The Main Thing You Should Focus On

“How do I keep my website safe from hackers?” This was a question I fielded at Rich Schefren’s Strategic Profits seminar earlier this year. The Internet business owner who asked the question really wanted to know the answer. But I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.

You see, it’s easy to get off track when you’re trying to run an Internet business. There’s a lot of “stuff” out there that’s crying out for your attention. That includes things like superior website design and hacker protection. The truth is, you shouldn’t be worrying about that. Instead of helping you get ahead, these things could actually be preventing you from achieving the success you want.

As long as you keep one rule in mind, you’ll never wander too far from your primary goal: The main thing you should focus on is marketing.

Whenever you think you MUST do something to help your company, ask yourself, “Will this help me achieve my marketing goals?” If the answer is no, it may not be worth worrying about it.

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Mary Ellen Tribby

MaryEllen Tribby is a business consultant and coach to entrepreneurs in the information publishing and digital marketing arena. She led Early to Rise from May 2006 to January 2010 as Publisher & CEO. She has also served as President of Weiss Research, managing divisions of Forbes, Globe Communications, Times Mirror Magazines and Crain’s New York Business. She currently heads up The CEO's Edge and