Setting up an e-newsletter or blog starts with a subject you love, a simple website, and some useful content. But unless you want your newsletter to be nothing but a hobby, you’ll want to find ways to generate income from it.

You can create your own information products – e-books, special reports, teleseminars, and more – and sell them to your e-newsletter subscribers. This is the easiest and most cost-effective type of product to sell, because you can deliver it digitally.

You can also sell practically anything else that might appeal to your subscribers. If you are a yoga expert, you can sell yoga equipment. If you’re a gourmet chef, you can sell homemade biscotti. If you’re a prize-winning gardener, you can sell seeds from your blue-ribbon tomatoes.

If you don’t want to produce or ship these products yourself, there are two ways to make money online without having to tie yourself up with inventory. You can find a supplier who offers drop-shipping. (You take the order and payment, and they send the product directly to the customer.) Or you can become an affiliate to a company in your niche that sells products your subscribers would be interested in.

So look at your newsletter and niche. What products would appeal to that market? Brainstorm some ideas, test them, and then roll out with the winners. That’s the quickest way to e-newsletter profits.

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Although David hails from Blackpool, England – which is often referred to as the “Las Vegas of England” – he shunned a career in show business and instead followed a meandering career path overflowing with “life’s great experiences,” working or living in over 20 countries along the way. Chef, teacher of Transcendental Meditation, guest presenter on QVC, earthquake relief volunteer, CEO of a web hosting company, marketer at a radio station and all combined with years of direct marketing, PR and sales experience for clients as diverse as health food stores, small charities and right up to multinational public companies. David brought unique talent and experience to his role for six years as Senior Internet Consultant to Agora Publishing Group. Working closely with Agora’s publishers and marketers to test new ideas and marketing campaigns, Agora’s Internet revenues topped $200 million in 2007. David understands and can communicate fluently with creative “right-brain” marketers and analytical “left-brain” IT and software teams, all with equal ease. He has a proven track record for generating results and creative thinking and excels at making trouble to find new ways of making things happen! He lives on a small farm close to Mount Hood in Oregon with his wife Cinda, a veterinarian, and their four children and a menagerie of animals (no more, please!). When not marketing or brainstorming you’ll find David following a dream of self-sufficiency for food, power and water within 10 years, tending the land and caring for the farm and animals. Not surprisingly, David is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker with many amusing anecdotes from his work and travels over the years.