The Dirty Secret of Screw-Ups

Here’s something I discovered shortly after launching my business in 2001: Up to a point, customers don’t really mind when something goes wrong.

What drives them batty is when they complain and nobody cares. And when you make it clear to everyone in your organization that listening to customers is the Number One job of your business, you can turn the inevitable screw-ups into opportunities to build loyal customers and passionate fans.

Luckily for me, I made lots of mistakes when I was starting out. That gave me constant opportunities to provide great “I’m really sorry” customer service and improve my business – the marketing, products, fulfillment, and more – rapidly.

What about your business?

Do the customer service folks on the front lines really feel remorse when your business screws up, or are they just punching the clock? Do your employees feel empowered to admit mistakes, their own and yours? Do your customers feel respected and heard?

If not, you have your marching orders.

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