Ten Minute Triple Stack Training

This is the perfect workout method no matter how much time you have.

If you only have 10 minutes, you’ll get great results. If you have 20 minutes, you can boost your results and sculpt a little more muscle or carve your curves, your choice. And if you have 30 minutes, then you can go all-out Triple Stack Training.

In a Triple Stack workout, you’ll be given one main 10-Minute workout. If you do nothing but that, you WILL get great results.

But then you’ll also get a 2nd 10-minute workout. This probably won’t give you double the results of 10 minutes, but it will boost your fat burning and muscle building.

Finally, you’ll get a 3rd 10-minute workout. This puts the icing on the cake, but isn’t essential – even if you want to get a flat belly.

As you know, you can get results in as little as 4-minutes. But sometimes, if you want that perfect beach body, greater strength, and bigger biceps, you need to TRIPLE up.

Isn’t that a beautiful approach? Here’s an awesome upper body Triple Stack Workout you could use to build a beach body and burn fat:

(NOTE: If you want bodyweight only workout versions, go here).

Ten Minute Circuit #1 – Upper Body Sculpt’n’Slam

1A) Pullups or TRX Rows – Stop one rep short of failure (1RSF)
1B) Decline Pushups (or choose the toughest pushup you can do) – 1RSF
1C) Slamball Slams or Total Body Extensions – 20 reps
– Do your pullups and pushups with a 3 second lowering phase.
– Do not rest between exercises.
– Rest 1 minute at the end of the circuit.
– Do as many rounds of the circuit as you can in 10 minutes
– Rest up to 2 minutes between 10-minute circuits.

Once you’re done that 10 minute workout you’ll agree that it alone will get you great beach body results. But if you want to

Stack-It, hit this next…

Ten Minute Circuit #2 – The Big Muscle Pump

2A) DB Neutral-Grip Press (palms facing one another) – 12 reps
2B) DB 1-Arm Row – 12 reps per side
2C) 1-Arm KB or DB Overhead Press – 10 reps per side
– Take 2 seconds to lower the weight in each movement.
– Rest 15 seconds between exercises.
– Rest 1 minute at the end of the circuit.
– Do as many rounds of the circuit as you can in 10 minutes

Feeling the pump yet? Aw yeah, just like Pumping Iron. Finally, to put the icing on the Beach Body Cake (mmm, cake), TRIPLE-up!

Ten Minute Circuit #3 – Pump’n’Swing

3A) DB Curl – 10 reps, rest 30 seconds, 6 more reps
3B) TRX or DB Triceps Extension – 12 reps
3C) KB Swing – 15 reps
3D) Ab Rollout (with ball, TRX, or wheel) – 12 reps
– Rest 15 seconds between exercises.
– Rest 1 minute at the end of the circuit.
– Do as many rounds of the circuit as you can in 10 minutes

The End. That’s how you Triple Stack your training. The most important exercises go in Stack 1 and then you can choose how much to add. You can even do the other workouts at different times of the day…but make sure to warm-up properly with a traditional TT warm-up circuit.

I want to thank Certified Turbulence Trainer, Derek Wahler from Madison, Wisconsin, for encouraging me to offer more Triple Stack Training in my emails.

It answers a common question I get from you: “I want to do MORE than 10 minutes…so what should I do?“

This gives you the perfect plan but WITHOUT causing you any concern for overuse injury – as the workouts are not excessively long.

If you want more 10 Minute Workouts that you can put into your Triple Stack Fat Burning Plan, read Derek’s article here:

10-Minute and Triple Stack Training Workouts

Triple up and stack it for amazing results,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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…in just a couple of weeks.

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