The Best Personal Trainer Certification

Have you ever met the expert that created your certification?

What did you think of Mr. ACSM? Mary Can-Fit Pro? Or Joe NSCA?

And whoa, that Bob NASM sure is a crazy ol’ son of a gun, isn’t he?

Haha, of course you haven’t met these characters. They don’t exist.

Those certifications are just big faceless corporations. No personality (especially that NSCA one).

They are big certification factories. Paper mills.

Systematized to see how many people they can process and collect recertification fees from each year.

I remember being just a number when I was certified with one of these big box systems. And worse, I recall the not-so-great treatment I received from customer support.

It went like this.
“Hi, this is Craig Ballantyne. I’m following up on my recertification documents,” I said.

“What’s your member number?” Was their reply.

“I don’t have it on me, sorry,” I apologized.

“Well we need your member number.”

“So you can’t help me without my member number?”, I asked in complete frustration.

“No, sorry. Please call back when you have your member number.”

On it went.


That’s not what the Fitness Industry is all about.

Instead, our interest is based on CARING, connecting, coaching, and communicating…

…that’s what is missing from most certifications.

But those are NOT missing from the TT Certification.

Not only do you get FREE admission to the annual TT Summit (and next year’s will be even better than this weekend’s amazing event), but you also get monthly coaching from me, the creator of the TT Certification program.

Each month you’ll receive a big package in the mail, just like you do at Christmas.

And inside the goody package are two newsletters and two interviews with world-famous experts. The first newsletter and interview are
about the latest in fat burning workouts and science, and give you dozens of new ideas to add to your workouts.
We interview experts like Alwyn Cosgrove, Martin Rooney, Dr. John Berardi, and many of the top Turbulence Trainers from all over the world.
In the second newsletter, you’ll receive Done-For-You client attraction materials that are proven to get you more clients. Plus, we interview
the top personal trainer business owners in the world, like Bedros Keuilian, Sean Francis, and many others.

So each month you get coaching in your care package from the man who invented the most Advanced Fat Loss Program Design Certification
in the world – good ol’ CB.

Listen, it’s time to do things differently. After all, the old stodgy way of treating personal trainers as “rep counters” is obsolete.

We have an important battle to fight against obesity – and it requires greater levels of connection, caring, coaching, and communicating.

Success starts here.

Success starts with your TT Certification.

Success starts with you getting started today, and taking advantage of the TT Summit Special on the Certification right now.
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Don’t be old-school like those other certifications.

Instead, work on getting better every single day.

That’s what we do at Turbulence Training, and our material will show up on your doorstep every month to keep you getting incredible results.

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Looking forward to working with you,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Training

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We can do it together.

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Be a part of something bigger than yourself!

Be a part of a Certification Community that cares for one another, that coaches one another, and that connects with your clients better than any other.

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You are a RockStar trainer!

Keep up the great work.