The Special Email

Earlier this year I had a launch that almost went really, really, really bad.

Well, we saved the day with an affiliate contest and really, really strong final day sales. In fact, we tripled the results of Day 1 and 2, as this beautiful Clickbank sales results chart shows us.

Hurray for deadlines!

But a deadline doesn’t do all of the heavy lifting on its own. It needs good copy.

Here are the fantastic email options put together by Mikey “Pancakes are only for days that end in Y” Whitfield.

You can model these (model, not copy – there IS a difference) for your launches.

In fact, if you’re in the fitness world, you’ll probably be seeing similar deadline emails used this week by a big affiliate as he promotes my Home Workout Revolution program.

More aboot that later…for now, we head over to Mikey for the email copy:

Email # 1

Subject – Your 27 workouts are ready (time sensitive)

Your 191 unique suspension exercises and 27 workouts are ready! <=== But this link does expire.

The Suspension Revolution, the ONLY program specifically designed to work your dormant muscles with brand new exercises that will literally fix slow fat loss and shock your body into burning stubborn fat is INCREASING in price TONIGHT.

You see, over the past few days, Dan has been celebrating this launch with the “Premiere” of his brand new and unique program that uses just one piece of equipment with a discount just for you.

But, his launch celebration comes to a close TODAY.

Tomorrow, this special invitation to be one of the first to get this program expires and the price INCREASES.

Shock the fat off your body here with these 191 exercises <=== Last Chance to save

Is this program for you? It is if…

You’re struggling to bust a plateau or you are frustrated with your progress of fat loss and need a shock to jump-start it again

You’re not getting muscle definition and getting that lean, athletic look (you need to give your body a new stimulus with new and unique exercises)  You’ve been trying to get rid of stubborn fat and think you’re stuck with it forever (these 191 exercises literally will shock this stubborn fat off)

These 27 workouts will change your life <—– Link and Discount Expires TONIGHT

And by the way, the whole thing comes with a 100% Risk-Free Money-Back guarantee. So you literally have nothing to lose (except your frustrations).

I suggest you grab it now before the price goes up at midnight. Give it a full 60 days (yes 60!), and if it’s not right for you, KEEP the program and Dan will still give you your money back… EVERY PENNY.

This is your last chance before the price goes up TONIGHT

==> The Suspension Revolution with 191 exercises and 27 workouts

Your name

Email # 2

This page gets shut down today
#1 workout mistake

It’s the #1 mistake people make when trying to get ready for the summer, yet it’s so common for people just like you and I.

It’s called burn-out.

You work out harder and longer because you need results fast. But what happens is you start doing MORE cardio.

And studies have proven that not only does more cardio NOT help you get leaner faster, but it can actually make you fatter.

So what can we do about this?…

Well, the truth is that you’re not able to unlock your body’s full potential to burn fat with cardio.

Now, weight training is definitely better, but even then, you’re still holding back your body’s FULL potential.

But when you train with a suspension system, you’re working more muscle, especially your core. This puts a new stimulus on your system, which takes more calories to recover.

You cannot get this from traditional weight training.

My buddy Dan Long, who has trained the most ripped athletes, including Dekoda Watson of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, understood this and explains it better than I can at this link here:

Click here —> Unlock your body’s full fat-burning potential

You’ll also discover that today is the LAST day to save $20 on Dan’s Suspension Revolution System.

You’ll get 27 workouts and 191 exercises that will get you shredded before summer… all with just one piece of equipment.

Discount EXPIRES TODAY –> Unlock your body’s full potential to burn fat here

Don’t give in to the excuse that you don’t have time or you can’t make it to the gym. You can start right now and see a difference in just a few days – that’s how powerful these suspension revolution workouts are.

Go now and save $20 because at midnight, the price goes up.

Last Chance –> 191 Exercises and 27 Suspension Revolution workouts for $20 OFF

Avoid the #1 mistake and get ripped just in time for summer,


Keep the deadline emails short and simple and to the point – of selling.

That’s what you’re all about on the final day.

You’ll TRIPLE the number of sales you did the day before.

Make those sales,

Craig Ballantyne

“Sell something. America needs the business.” – Zig Ziglar

PS – There’s one more important deadline this week…

…and it involves YOUR freedom.

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