Thor’s Muscle Building Workout

A journey of 19,000 miles started with a single squat workout on Thursday morning. Yes, 19,000 miles.

This is my schedule for the next 14 days:

Toronto-Denver-Seattle-Vancouver-Hong Kong-Bangkok -Pattaya-Bangkok-Kuala Lumpur-Hong Kong-Toronto.

What am I doing?

Long story, and frankly, I don’t even know for the most part…but will keep you updated. (Alas, Seattle and Vancouver are connections only.)

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Question: Need a quick but heavy upper body workout for today. Suggestions? – Matt, aka “Thor”

Answer: Matt – Here’s a workout that will help any guy build a Thor-like upper body with plenty of upper back work that most amateurs fail to include in their workouts.

1A) DB chest press
1B) DB Row

Do 4 sets each in the 6-9 rep range.

2A) DB Incline press
2B) Pull-up

Do 3 sets of 8-12, 3 second lowering phase on each rep.

3A) Bench press (medium grip, elbows in)
3B) Barbell Shrug

Do 3 sets of 15 controlled reps.

Question: Craig – What application do you see for drop sets? More for leaning out or hypertrophy? How do you utilize them? – Ryan

Answer: Ryan – I don’t use them that much, but they work for adding volume to a training session. It can result in muscle growth and more calories burned. So can lead to either goal depending on rest of training and diet.

Qustion: Is there a set time-frame for doing each MRT bootcamp workout? So if I start on beginner fat-loss 1, do I stay there for 4-6 weeks, then go to 2, or do you rotate between the 3, or…? Thanks! – Kristen

Answer: Kristen – Great question. Use three workouts for 4 weeks. So pick one workout to be Workout A, one to be workout B, and one to be workout C. Then go through that, training three days per week, for 4 weeks.

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Question: Apologies if you’ve answered already: what’s your take on the knees passing over the toes during squatting? I noticed that your knees don’t go far forward at all, at least during bodyweight squats, and it’s definitely easier on my knees if I do the same. – Michael

Answer: Michael – More stress the further the knees go forward. But knees won’t explode. Everything is on a continuum of stress. The less the knees go forward, the more the low back takes the stress. Pick your poison.

Question: What’s your favorite finisher?

Answer: I’ll give you a formula for creating my favorite workout finishers:

It would include narrow stance goblet squats, swings, and some type of pushup.

There are plenty of great workout finishers you can build from that.

Alright, that’s it.

I must return to the world tour…

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And I will send you cool updates from the road,

Craig Ballantyne

PS – I’d love you to read this…

…it’s kind of sappy, but from my heart.

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