TT Summit 2014 Presenter Alwyn Cosgrove

The only trainer better than this guy might be his wife. They run the one of the best gyms in America, as rated by Men’s Health magazine, and I’m spending big bucks to bring him – and her – out to the Turbulence Training bootcamp weekend summit in San Diego on June 6th and 7th.

His name is Alwyn Cosgrove and he has a wee bonny Scottish accent. Recently I got him on the phone and we talked about the …

  1. #1 Workout that is BETTER than drugs
  2. Three little-known factors that make this type of exercise even better than regular workouts at your gym
  3. And what he is going to share with you at the TT Summit in June

This interview is free and you can listen to it here

(I love how he says my name, “Creeeeeg“.)

The interview is great, one of my best ones ever. BUT…

…it’s nothing like doing a bootcamp workout live and in person with him on a beautiful beach in San Diego. And that’s what you’ll be able to do in June.

You’ll do bootcamp workouts each morning with Alwyn, Rachel Cosgrove, myself, and several of my Master Certified Turbulence Trainers, including Mikey “The Pancakes in San Diego are great!” Whitfield, Kate “#1 trainer in NYC” Vidulich, Dani Woodrum, and Bri “The High Energy Guy” Kalakay, among others.

Reserve your early-bird discount on the Turbulence Training Summit here and spend two amazing days with myself, Alwyn and Rachel, and all of your favorite TT Trainers in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. <= Save $300 this week on the TT Summit

We have a ton of surprises for you…including bigger and better prizes for our pushup contest, raffles, and much, much more. See you in Classy San Diego. Save $300 and register for your bootcamp workouts today at the link above. It will be twice as good as last year’s legendary event.

See you soon,

Creeeeg Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS -The full weekend schedule…
…can be found here at
But a quick look at Day 1 shows…
1) We’ll start the day with 3 different bootcamp workout sessions from 7:30am-9am on the beach.
2) After a quick break we’ll return to get pumped up by Bri “The High Energy Guy” Kalakay.
3) Ol’ CB will say a few words about a CHALLENGE he has for you…
4) And then the big moment, Rachel Cosgrove will give her Keynote presentation for the weekend.
5) After lunch, I promise you won’t fall asleep in your chair because we’ll have the TT Trainer Battle Royale. Plus, you’ll want to be alert because we’ll raffle off a few BioTrust VIP supplement packages.
6) To finish the day, my friend Bedros and I are conducting a “Personal Trainer Shark Tank” episode with 3 lucky trainers…
7) And then we’ll finish up with the VIP Reception for those of you Early Bird registrants.
And that’s JUST day one! Sounds like an amazing 14 hours of amazingness on Day 1 of the TT Summit in San Diego.
Remember, the dates are Friday, June 6th-Saturday, June 7th. And YES, we’ll be holding a TT Certification (or two) at the event for all non TT-Trainers that want to step it up.
More details will be revealed AFTER you get your Early Bird TT Summit seat reserved here:
See you in June!