The Easiest Way to Immediately Advance Your Career

Dear ETR Reader,

Today, I’d like to tell you about the easiest way to immediately advance your career–no matter what field you work in. In fact, you could add anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000 to even $100,000 a year to your salary right now – and it wouldn’t involve changing careers, starting a business or going back to school. At the same time, you’d also be joining the ranks of a prestigious organization of professionals that earn executive-level salaries every year without ever asking for a raise, without ever having to count on that elusive ‘big promotion’ to boost their incomes.

Sound crazy? I might have thought so too…except I have a friend that did exactly that. His name is Bob, and last year alone he made $501,245 doing the same thing he’s been doing for the past 20 years. Although he’s never earned an advanced degree of any kind, he’s become a well-known (and highly paid) expert in his profession – without chaining himself to the corporate grind. Today Bob is a self-made millionaire, working independently from his 11-room house in a suburb of Manhattan – enjoying what he calls a “dream come true” and a “comfortable, worry-free lifestyle.” So what’s Bob’s secret?

After leaving his job as an advertising manager (he was making just $27,000 a year), Bob came across a unique business manual given to him by a member of the American Consultants League (ACL). This single reference soon became his ‘Bible’ for establishing himself as a freelance consultant and for earning the Certified Professional Consultant (CPC) designation, launching a career that immediately brought in more than he ever made as a working stiff. Even though he had no idea how to run a consulting practice when he started, the ACL manual showed him a clear blueprint for how to get established, what to charge, how to market, what to say and do, how to specialize – every step was laid out in exacting detail.

As Bob told me, “Every page was dog-eared and filled with notes, underlines, and highlights. Whatever the manual said to do, I did.” His success came quickly. In his first year he had already topped his old salary, earning $39,000. The next year he grossed around $80,000 – and since then he’s steadily increased his income, at well over $100,000 a year and even half a million for the past two years straight. And the good news – and the reason I’m telling you all this – is that now you can follow the same path Bob did to become a highly paid CPC in whatever field or specialty that suits you.

In fact, this year Bob and the directors at American Consultants League have personally updated their guide to consulting success, and they’re including a free copy with every new membership to the ACL. On top of that, Bob has organized a team of advisors (all wildly successful consultants themselves) to give new ACL members direct guidance and feedback to help them succeed. If you could even get access to these advisors anywhere else (most work only with big corporations in their practices), it would cost you thousands of dollars for just one day.

But you won’t have to pay anywhere near that to get ongoing support from all of Bob’s team and to secure your own copy of ACL’s exclusive guide – along with loads of additional reports and references they’ve organized for their members. Simply put, adding the prestigious CPC accreditation to your credentials could be the most important (and profitable) step you can take to achieving a comfortable independence – while gaining unique esteem and notoriety in your career. Bob has assured me that you can take advantage of this opportunity at absolutely no risk whatsoever.

You will have a full 60 days to review their materials and decide if ACL is right for you. If you decide to cancel, they will issue you a prompt refund (even though you keep all the free reports and bonuses just for giving them a try). I think this is truly a special opportunity – in fact, I’m a little miffed that Bob never told me about this sooner. I always wondered how he seemed to do so well for himself without ever worrying about his success. I figured he had a secret. Now I realize how he did it – and you should find out too. For all the details, check out what Bob has to say at


Will Bonner, ETR

P.S. One more thing: Chapter 4 of ACL’s consulting guide reveals a powerful marketing secret that you can use to dramatically improve response to any type of ads you create (and it works incredibly well for selling consulting services). If nothing else, get a copy of this manual just to read that one secret – even if you decide to cancel your ACL membership. I was shocked to see it myself!