TT Certification: 5 Things You Must Know

Thanks so much for the over 100 comments you’ve posted on the TT Certification Mission video and Vision statement.  Your excitement is off the charts, and I love it.

Of course, you had a lot of questions after getting all that  information, so let’s cover the 5 most important questions about the TT Certification today.


Question #1 – Who is this for?

Let me start by telling you who this is NOT for…It’s NOT for you if you are not certified already. The Turbulence Training Transformation Certification is an advanced fat loss certification for elite fitness experts only.

If you are not currently a certified and insured personal  trainer, as much as I truly appreciate your interest, then you cannot become Turbulence Training Certified.

Now, if you ARE a certified trainer, then the TT Transformation Certification is for you if you…

– Are enthusiastic as heck about transforming the lives of over a million men and women around the world

– Desire the latest fat loss research and information to help your clients get even faster, life-changing, long-termresults from your incredible fitness programs

– Want to be connected with Turbulence Training, one of the most popular fat loss programs in the world. You’ll be  given permission to use the registered trademark in your media when promoting your training

– Are interested in being one of the first trainers to be in the Turbulence Training Founder’s Club, limited to the first 50 Certified Turbulence Trainers who will help me  finalize the ultimate fat loss certification in the fitness industry

Question #2) What is the Turbulence Training Certification Founder’s Club?

First, let me tell you a little bit about what sets the Turbulence Training Certification apart from every other fitness certification out there.

With the TT Certification, you’ll get exclusive access to…

– Being part of the fitness industry’s biggest and boldest mission of helping over 1 million men and women transform their bodies and their lives

– Advanced program design education that has been used in over 100 Turbulence Training workouts to help over 25,000 men and women around the world to lose fat

– The use of the registered Turbulence Training trademark, setting you apart from other trainers

– “Done-for-You” Client Attraction tools that will allow you to get clients automatically while you focus on what you want to do – and that is training clients

Now about the Founder’s Club…

Next week, when I make the TT Certification available, I will only be opening up 50 spots. As you’ll discover in a moment, I could take an unlimited number of trainers. But I’m not going to rush anything.

Instead, I’m going to accept 50 trainers – and 50 trainers only – into the Founder’s Club.

These 50 trainers will forever have my gratitude, and will always be on my “radar” when it comes to making opportunities available.

If you plan on being one of the first 50 people to get certified, let me thank you in advance. As I’ve mentioned, this has been a lifelong labor of love to bring Turbulence Training to the world, and now as a Certification program for the fitness industry.

And your support in these early stages of our 1 Million Mission means the world to me, and so as long as you remain a member of the Founder’s Club, I’ll forever be rewarding the first 50 trainers who “took a chance” on the TT Certification.

On “Planet Turbulence”, as a Founder’s Club member, you’ll also receive unprecedented coaching from me, Craig Ballantyne.

Within the Founder’s Club, you’ll discover there are 3 levels of coaching available to you, including:

Level 1 – TT Inner Circle

Providing monthly educational materials delivered to your doorstep as well as access to the annual TT Certification event.

Level 2 – TT Inner Circle Elite

You’ll receive all of the Inner Circle educational materials. annual event attendance, monthly phone coaching, and many other elite access benefits.

Level 3 – TT Inner Circle Mastermind

At our top level of the TT Certification, you’ll receive all of the Elite Level benefits PLUS three yearly Mastermind  Meetings with me to help take your training skills and business to your peak potential.

Question #3) Where can I get access to the Turbulence Training Certification program?

Because so many Turbulence Training readers, especially those interested in the Certification, live all over the world, I knew that doing small group seminars each weekend was not going to help us achieve our 1 Million Mission.

That’s why all of the TT Certification materials will be available ONLINE – and you’ll be able to get immediate access to these videos and transcripts next week.

So if you live in Australia, or England, or the Middle East, or South America – as many comments have mentioned – this won’t stop you from gaining access to the Founder’s Club and being one of the first 50 Certified Turbulence Trainers.

You won’t need to spend thousands of dollars in airfare and hotel bills, plus travel 4-5 days away from your family, in order to become Turbulence Training Certified.

In fact, my #1 concern with the Certification was making sure every interested trainer would have access to the system. That’s why I created the online delivery for this exclusive content, and you’ll be able to be part of the Mission from home.

That said, I really hope that you’ll make the journey to Toronto later this year for the 1st ever Turbulence Training Certification event. More details on that coming soon to every trainer in the Founder’s Club.

Question #4) Why are you starting the TT Certification?

It all started with an email I received back in 2005, if I recall correctly, from a TT reader asking me if there was a certified TT trainer in her area.

After a dozen more requests just like this, I soon started receiving requests from trainers who wanted to get certified with the Turbulence Training system.

And not a week goes by where I don’t hear from a reader or trainer who is requesting access to a certification.

It’s incredible. I never thought I would be this lucky, to have so many people using the Turbulence Training system, and
again, as I’ve mentioned, I’m eternally grateful.

So finally, after over a year of hard work and figuring out exactly how to help the most people possible with the TT Certification, it’s finally done.

And I hope you’re ready to join me on the 1 Million Transformation Mission that I’ve built into the Certification.

Question #5) When will the TT Certification be available?

You ready?

The TT Certification will be available next Wednesday, March 30th.

But remember, it will only available until the first 50 spots in the Founder’s Club are taken.

After that, I’m shutting it down until we get our first 50 trainers set-up and running.

To be honest, I don’t know how long those 50 spots will last. It could be 12 hours, it could be 2 days. But they won’t last long, that’s for certain.

After all, we’ve had over 100 comments on the site from  eager trainers around the world, and since the Turbulence Training Certification is delivered online, those 50 spots  will be available to trainers from every country, not just to trainers close to TT Headquarters.

So I hope you’re as excited as I am for next Wednesday. It marks a dramatic change in the fitness industry. We’re saying so long to “cookie cutter” generic certification programs and we’re entering the world of specialization programs, where trainers will become even better at what they do.

There’s so much more I have to tell you about on Monday.

Until then, have a great weekend, and mark your calendar to take action and take action and join the Founder’s Club of the TT Certification next Wednesday.


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Creator, TT Certification