Truth about PIZZA

Yes, you CAN eat pizza and still lose weight.

But NO, you can’t burn off a large pizza with exercise.

That’s the good news and bad news you’re getting in today’s TT diet update.

Let me explain…

New research from Portugal (hmmm, thought it would be from Italy?), discovered that you can lose weight even if you have pizza for dinner once a week.

The bad news is that…

“The pizza can only be enjoyed once a week as a treat, and you must watch your calories strictly for the remaining six days.”


So much for the Pizza Diet.

Worse, most people think they can eat a large pizza (at about 350 calories per slice) and then burn it off the next day on a cardio machine, but they are dead wrong.

It takes about 30 minutes of boring cardio exercise to burn off a slice of pizza.

If you have 3 or more slices, you’ll be on the machine for hours, and end up hurting yourself with an overuse injury.

So what’s the solution to including pizza on your weight loss diet?

The key is to plan ahead and designate a specific day for your reward meal.

(By the way, I prefer the phrase “reward meal” over cheat meal. A reward meal is a positive way to look at food and doesn’t feed into unhealthy eating behaviors.)

Having a reward meal helps you say NO to temptation on the other days of the week.

Having a reward meal gives you something to look forward to, but keeps it in a healthy, positive lifestyle approach to weight loss.

And having a reward-meal mindset helps you avoid going overboard… and getting back into bad habits.

I know too many people that turn a cheat meal into a cheat weekend into a cheat month… and end up heavier than when they started the diet.

So, yes, you can have your pizza and eat it, too…just not much and not too often.

By the way, there’s just ONE more problem with pizza…

…cheap ingredients, like white flour, sugar, and trans-fats used by the big pizza companies, cause a LOT of inflammation in your belly.

Belly inflammation leads to bloating and a tight waistband.

So if you want a slim belly, you really need to check this out.

Find out the slimming secrets that let you wake up lean tomorrow

And that’s the bottom line about pizza.

Your coach,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – Here’s a great way to kickstart the week!

Invest in yourself for the sake of others.

Take care of your health and energy so you can deliver maximum love, life, laughter, and living to those that matter. Place a high value on your time. Don’t let others steal it away through insignificance.

Remember…every moment wasted in meetings, traffic, surfing the web, gossip, etc. steals it from your children, your spouse, and your well being.

Be ruthless with your time and energy for the sake of your legacy.

You can – and WILL – succeed when you take care of yourself and bring your best self and high energy to all areas of life!