The #1 Secret to MASSIVE Success (MUST READ)

Warning. Bedros gets a little intense in this one. But if you hold on tight, it’s worth it. Enjoy! – Craig


The #1 Secret to MASSIVE Success (MUST READ)
By Bedros Keuilian

You’d think it’s marketing, sales, client retention, or referral generation…

You’d think it’s staying on the cutting edge of social media, SEO, or by simply being better at your craft.

None of that matters as much as what I’m about to teach you here.

In fact all of those business virtues come second to this one thing…

Your “Adversity Quotient”

…in other words, your ability to handle adversity and the suck factor.

See, how you deal with adversity determines your success or failure more than any other thing in business.

Competition will come around, Google, Facebook and YouTube will play with your emotions, they’ll change how they let you market, or how much they charge you per lead or they may flat out ban your account and tell you to go away…

…sales will unexpectedly plummet, that competition that you thought was so “healthy” will force price erosion on the market place, and some days you’ll feel like no one gives two cents about you, how you feel, and everything you’ve done for them.

Welcome to business my friend!

If you expect to survive and thrive then you’ve got to increase your tolerance to adversity.

You’ve got to go from being a pretty little orchid that wilts at the first sign of adversity to a ferocious backyard weed that can grow in barren deserts and fights it’s way through nine inches of concrete!

It’s all about your Adversity Quotient.. your ability to deal with the suck factor and keep going.

That’s what business is about, man!

And that’s what differentiates a business that merely survives month to month to one that dominates EVERY MONTH.

See at the end of the day the marketing and selling playing field is level for all of us…

You’ve got your Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram

You’ve got email drops, online and offline affiliates, and direct mail

Marketing is not rocket science…

Find where your future clients and customers are, make them a free or low barrier offer to start the conversation and build rapport and then then sell them on your ongoing service.


Thanks Big B!

As Bedros says, YOU have the power to control your future and succeed.

But it takes work and skills.

You do the work.

We’ll teach you the skills here:

That’s the formula to overcome adversity and control your life.

Time to do the work that will set you up for life,

Craig Ballantyne

Do not struggle in silence no matter what obstacles in your way. You have the people and resources around you that want to help. Let them.