Truth About Yoga for Fat Loss

Does yoga work for fat loss? My truthful answer will surprise you.

First, here’s what it doesn’t do.

It doesn’t build massive amounts of muscle.

It doesn’t replace metabolic resistance training or workout finishers or even interval training.

But here’s what it does do…

This yoga works for fat loss.


Because it promotes the yoga-lifestyle, which is not unlike the Turbulence Training lifestyle.

Both of these lifestyles emphasize the importance of whole, natural food nutrition.

Yoga is not about eating junk food, heavy foods, high-calorie energy drinks, candy bars disguised as protein bars, or all-out cheat weekends.

Instead, to me, the yoga nutrition lifestyle is about Green Tea, sushi, or even a vegetarian diet.

You can’t go wrong with that…and that’s why there are a lot of lean, thin people that do yoga.

It’s not mentally congruent to do yoga and then eat poorly. So yes, yoga is good for fat loss, even if that were the only reason.

But it’s not.

Yoga also makes you feel younger.

For years, or even decades, you’ve probably slumped in a chair, at an office desk, or while driving in your car, and your posture is likely to no longer resemble the nimble, agile 12-year old you once were.


Fortunately, yoga can help all of that.

It won’t take you all the way back in time, but it sure can turn back your body’s clock a decade or so.

I’ve been experimenting with long mobility and  stretching sessions before my workouts for over a
year now.

I call these, “The Old Man Warm-ups“, and each incorporates a LOT of yoga style moves.

But it’s not quite yoga.

But this is: => Proven no-fluff yoga program to fix your body

(And promotes fat loss, too)

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It will turn back the clock on your aches and pains, and soon you’ll be amazing yourself with how you can move…and maybe even your partner in the bedroom?

That’s right, yoga can help you lose fat and be a better lover. That’s right, I said that. Sometimes I get a little politically incorrect, but that’s the TRUTH about yoga (for fat loss and ‘getting lucky’).

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No chanting or Lululemon pants required,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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