Best Turbulence Training Program for Strength and Muscle- QnA

Had dinner at Rusticana, a legendary steak and rib joint in Munich last night.

And yesterday we drove a bunch of BMW’s on their test track. Got an M5 up to 270km per hour.What a great car.

Here I am rolling in a 6-series. (640, I think).

NOW onto today’s Facebook QnA.


Q: Craig some would argue that with metabolic training you can only get so strong because the consistent force put on the muscles, is this true? – Adam Ortega

Answer: Adam – You’re not going to squat 1000 pounds doing MRT.

Q: What is the best pre and post workout meals to lose weight?? – Darrell Bradley

Answer: Darrell – Eat when you are hungry, don’t force meals or calories, avoid sugar and processed foods, and don’t eat more calories than you need each day. That is what you need to know. Try these free meal plans here.

Q: Craig, do you have any favorite dumbbell or barbell complexes you use as finishers? –   Alex Cue

Answer: Alex – Just whatever is in my TT Hardcore programs. I don’t use them a lot.

Q: I am stuck at being able to do 8 pullups. Should I try doing high rep sets on the pullup assist machine, or what would you suggest? – David Chevrette

Answer: David – Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Pull Ups

The pull up is arguably the ultimate measure of upper body strength. It’s also one of the greatest muscle building exercises in existence, which is precisely why it’s been called the upper body squat. If you suck at them people will laugh at you and your manhood will always be questioned.

Q: What are the disadvantages of not consuming a post-workout shake? – Sarah Ting

Answer: Sarah – For fat loss, not much. There’s no scientific evidence you need one for fat loss.

Q: Lol well thats not my goal, but what you’re saying is that you can still get strong? – Adam Ortega

Answer: Adam – Yes, especially if you are weak.

Q: Hi Craig, have lost a bunch of wait using TT2K3 and just started 2K4 but i miss the “big lifts” i used to do a while back (  starting strength, 5X5), which of your programs uses the most amount of “big” lifts ? I’ll be aiming for strength and muscle soon (just a bit more fat to strip off first) – David Rombout

Answer: David – TT 2k3 and TT 2k4.

Follow up Q: wait=weight, doh- David Rombout

Q: Hey Craig! I was reading the 4-hour body and they talk about using cooling to loose fat, such as putting an ice pack on your neck for a half hour. I was just wondering if that kind of stuff actually works? – Andrew McDermot

Answer: Andrew – LOL, no.

Follow up Q:   Ha ha good to get that all cleared up! Thank you! – Andrew McDermot

Answer: Happy to help, Andrew.

Q: Craig, any advice on training clients who are early in a pregnancy (and have been given clearance to continue to exercise) – Corey James Arsenault

Answer: Corey – I don’t have advice on training pregnant women, sorry. Try Holly Rigsby.

Q: Hi Craig. Whats a substitute for SB jack-knives if working out in a gym without a fit ball? – John Notarianni

Answer: John – Mountain climbers.

Q:   Craig: i think I somehow misphrased or you might have misread my question was, which of your TT programs uses a lot of the big lifts (possibly with barbells)   bp, deadlift, squat, overhead press, row.- David Rombout

Answer: David – The TT Meathead workouts.

Q:  fastest way to off love handles n quick abs !!! >>>>>>>>>???? – Bhavna Alwani

Answer: Bhavna – Build muscle lose fat with  fat loss workouts through weight training and minimal cardio. Weight training exercise will burn fat and help you gain muscle. get rid of stubborn belly

Q: Having a hard time convincing my female clients to lift heavier weight. They are all scarred to bulk up. I have read Rachel Cosgrove book, any other resources that you could recommend? –
Michael Gianeskis

Answer: Michael – It doesn’t seem you need more training resources, you just need to convince your clients. Start with just one set of 2-3 main lifts per workout, and spend the rest doing bodyweight MRT

Q: Craig explain to me if you can by using heavy weights will get you rip up instead of higher reps? – David Ortega

Answer: David – Moderately heavy weights (8 reps per set) tend to lead to increases in post-workout calorie burning that are greater than high reps. That’s a big component of the superior results.

Q:  Do you feel there is an advantage to doing an upper/lower split in order to gain muscle? I am used to total body strength workouts but have spent the last 2 weeks on upper/lower split and I have to say it’s been challenging as the volume increased. – Emily Bennett Ledford

Answer: Emily – I   upper-lower splits.

Q: David Ortega Is this where muscle confusion takes place?

Answer: David – I have no idea where muscle confusion takes place.

Ok, time to go. Off to Oktoberfest. Back tomorrow after my final Munich Meathead upper body workout…around 8 or 9am EST for more Facebook QnA.

Feel free to let me know your training questions.

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer