The Turbulence Dance

LOL – Check out this photo of me.

I’m in a world of turbulence after a metabolic finisher from the new 24-7 Fat Loss program.

These photos were taken seconds after finishing 8 rounds of Turbulence Training style 20-10 bodyweight squats…and that’s Chris Lopez, Certified Turbulence Trainer, laughing at me in the background.

Now for this week’s QnA.

Question: When will the new workouts be out? – Gerry

Answer: The 24-7 Fat Loss workouts – and follow-along videos – will be available next Tuesday here:

Question: I am a personal trainer in Sydney, Australia, and was wondering when I could do the Turbulence Training Certification course. – Michelle

Answer: Hi Michelle, we have several TT trainers from Australia.

The course is delivered via online video and DVD, so you can study at home. The exam requires creating a training program that is sent in for my review. So you don’t have to travel at all.

Unfortunately, the TT Certification is currently closed to new students, but I expect to take a new class before the end of November.

For any trainers interested in discovering the 1 Million Mission of the TT Certification, please watch this video I made of my life long vision here:

Earlier this week I received a question from a writer over at Men’s Health…my response will probably be in the March 2012 issue, but you’ll get the un-edited version below…because I can guarantee you that my full answer is too politically incorrect for an issue of Men’s Health magazine.

Question: We had a reader send in a question that I thought you’d be a great source for. The reader wants to know:

‘What is the best exercise to build my noodle thin forearms?’

Any thoughts/ideas for that?

If you do, why does it work?

Answer: If we just had to pick one exercise, it would be the deadlift.

Aside from the fact it trains a lot of other muscle groups, you get the benefit of picking up heavy-a** weight, and you can’t do that without building your forearm muscles.

As a bonus exercise, you could choose hammer curls. After all, guys who pound nails all day don’t have a problem with their forearms.

And last but not least, why not kill two birds with  one stone and get a job in construction. That way you’d make money while building muscle. (I always tell that one to guys who tell me they want to gain muscle but don’t have any money to buy Jay Ferruggia’s workout program or good food.)

Question: Help. My kids have a ton of Halloween candy in the house and I can’t stop eating. I can’t throw it out, so what can I do to stop this bad habit? – Daniella

Answer: Look at it this way…

If you had to tell the world, would you eat it? So start keeping a public food journal online. Imagine you were wearing a camera on your head, 24 hours a day.

That would knock some sense into our behaviors pretty quickly. Don’t waste weeks and months of hard work on a simple few seconds of indulgence.  Post your nutrition online starting today.

You’ll soon be eating better, trust me.

By the way, Joel Marion explains how to time your meals and use social support for fat loss in an incredible free report here


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Certified Turbulence Trainer