The 3-Step Formula to Whip Up Any Dip or Spread

At the very end of my book Eat More Burn More, there is a series of dips and spreads that my readers really like. Today I want to give you more even more insight on making these easy and healthy dips.

Healthy dips are delicious, great as a snack, and they help you shed pounds in the process.

And while I do have a recipe to share with you today, there is really no need for recipes when it comes to dips and spreads. Dips are great to play with and unleash your own creativity in the kitchen. All you need is this simple formula:

  Making a dip 4

As you can see in the photo above, you need 3 elements to make a dip:

  1. A body
    This is the bulk of your dip. It could be a healthy dairy like plain Greek yogurt, or a fiber-packed legume (beans, chickpea), blended into a paste into a food processor.Start with something you like.
  2. A textural aromatic
    One, or many more. Start simple and add it to your dip’s body by simply stirring it into it.
  3. A salt/spice mixture
    Then you want to add some salt to bring up the flavors, and also something spicy (even if it’s just ground pepper) to give it a tiny kick. That’s where you need to taste your food and balance the saltiness, spiciness, acidity, and overall flavor.

For instance, if you were making a Greek tzatziki, you would start with a plain Greek Yogurt, add some chopped mint and parsley, some garlic, and some diced cucumber (that’s your textural aromatics), and finish with salt and some pepper.

I encourage you to print the formula and keep it handy, so that you can refer to it and whip up nice dips for your family in a matter of minutes.

As you go, you will gain experience and create more and more easy recipes that will become family favorites.

Speaking of favorites click the image below to download the recipe for my Miso Spread.Recipe Card Image small