Turbulence Training – Training Smart

In part 3 of this interview series, I shared with you the benefits of a proper warm up. There you will also find a quick video demonstrating a few warm up exercises that you can do before each workout.

It is important to listen to your body and to allow for proper recovery. You will learn more about this as we get into in today’s interview series. So lets get started.


Patrick McGuire: Craig, I want to ask you about your meatheads workouts you got A, B, C and D here. Why are you changing it up so much? I know that your training is pretty intense and these are serious. They go super well with the mass filling nutrition programs as well as any of the fast fat loss nutrition  meal plans programs.

Craig Ballantyne: Well, this one is the very first meatheads program that was originally designed for a couple of guys who were training. We were training at least five days a week; sometimes it was six days a week. We moved away from that five body part per day. So, this was a huge scale back for them at this point, and you’ll really find that there is more of an upper body lower body split.

The first workout based around the squat.  The second workout is based around push pull an upper body classic exercises – we didn’t put in the bench press. We wanted to get away from that a little bit because of shoulder issues. After a day off  you have workout C. It’s based around the dead lift with a little bit more abdominal training.

Lastly workout D, it is kind of like a fun workout to end the week. It’s a bit of pushing and pulling along the lines of Ian King’s vertical push pull for the first superset. Then we get into some arm work just for a little meathead fun. For the really busy person, they could probably skip workout D or incorporate the dumbbell shoulder press into workout C and having an extra day off. Keeping with that four day per week workout.

So  it was kind of like taking a cardio addict off of  their six day, one hour of cardio training and having them train for four days a week for only 30 minutes. Then showing them that their results didn’t change. The idea is to wean  off the excessive amount of lifting. So this program has about as much volume as you’ll see in any program that I put together.

Patrick McGuire: Yeah.  I think it’s phenomenal. One of the things you mentioned with the cardio addicts, obviously that can happen for the cutting and shredding of the over massed size of nutrition if you will. A lot of us will overeat for years on end. And one of the one things obviously that I want to make sure we point out is that the mass building meal plans. There are several components to them and they all work really well with Turbulence Training.

And in all honesty, if you took the TT for Meatheads program, and you started incorporating parts of it or all of it, into your training and you incorporated the mass building meal plans, whether it’s for the lean builder, the mass builder or the macro mass builder type programs, there’s a strategy that you can zigzag in and out of all of those training philosophies that Craig teaches as well as your own.

And more importantly for my part, zigzag out of the nutrition, whether it’s for mass or for cuts. With Turbulence Training for Meatheads, we’re talking specifically mass. You can make it work basically offsetting your training injuries, illnesses, weaknesses, and recuperation times. So you can repair quickly.

The Turbulence Training is phenomenal because you get rid of a lot of the need for cardio which I’ve never been a huge proponent of.  I’d rather do short, strong bursts of cardio than a long drawn out one, unless I’m going for a good mountain bike ride.

However, when I was really trying to grow, I ate and ate and ate. And I barely touched anything like a mountain bike or a cardio bike or anything like that.  I mean, if it was walking to the store it was too far. So when the Turbulence Training comes into effect, the mass building meal plans are all about building lean mass, not just mass like looking like a sumo wrestler or eating McDonald’s and fries all the time.

The Turbulence Training for Meatheads keeps you in check. So when you feed your body accordingly, you are going to replenish and repair to offset any problems you have.  Turbulence Training is going to help you grow and burn off the extra calories and not just sit on your waist line.  I’m real excited for that, you bring back the cardio and training together with the all the Turbulence Training for Meatheads as well as all your programs.

I think it’s awesome and I really do appreciate you trying to make sure that even the meatheads like us. The mass monsters like I used to be, and even the cardio freaks are understanding that to build lean muscle. You got to train hard, and you got to eat smart. And our mass building meal plans and the nutrition of fast fat loss meal plans are all about training smart with eating smart.

In part 5 we’ll get into the tempo.