Trainer Ripoff

On Tuesday morning I stopped by the local YMCA for a workout. This is the same gym where I first started lifting weights over 20 years ago this September.

I still remember my first real chest workout…I could barely hold on to the steering wheel as I drove me and my friend to McDonald’s after the workout.

Good times.

But on Tuesday, while I did my workout, I watched something that made me angry.

There was an old-school bodybuilder trainer taking his overweight female client through a workout…well, if you could call it a workout.

It started with cable crossovers…one set of 12 reps followed by three minutes of talking.

They did four sets of this.

This was followed by rope triceps extensions, also with three minutes of talking between sets.

On it went…to dumbbell lateral raises…then finally biceps curls.

In the hour I was there doing my long, old-man warm-up, plus a full lower body, low back, and abs workout, they managed to do about 12 sets of light upper body exercises…and had at least 35 minutes of between set conversation.

This makes me so angry.

Not just the fact that the trainer was collecting $45 for the session…

…but that both of them were completely wasting their lives with this charade of a workout.

Just yesterday I did a better workout in 12 minutes in my mom’s basement with kettlebell goblet squats and power wheel ab rollouts than this poor woman did in over an hour in the gym.

Plus, she wasted her hard earned money too.

Did I mention this makes me angry?

Because it does.

Big time.

Some trainers just have no respect for female clients and give them these fluffy workouts. Heck, some trainers give even worse workouts to guys, too.

It drives me nuts.

That’s one of the factors that drives me to create my programs and share them with the world. This poor woman is not going to get any results…and she’ll have wasted her time and hard-earned money.

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Here to serve you,

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