Truth About Wealth

It’s not over. The weekend continues…

Yes, it’s still Black Friday weekend in America and I should be reminding you to have a Cyber Monday sale. But you know that. So even if you missed out on last week, do something now and sell-sell-sell on Cyber Monday.

Now, more importantly, I want to teach you the Truth About Wealth…The following email is adapted from a message I wrote to one of my private coaching clients. The specifics have been removed, but the BIG lessons are still big and clear. Take them to heart. – Craig

Dear YOU,

I am very proud of your success, your attitude, your Go-Giving, and your commitment to your mission. Thank you for being awesome.

We need to spend as much time as we can with people that are taking massive action. We need to focus on networking with the best and most successful people we can…we must play up a level. We need to dominate this market first and grow from it, one side step at a time.

We will build wealth when we surround ourselves with wealth.

Wealthy people bring BIG thinking and massive opportunity. You cannot get that by staying at home. You cannot soar with eagles if you have around turkeys. You must step out of your comfort zone and grow.

The best way to grow is one step at a time, but never jumping into something where we have no experience. There is great opportunity in going 1-step connected…but don’t jump too far.

As you know, we must do something EVERY day to become better at the vital skill of selling. That’s where the millions are … in SELLING. We all need to get better at Selling. Make that a priority in your studies and actions. Sell every day! Sell, sell, sell. Not just on Cyber Monday, but every day.

You can become a millionaire with focused, discipline work. Stick to what you know, and avoid foolishly dabbling in areas outside your circle of competence. If a poor money-mindset farm boy like I can do it, so can YOU!

Everyone can make more money. Everyone can improve their selling, it’s a learnable skill!
Look for the opportunities in your area of expertise. Right now, we will earn the most from our Circle of Competence. As ‘unsexy’ as it is, the fastest way for you and I to reach $1M is through a stable of highly profitable projects where we have the most experience, even if we find it boring.

This is the greatest leverage of our current skills.

With the skills you are developing, we can sell more and more and start to take steps – but ONE at a time – towards new projects. We will build a team to continue working on current projects, while you and I venture forth on new ones…and as we get better at selling.

So Keep on pushing on to meet and learn from others. The keys to our success are the people we will meet, the sales skills we will learn, the copy secrets we will discover, and the connections we will make. You are doing the right thing by getting to events and playing up a level.

Selling will help you earn the freedom you desire.

I know you worry about locking yourself into a prison of work, but there is no need for that fear. Here’s what you need to do…start with spending some time in introspection and creating the Vision for your Life. Watch the video at

You need to know how much $$$ you really need…and then you need to learn to control our possession ambition…and you need to be mentally prepared to lose everything and live with nothing. Never become addicted to your possessions. They are only objects. Cheap trinkets. Easily replaced.

When you become a Millionaire, you can shed the handcuffs. You own your life. Ask yourself, What do you need to live the good life with your family?

Be clear. Know where you stand.

Never become a slave to your possessions or to the opinion of other people because you can never, ever have enough of the good stuff. Your desires will grow with your income, that’s natural, but you must be able to contain them.

Start the process of controlling your life by creating your rules today.

Creating strong personal rules for your life will help you control the time that you seek to protect for your family. For example, to have less stress, you need to check email less. Implement this rule immediately:

Set a rule of NO reading email from Saturday at 10am until Sunday at 9pm. If you can, go one step further and set a rule of no email from Saturday at noon until Monday morning. The best is when you can shut off email all weekend long.

Do what you can while still making sure you are aware of emergencies (have them call a landline if emergency comes up). Start there. Move to Sundays being completely free of work-related events. Family only. Forget the rest of the world.

You are already the boss of your life. You don’t have to wait for someone to give you permission to change the rules of the game. Be the Chessmaster, not a pawn. You paid the cost to be the boss – now act like it, without apology.

Draw lines. Create boundaries. Set deadlines. Richer, more ‘important’ people than us work less and make more money.

Start now and figure out a way to limit your schedule to a 35-hour workweek. Look at my friend, Ryan Lee. He has 4 daughters, millions of dollars, and works less than you. Why? Deadlines. Limits.

The only thing that would ever hold you back in a work prison is you.

The Rules for Your Life will also help you stay grounded as you become more successful. Overcome your worries and fears with your Rules. Take them seriously. Use them to make right decisions automatic.

Keep on pushing on,

Craig Ballantyne

“Living a good life leads to enduring happiness. Goodness in and of itself is the practice AND the reward.” – Epictetus