The Massive Money Maker

  1.  This is the greatest part of an Internet business.I call it making money with friends.Others call it “affiliate marketing”.

    Clearly, my term is better.

    This is the last step in helping you make a lot of sales.

    Enjoy and let me know how this checklist has allowed you to breakthrough and finally make a bunch of sales.

    I want to hear your success story!

    Craig B.

    Step #9 – Sell With the Help of Affiliates

    Now that you have your Internet Moneyball system, you can start taking it to affiliates (your paid salespeople). An affiliate is someone that earns a commission for selling your product, and affiliate marketing is making money with friends. That’s how I describe it. It’s the greatest gig in the world…even better than being a rock star. My friend Joel Marion, a successful Internet Business Owner, and world’s best affiliate marketer, wanted to share these 10 tips with you:

    10 Rules for Getting NEW Affiliates

    1)  Introduce yourself to new affiliates and PRAISE THEM
    2) Highlight your credibility
    3)  Ask for review copy of one of their products – tell them you’d love to write a review that they can use however they’d like and offer to help them in other ways (promoting their product, guest blog post, website stuff…whatever you can offer… there IS some way you can help)
    4) Show them you actually know who they are. Make it personal.
    5) Major objective is to get them on the phone (much more personal and effective)
    6) Don’t be long winded
    7) Be REAL, be personable
    8) NEVER, EVER ask someone you have not at least had one “live” conversation with to promote your product.
    9)  Become a friend first, help them first, then it will naturally come back to you.
    10) Recruit relationships, not affiliates!

    Here’s a SUPER cool BONUS for you…it’s Joel’s “Affiliate Email Contact Template” that helped him have a $300,000 launch way back in 2009 during the first 3 days he ever sold anything. Joel proves that anything is possible when you make money with friends. Use this to get started:

    Basic Affiliate Contact Email Template

    Subject: Hey < affiliate name>,<your name> from <your website/publication you contribute to>

    Hey < affiliate name>,

    <Your Name> from < Your site or publication you write for> here. Been a fan of your stuff for a long time and thought it was about time I finally reached out to you!

    You may or may not be familiar with me, but I’m/I’ve <highlight your credibility/accomplishments>

    – I have a newsletter that goes out to X number of extremely responsive subscribers
    – I regularly write for X publication
    – I’m a certified X who has X (highlight accomplishments)

    If you have a couple of minutes to spare, I’d love to get on the phone one day this week to chat about setting up an interview to promote your product and some other ways I might be able to help you and your business.

    Do you have time on <specific date>, say <specific time>? Let me know if that works!

    Look forward to helping you anyway I can.

    Keep killing it, < affiliate name >!

    < Your Name >

    P.S. By the way, loved your newsletter the other week about < Fill in newsletter topic >….. < comment on newsletter >

    Ok, you’re rolling. You’re confident. You have a vision and you can see how things are going to shape up. Stay focused. Plan and prepare your work. Take action every day. Get accountability. Recruit social support. Identify a reward and set The Deadline to get everything done! Keep on pushing on.


    Craig Ballantyne & Bedros Keuilian