The Stress-Reducing Power of a Daily Task List

Here’s a quick suggestion for relieving stress: Don’t ask your brain to do something it’s not particularly good at.

Much of the stress in today’s world comes from having to juggle multiple tasks and responsibilities. If you try to keep track of all that in your head, you’re using some of your brainpower to remember and prioritize. Which means it’s not available to actually think. Not only that, you wind up with an underlying concern that you may be forgetting something important… or that you may not be doing the most important things first.

In short, you feel stress.

Don’t do it.

When you’re faced with multiple tasks and responsibilities, take a moment to write them down. Automatically, that frees up the part of your brain that was trying to keep track of all that stuff. Now you can focus your full mental capabilities on what your wonderful brain does best: problem solving and creating.

The simple act of writing things down changes the overwhelming to the manageable.

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