The Metabolic Blueprint

“I’m going to start eating right and exercising on Monday.” said YOU, just before the first Monday of 2012.

Do you remember saying that? Do you remember visualizing going to the gym or your basement 6 days a week, listening to your Iphone’s “Workout” playlist (I know you have one… and I know the Rocky IV soundtrack is on there, too)?

You had good intentions. You set a goal of exactly 20 lbs. You even went to your favorite store and got some new workout clothes. You had everything you needed to get started and to stay the course, but you left one thing out.

Coaches around the world use this one thing, and I’m not talking about just fitness coaches either. I’m talking all kinds of sport coaches and even teachers.

Let me ask you something. Would you take your team to the Super Bowl and just “wing it”? Would you tell your team, “Alright, let’s score more points than the opponent by getting touchdowns and moving the ball downfield.” Seriously, that would be your game plan?

That sounds silly, and good intentions will only get you so far. Just like you need a game plan for a Super Bowl, you need a Metabolic Blueprint to beat your opponent, belly fat.

That’s the one thing missing from your success – the metabolic blueprint. Teachers use lesson plans. Coaches use game plans. People who succeed at losing belly fat once and for all use Metabolic Blueprints.

What is a Metabolic Blueprint?

I honestly have no idea. It just sounded amazing in my head.

Seriously – the winning Super Bowl team has everything mapped out. They know exactly how they will warm up. They know how they will line up at every play. They know their opponent’s weaknesses. Then they simply attack with vengeance.

Now it’s your turn. Your opponent is belly fat – the same belly fat that was there in January when you promised the world you would smack it in the face. The only thing was – you didn’t have a game plan.

Here it is – your game plan is this Metabolic Blueprint:

#1 – Your Fuel Source

Go to your fridge and cabinets. Get rid of the junk, including the ice cream and soda. For the next 12 weeks, you’re going to eat whole, unprocessed foods with the occasional reward meal. This will boost your performance, shrink your waistline and energize your metabolic resistance training workouts.

What’s a Metabolic Resistance Training Workout?

I’ll get to that. Stay focused.

#2 – Your Warm-up at Each Workout

Let the treadmill gather dust. You don’t need it. Instead, you’re going to do bodyweight exercises to get your body ready for battle. You’re going to start using Prisoner Lunges, Jumping Jacks and more. You’ll even introduce the SCREACH, one of the best warm-up weapons on the planet.

#3 – Use Metabolic Resistance Training Workouts

You’re warmed up and ready to rock. Good for you. You take a dumbbell and perform 8 reps of the Goblet Lateral Lunge, followed by Chinups. Your heart pounds hard, and yet, you still have 4 more exercises to go in the metabolic circuit from the “Torch” Metabolic Resistance Training program.

You know that metabolic resistance training works because you hit your whole body with tenacity with non-competing supersets and circuits, with incomplete recovery. It’s the bazooka of fat loss weapons.

You realize it does take hard work to lose fat, so you continue with focus and determination. You won’t let yourself down this time. No way.

#4 – Use Metabolic Finishers

You just poured yourself into your workout and after a minute of self-composure, you are ready to fight the last battle – the metabolic finisher.

Today, you chose the “Bodyweight High 5’s” Workout Finisher:

You do the following circuit 5 times, resting only when needed. You also time yourself because next week, when you perform this finisher, you’re going to beat your previous time.

1A) Jump Squat (5)
1B) Decline Pushups (5)
1C) Burpees (5)

You find the most challenging part is going from Decline Pushups to the Burpee. Your core is working so hard and your mentality is pushed to the edge.

You keep going. You have two enemies – one is time and the other is that pesky belly fat you promised to get rid of months ago. You’re beating both of them during these last few minutes of Metabolic Chaos that you know will pay off dividends.

You dismiss the idea of using cardio to battle your belly fat. You tried that weapon before and it failed you miserably. You know that cardio is so 1984, too.

You know intervals work, too. But the dilemma with that approach is time. After all, it’s summer and you want to hang out at the pool with your friends and kids. You need a blue print that gives you the most bang for your buck for time invested.

You chose metabolic finishers since you can knock those out in just minutes, yet your heart pounds for hours. It’s the best head fuel, too. You love the way they make you feel. You dominate each and every workout. You’re going to win this battle, once and for all.

12 Weeks Later…

Your clothes are hanging off of you. You go to more social outings because let’s face it; you’re looking great. Your goal was to lose 20 lbs this year, yet in the last 12 weeks, you put away 22. It was a roller coaster until you put the metabolic blue print into action. It was hard work, but you knew that is what it would take.

It’s the same blue print that will keep that fat at bay, too. Let’s be honest here – isn’t that another battle?

You choose to lose it once and for all, and vow to never see it again. You now have the metabolic blueprint for life, just like I have.

To your transformation, once and for all,

Mike Whitfield,
Certified Turbulence Trainer
2012 TT Trainer of the Year