Stupid Copywriting Tips

I first met my friend Chris a few years ago at one of Yanik Silver’s swanky Maverick Business Adventure meet-ups at the Fontainebleau Hotel in South Beach, Miami.

Chris is a great guy, and has tapped into an interesting niche market. He shows men and women how to “text the romance” back into their lives.

But recently Chris has moved more and more into the female market, showing women how to land the man of their dreams – and keep him.

Heck, he’s even been featured on Rachel Ray. More important, just like Matt Smith and myself, Chris recently visited Malaysia and was featured on the Mind Valley insights website where he shared these copywriting secrets.

Or as he calls them, “8 stupid copywriting tricks that will increase your conversions.”

And since it’s Canada Day up here in Canada (as if it would be anywhere else, right? LOL), I’m taking the day off and getting Chris to do all the work.

Enjoy his secrets here:

Me likey stupid tricks

BTW, NSFW. Sorry!

Let me know if these help you out,

Craig Ballantyne

“Only sell something you love to someone you love.” – James Altucher