The Test

After another crazy week of traveling I’m finally home and we’re into round 2 of reviewing all the resumes sent in from readers last week.

However, there’s one lesson that needs to be shared about the process, and you’ll get that at the end of this email.

It was about “The Test”.

But first, our QnA…

Question: Hi Craig! I am brand new to the web marketing business and frankly have no clue how to get started. I have valuable info to share but do not have a clue where to go from here.

Where should I start and how do I get my message out or a product for that matter to people if I have no contacts? Your help is greatly appreciated! Thanks for all you do. – Chris

Answer: Hey Chris, great to hear from you. If you’ve made it this far, you should have access to my ‘how to make $100K in 12 Months’ report. If you haven’t downloaded it, you can get it here:


Read through this blueprint and if you still have questions on getting started, just let me know.

Question: Craig, I picked up a lot of useful information at the Mastermind last weekend. The group was super cool so made some good friends as well.

I was thinking about a conversation we had in Lithuania about how you haven’t really sold anything to your list yet.

After this weekend what I noticed was that the class got a lot of value from when their websites were getting critiqued.

I was thinking what you could offer would be a 30 min-1 hr skype call while you go through someones website with them.

You could probably charge 500 for an hour and offer it with limited spots. I know people would jump on an opportunity like that, and it definitely fits in with your mission.

Just a thought. – J.

Answer: Hey, great point. It’s something I’ve done in the past along with phone coaching, but I stopped doing it.


Because of something called “opportunity cost”.

As you know I have my goals and my vision for Internet Independence and The most important goals include creating a beginner website business product that can help at least 1000 people make money on the internet.

If I start doing website reviews, I take time away from this main goal, and not just the 0.5-1 hour that it would take to do the review. It would take set-up and ‘decompression’ time as well.

That would really cut into my main vision, and so I have to stay focused on the longview.

That’s why executive coaches recommend setting only 90-day plans and 5-year plans. You just need to have your focus for this quarter and your long term vision to guide your decisions.

For me, the website reviews don’t fit the long-term view, and they don’t fit in my short-term either, because priority #1 is getting my product completed.

It’s a great question, and I encourage everyone to do a similar exercise, identifying the opportunity costs of every thing that you do.

For example, let’s say you are a personal trainer trying to sell an ebook on the Internet – and your main goal is to make $3000 per month with the ebook.

Now let’s say you’ve written some good articles and now your blog is getting a lot of traffic, but your product isn’t done yet. Almost done, but not quite.

However, thanks to your blog, a lot of new in-person prospects are contacting you for personal training.

Do you:

a) Take the short-term money and train them, while setting back your long-term goal of getting your ebook done and selling?


b) Do you take the long-term view and tell these people you are too busy (referring them to a qualified colleague instead), so that you can finish your ebook? (Even though this means less immediate money to you.)

If you really, truly believe and are dedicated to that long- term vision, you’ll choose B.

Hope that helps. See you soon.

Reader Resource/Tip of the Week

I received a really cool email this week from reader, Dave Litten. He replied to my post about ‘how to write a 1000 word article’ and said:

Hi Craig, I once wrote 70 detailed articles in 4 days flat.

I used the Windows Speech Recognition software that came with my PC. What I love about it, is it recognizes better if you babble away at normal speaking speed. Sure, there’ll be one or two errors and wrong words, but it only takes another minute or so to edit a 800 word article.

I now use it to create the workbooks for my video products too. It must be the #1 productivity aid for those who have to do creative writing.

Oh yes, and because your’e talking into a mic, the words on the page are more natural and conversational – just what us budding copywriters need!

Kind Regards,

Dave Litten

– Thanks Dave,

Now for that lesson about the job opening

When I put out the job posting last week, I specifically instructed interested readers to apply by fax.

That was the ‘little test’ in the application process to separate those who can follow instructions from those who can’t.

About 10% of the applications came in by email…and were automatically deleted without review.

No matter how awesome the resume might have been, if a person can’t follow instructions, then we’re clearly not going to have a good working relationship.

As we move into round 2 of the hiring process, there will be more tests to the applicants who make it to the next level.

So when you’re hiring, make sure you have some type of test in your system. This helps you get the highest qualified candidates for your position.


Until next week, if you have a question, please post it on the blog here:


To your success,

Craig Ballantyne

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