To achieve entrepreneurial success, you need five things:

  1. A product that delivers a benefit people already want at a price they’re willing to pay…
  2. A strategy that puts your sales copy in front of your best prospects…
  3. Great headlines and lead copy that compel them to read your sales message…
  4. Sales copy that convincingly presents the reasons why the prospect should buy and overcomes any objections he might have, and…
  5. A quick, easy way for him to order.

Now you can do all that with a product that has already been proven to appeal to prospects, and where you’ll go head to head with well-established competitors. Or you can attempt to be a pioneer with something completely new.

If you decide to become a pioneer, you can do items 2 through 5 brilliantly and still fail miserably if your product misses the mark – if it doesn’t deliver a benefit your prospect intensely desires at a price he’s willing to pay. And when you’re a pioneer, your chances of missing the mark are substantial.

Pioneers are famous for winding up with arrows in their keesters. Given the choice, I’d rather compete in an established area.

[Ed. Note: Clayton Makepeace has spent the last 35 years creating direct-mail, Internet, and print promotions that have sold well over $1 billion worth of products. He publishes the highly acclaimed e-zine The Total Package to help business owners and copywriters accelerate their sales and profits.]

Clayton Makepeace

In many of the 34 years since Clayton Makepeace began his career, his marketing brainstorms and sales copy have generated over 100 million dollars in sales for his clients - all told well over a billion dollars so far! Clayton's copy has generated as many as TWO MILLION NEW CUSTOMERS for a single product in just 36 months and doubled, tripled - and on four specific occasions, quadrupled - the number of paying customers on his clients house files in as little as a year or two.He has increased his client's sales revenues by up to 1,000 percent in a single month, and multiplied monthly sales revenues by up to 4,400 percent in one short year.Clayton's direct response copy has pulled in as much as $3.6 million in sales over a weekend $5 million in a few weeks and $16 MILLION in a single month!

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