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The Serious QnA

Glad everyone enjoyed my latest run-in with Nicky…I have a top-secret rendezvous with her again this weekend in some dark alley somewhere…Keep on posting your comments and questions on the blog here:

Question: Why do you make up stories about meeting secret agents and talking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and “The Big G”? – The Lil’ G

Answer: Because SEO is stupid and boring (sorry Nicky), and the only way to keep you interested when writing about this important topic is by having a little fun.

Plus, I’m practicing my craft. Since taking over four months ago, I’ve worked harder on my writing than I did in the last 6 years combined. And it’s paying off because my ETR essays are getting better and better.

More about being a better writer next week.

In the meantime, I’ll continue taking my writing seriously by not taking myself seriously.

Question: What you did not explain is how a person could find what you are searching for on G. She said it was easy to find what you were searching for. what steps did she use to find out what you were G-ling? – K

Answer: Uh, yeah, I wasn’t serious about that part.

Question: Craig I have to say that you are right about the promoting.
When I first started I was scared to send my list any sales letters. Which doesn’t make any sense because what is the point of the list, I’m not looking for a few thousand pen pals.

Well I sent out my first promotion and got a few spam complaints. I was crushed. Kind of mad too because they had asked for information and there is an unsubscribe link so no need to call it spam.

Anyway I got a few thank you emails and that made all the difference. I knew what I was promoting was helping people and like you said some people are going to be upset at everything.

Since then I promote more now. I look at the product and and the sales approach and if I can get behind it 100% and know it will help some readers than I have to put out the email. People are looking for a solution to their problem, that is why they are on my list. If I have something to help them it is only right I present it to them. – Jason

Answer: Thanks for your feedback, Jason.

You’re preaching to the choir.

Let me add this as reassurance to all those folks who get unsolicited angry emails in return…

…for every angry email you get there are probably 1000 or more people out there who love what you do. It’s just that the people who like you never think to thank you.

They either don’t realize it would be appreciated or they think you’re already getting a million thank you emails, so why bother sending one in too.

Trust me – there are many, many, many more people out there who appreciate what you do – even when you throw in some sales messages that offer them a product delivering great value.

Question: Wow, you have a lot of fans on your Turbulence Training Facebook page. How did you get so many?

Answer: One thing I do on my (11,000
fans) is mini QnA sessions. I do this when I check my email in the morning, so it doesn’t really take any time out of my day.

Side benefit is market research (i.e. what are the hot topics).

One way to make it a little more viral is to say, “You must like this post before asking your question.” – Thanks to Alwyn Cosgrove for this tip.

However, I have to say, the fastest way to build my TT FB fan #’s has simply been telling my email list to join the page.

I also have a other pages that just post motivational quotes, and they are slowly growing organically.

As for monetization, I don’t send my list to offers very often, but I do send links to free reports a couple of times per week, so that:

a) this adds new people to my list (ie. if they found me through FB only, I want them on a list)

b) this possibly adds current email readers to a new list segment (i.e. they came into FB through my email list and now i can get them onto a female specific workout list by mentioning an additional report)

Each time I post a link to a free report on my fanpage of 11,000 people, I’ll add 75 people to that email list.

***Bottom line: I’m not mistaking FB as a big money maker, but I think the time spent is wisely used.

But if you have suggestions for monetizing a FB page, I’d be happy to hear them.

Question: Hello Craig, I hope all is well. This email is coming out of left field I know so please bear with me… I’ve been looking into Blogging and I.M. for just over a year now.

I  subscribe to all of your email newsletters (the only ones that seem to have real knowledge and value BTW) and a whole pile of others I need to eliminate!! as I’m suffering from massive info overload!! I just recently moved from the States to NB, Canada with my wife and our new baby to be closer to her family and I feel as if this is something I’m meant to do bro…I’m just a bit overwhelmed and really not sure where the hell to start. I’ve used your TT training in the past and recently discovered how diversified your work on the internet really is…Impressive doesn’t do it any justice!

Anyway, I’m  looking for a mentor and I’m tired of every self proclaimed guru on the web.  Your work resonates with me and I feel like I could truly make  some head way with you as my guide…what do I need to do to get someone of your expertise to teach a rookie like me? I realize you are an incredibly busy person bro and obviously don’t expect something for nothing.

I guess I’m hoping you could point me in the right direction to get started. Since relocation I’ve been a stay at home dad (can’t work in CA until my resident card comes in) so I will have the time to put my head down and bust it out! I don’t know if I should start out as an affiliate, write a blog, etc…

Anyway, I’ve babbled on enough, thanks for listening and I hope to hear back from you. All the best. – Steve

Answer: Hi Steve,

Thanks so much for your kind words and great feedback. Truly appreciated. Gratitude.

Please check out my Financial Independence program here:

I also recommend getting the additional Fast Start programs. They show you everything I did to build my online business.

When I was in your position, back in 2003, just getting started, I ordered a similar program (one that was written for mail order businesses, but still helpful). That manual was my complete blueprint to success for the next two years, and every time I read it I made an extra $4000 by using some of the strategies.

I went through it every other month for the next year.

Just imagine what you can do with a blueprint actually built for ONLINE businesses.

Good luck, and let us know about your success story. Looking forward to featuring it in a newsletter someday.


Craig Ballantyne

“For he that taketh on personal responsibility for thine own success, he shall be rewarded with the goodness he deserveth.” – Sir Craigariah Ballantino, 556 A.D.