The Number One Predictor of Success

If you were my client, I would work to dig into your psyche in order to understand what makes you tick.

What drives your behavior — “good” or “bad” — and why do you label it good or bad?

Why do you get stuck in certain cycles and break through others?

As a Master Fitness & Nutrition Therapist, exercise and nutrition are the avenues I can use to help understand your relationship with yourself because at their core they are both based on nourishment, respect, boundaries, ability to evolve, and mindfulness.

It is always heartbreakingly ironic to see just how popular it is to use fear, force, judgment, guilt, and shaming in achieving health related results.

If you were my client I would teach you that the only lasting power source you need to tap into for all your goals and dreams is that which is rooted in Love.

Respect, Curiosity, Compassion, and Gratitude are the cornerstones of Love.

This may seem like a hokey notion, but think about how much better it feels when someone respects you; when they choose to see and understand your point of view versus telling you you’re wrong, crazy, not good enough, stupid, or stuck.

The same is true when you offer yourself the very same gifts:

  • When you choose to see your destructive habits in the new light of compassion…
  • When curiosity replaces judgment…
  • When negative thoughts and demeaning words are exchanged for loving, life-giving and affirmative ones…
  • When you offer yourself support you feel as though you can conquer the world…

Because You CAN. And not just because I say so… science is proving it.

Studies show that your thoughts, words, and actions have a powerful effect on the release of neurotransmitters in your brain.

Love, in all its forms, is scientifically proven to positively affect the biochemistry in your mind and body.

Serotonin is a know mood enhancer and stabilizer while Dopamine plays a key role in keeping us focused on our goals and motivating us to attain them.

Thinking and speaking life into actually achieving a goal triggers the release of dopamine. It makes you feel capable of pursuing all your dreams.

Conversely, the mental and physical frustration of struggling to achieve a goal starves us of dopamine triggering fear and anxiety.

So, what is the Number One Predictor of Success?


Pure and simple… well, maybe not so simple or I wouldn’t have a successful coaching business. But, with the right guidance, developing the mindset that will propel you toward wild success is absolutely possible.

I’m living proof. So is Craig Ballantyne. And so are many other “normal” people who have achieved great things in their lives.

You can achieve greatness, too. Start today by making one simple shift in your thinking.