Superfood Cheat Meals

Whoa. Did that just blow your mind?

The idea of Superfood cheat meals?

What could these possibly be?

Well, as you know, everyone loves cheat foods but no one
likes the guilt of cheat meals.

So let’s remove some of that guilt by adding more superfoodz
to the situation.

Let’s start with the cheat foods first. If you haven’t
already, download this list of 17 cheat foods and the ONE
hormone that cheat foods help.

==> 17 CHEAT Foods that help with fat loss

Now, onto the superfoodz cheat meals.

1) Avocado on your burger

Next time you are having a big juicy burger, add some
avocado (healthy fats) in place of cheese. This will give
you a similarly delicious, but healthier burger. Have that
burger along with baked superfood sweet potato fries.

2) Spinach and broccoli into ANYTHING Italian

Think about it…it’s hard to mess up cheese and flour, and
that makes up most Italian cheat foods like pasta and pizza.

So you can throw in plenty of spinach to your pasta or on
your pizza and will still taste amazing while giving you
a big health kick.

I eat a LOT of spinach every day by adding it to my daily
blender drinks. You can’t taste it.

Add this superfood to your diet whenever you can.

Plus, all the cooked tomatoes in your Italian food will give
you a huge dose of the superfood ingredient, Lycopene.

And of course, you can always add my #1 favorite superfood,
, into your pasta and onto your pizza as well.

Oh, and don’t forget the superfood oregano…according to
Oprah’s website, “Superstar levels of antioxidants mean that
a half teaspoon of dried oregano has the benefits of a
spinach salad.”

==> Mmmmm…more cheat food ideas here

3) Dessert Superfoodz: Ice cream + blueberries

Well, ice cream + any superfood would probably work. You
could probably throw spinach into your ice cream dessert
and you wouldn’t notice it, but blueberries are a more
common choice, I’m sure. 😉

Fresh blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and almost
any kind of berry will give your desserts a superfood boost.

And add the superfood spice, Cinnamon, to your desserts to
boost antioxidants and help with blood sugar control, too.

Finally, top your ice cream off with walnuts and dark
chocolate, just two more superfoods
that taste great.

There are so many ways to add superfoodz to cheat meals. It’s
almost like you’re NOT cheating anymore.