the same old bad habits.

“Insanity,” Einstein said, “Is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Did you plead temporary insanity with some of your habits in 2016?

Did you find yourself doing the same things over and over again, like eating the same junk foods in the afternoon, hitting snooze and skipping workouts for days or weeks at a time, or doing really well during the week and then blowing all of your hard work on the weekends?

Well, there’s only ONE way to change.

Full immersion into the TT Transformation program.

Best of all, it’s free to enter and win my money.

Go here and read how to get started in the free TT Contest today

Looking forward to seeing your big transformation.

Let’s go!

And keep me updated on your progress,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – Don’t wait for January 1st.

Today is the BEST day of all to change… ever… in your entire life!

Control your day and own your life right now!