The Great Steak Recipe

Finally…the steak recipe that so many of you have been asking for is now ready…trust me, it will be worth the wait.

After two more experiments with the formula, I can confirm, you’ll now be able to cook a perfect steak at home…WITHOUT a grill (or a barbeque, as we call it here in Canada).

That’s right, you’ll be making a great steak in your kitchen. Now this isn’t news to anyone that works in the restaurant industry, but most folks don’t know you can make a great steak in the oven.

Here’s how…

First, it starts with the steak, of course. For this recipe, make sure you have a top quality, grass-fed piece of beef. Don’t waste your time using something that costs $5 from your local grocery store.

Second, you’ll need:
– butter
– salt (I recommend Celtic sea salt)
– a cast-iron skillet (regular frying pan will also work)
– a pot
– glass cookware for the oven
– your favorite vegetables
– avocado (optional)
– mushrooms (optional)
– wine (optional)

Third, the instructions:

1) Get the skillet/frying pan as hot as possible.
2) At the same time, set your oven to reach 450 degrees.
3) Apply butter to both sides of the steak.
4) Once the skillet/pan is as so hot that you can’t hold your hand a few inches above it for more than 5 seconds, place the steak in the pan.
5) Cook for 3-4 minutes per side. Obviously, the more well-done you like your steak, the longer you’ll leave it in the pan.
6) By the time each side has cooked for 3-4 minutes, your oven should be at 450 degrees. Add a bit more butter to the top of the steak – and sprinkle some sea salt on it – and transfer the meat into the oven in a glassware cooking dish.
7) Cook the steak in the oven for 7 to 10 minutes.
8] As soon as your steak goes in the oven, start steaming your vegetables. I prefer either asparagus or broccoli to go with my steak.
9) At the same time, add mushrooms to the frying pan on low heat.
10) Both vegetables will finish a little earlier than your steak, so keep them on low heat.
11) I also like to have some avocado with my steak. You can even make guacamole if you want. Add some to your plate with your vegetables and mushrooms.
12) Remove the steak from the oven. And you’re ready for dinner.


It’s so simple, even I can do it.

Whoops, almost forgot Step 13 – Drink wine as you go. (Optional)

Last night I cooked a thick baseball-sized filet mignon using this method.

Seven minutes in the oven produced a perfect medium-rare steak.

The two other times I cooked 1-inch thick rib-eye steaks and they ended up closer to medium after 7 minutes in the oven. Keep an eye on your steak to make sure you get it exactly how you want it.

That’s as close as you’ll get to having a true steak-house experience in your own kitchen without paying the sky-high prices of a place like Morton’s (or having to sit through a 3-hour dinner in a loud room).

Let me know how it turns out.

Now I’m sure you’re thinking, this sounds great, but there’s no way I could eat like this every night and still lose fat.

But you’d be surprised. It’s REAL food. It’s not processed junk that sends your blood sugar sky-high and leaves you hungry 45 minutes later.

You should also, of course, keep your portions under control, and save half the steak for tomorrow’s breakfast (steak & eggs, anyone?), lunch  (steak salad with lots of veggies), or dinner (stir-fry with veggies).

Plus, if you combine this style of eating with Brad Pilon’s proven Eat-Stop-Eat plan, you’ll be able to eat like this much more often than you’d ever thought possible.

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Time to transform your body and your life,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer