The Big THREE Rules for Your Life

Well, I just finished up my book. The 7th round of rewrites has been sent in, the cover artwork has been chosen, and I’m gearing up to go on the Podcast circuit to promote it.

Today, you get an advanced sneak peek at one of the biggest lessons I’ll teach you in The Perfect Day Formula.

Whether you are building a business, raising a family, training for a triathlon, writing a newsletter, managing people, or selling real estate, your morning rituals and routines establish your success. Here’s the plan you must have in place.

  1. Get up 15 minutes earlier starting tomorrow
  2. Know your number one priority and go to work on it immediately
  3. Use your Rules to create rituals and routines to overcome obstacles, eliminate temptation, and end procrastination in your life
  4. Replace bad habits with new good ones
  5. Get to bed on time

Out of those steps, the one that gives you the most leverage and bang-for-your-buck is to create Rules. Don’t be intimidated by my list. Start small. Here are the three most important Rules you need to create for your life.

#1 – State what time you go to bed and get up every day.
#2 – Write down the number one action step you will take each morning that moves you closer to your big goals and dreams. It could be work, it could be meditation, it could be exercise. Choose the right priority activity for you.
#3 – Create a Simple Health Plan. Do you need to meditate, exercise, eat better, or sleep more? In your health rule, state what you don’t eat (so that you find it easier to avoid food temptations) and when and how you exercise.

Identify the habits that you need to have in place to support your rules. Those are the solutions that will help you stick to your rules, and should be added to your daily schedule.

Once you have those in place and have spent a few weeks perfecting your morning system, take your Rules to the next level. Create rules for how you will control your schedule, how you will deal with emails, phone calls, and meetings, how you will limit vices and temptations, and how you will deal with others and the stress they bring to your life.

With these Rules, habits, and schedule in place, the morning is yours, the day is won, and you will control your life, no matter how much chaos is thrown at you. You’ll discover how to deal with that next.

Rule your life first and then you can rule the world,

Craig Ballantyne

PS – More steps to success…

Identify exactly what you want. Then don’t stop until you get it. Create the desire within yourself to make you TAKE ACTION to satisfy your needs and wants. Motivation and inspiration can truly only come from within because it all starts with YOUR desire.