QnA: Body fat testing and maintenance

With the 24-7 Fat Loss Workout release wrapping up I’ve finally been able to set aside some time to answer your questions on measuring and lose belly fat.

A couple of these questions were posted in the 24-7 Fat Loss community:

Question: How accurate are they and is there one modelne can recommend that provides the most bang for the buck? I saw one priced in the $300s which has all the Bells and Whistles but is way beyond what I want to spend and could be overkill. – 24-7 Fat Loss Member, Deb

Answer: Fat % scales almost always underestimate how much fat you do, but they are reliable.

That means, if you have 18% fat today, and you do the program, and after 4 weeks it says you have 12% fat, then while you may not actually be 12%, there’s a very good chance that you really did lose 6% fat. Hope you know what I mean.

I’ve also added an extra bonus in the 24-7 Fat Loss Community on how to measure body fat and circumferences. If you don’t have the 24-7 Diet and Workout yet, grab it here: www.247FatLoss.com

Question: What is the best way to maintain a low fat percentage? What aspects of the 24/7 Fat Loss program can be used  year round? P.S. Love it so far. – Chris

Answer: Hey Chris, once you are at a low body fat level, you can easily maintain it while cutting back on your workout volume and how strict you are with your eating, but you’ll want to stick to the general principles of the program Joel and I put together. You can follow how I eat, train, and live to keep my abs here in the TT newsletters.

I love having a good steak and some wine at least once per week, I eat a lot of chocolate once a month when I visit my mom on the farm, and I eat pizza once a week with my buddy while watching sports.

So you can have it all (the good food) while staying super lean with my workouts in TT and in the new 24-7 Fat Loss program.

Right now, I’d have to say that my 24-7 Workouts are the best workout program in the fitness industry because they are my latest workouts.

And I’m not the only one who is able to have super sexy abs while enjoying my favorite foods.

Check out this QnA from my Facebook page.

Question: Since I started your programs, I’ve noticed something curious:

I am eating lots of calories every day (3500) and am losing weight even if I eat more than I should to lose weight.

How can it be possible? Could HIIT+ intense weight training have some magical aspects ? – Yann

Answer: Yes, and it’s amazing, isn’t it? The right combo of training – i.e. my MRT, MCT, and MFF programs – can let you eat a lot and still get great results.

Follow-up from Yann: I could not expect seeing popping out my abs while stile eating chocolate every day! That’s amazing. Thank you so much for your work Craig! Have a great day!

Now back to a question on how to modify the 24-7 Workouts.

Question: I have a conundrum. I’d say I was a beginner when it comes to cardio, but not for weight training. Bodyweight exercises like burpees do make me breath really hard, but I don’t want to just do bodyweight exercises because I have new weight equipment to play with. So how should I approach my workout? Thanks! – 24-7 Fat Loss member, Teina

Answer: Hi Teina, please start with the Advanced program, but do ONE LESS round of each superset/circuit in the program.

So if 1A-1C calls for 3 rounds, just do two.  If 3A-3C calls for 2 rounds, just do 1.

PLUS, take extra rest when needed – i.e. During the metabolic finishers. Double the instructed rest time.

And if you simply feel like you’ve had ‘enough’ for the day, just cut the workout short. Truth be told, you’d get 60% of  the fat loss results if you just did one round of exercise.

Joel’s diet is the key to fat loss, and exercise is the final sculpting mechanism for an amazing body.

If you don’t have the 24-7 Diet and Workout yet, grab it here: www.247FatLoss.com

Get lean and stay lean,

Craig Ballantyne, MS, CSCS, CTT
Creator, 24-7 Fat Loss Workouts