Stop Using Facebook and Do This Instead

Stop Facebooking. Stop Twittering. Stop Youtubing.

Just stop.

Instead, if you want your online business to success, you need to focus on just doing one thing.

But which one thing?

The one thing that works!

As Mark Ford taught me, “Find your Optimal Selling Strategy and then spend 80% of your time on this.”

For me, it’s email marketing.
For my War Room Team at ETR, it’s FB ads driving traffic to a $7 offer.

But whatever it is you must find the best way to sell your product.
Do NOT confuse activity with accomplishment.

Here’s the tough question – from Dan Kennedy – that you must ask about everything you want to sell:

  • Why would a customer choose YOU over all of the other options out there, including doing nothing?
  • You must identify what makes you better than everyone else.
  •  You must identify your optimal selling strategy.

And then you must do it.

  • Delegate the remainder of the activities in your workday.
  • Do only your high-value, high-competency work.

You must learn to sell. That’s going to be your high value competency.

This is your “Unique Ability”, as my former coach, Dan Sullivan teaches.

And it will be done via your OSS.

Once you start working on your OSS, you must also track and test your marketing. Focus on what works. Do MORE of it. Identify biggest profit centers and focus on that. Don’t try to improve weaknesses. Focus on strengths instead.

If you’re struggling to learn how to sell online, here’s what you need to do…

…find out the top 3 offers in your marketplace and study their offers.

If it’s a video sales letter, then study it. As you watch it, compare the following to yours.

1. The flow. Primarily transitions.
2. The use of stories and metaphors to emphasize key points
3. The way it places the prospect as a hero when the reap the benefits (not features) of the product

You’ll find areas  that can be improved just by seeing how successful sales letters accomplish those three things.

So find out what works, and do more of it…

But don’t waste your time with Facebook.

Sell sell sell,

Craig Ballantyne
Do not confuse activity with accomplishment. Always ask yourself, “is this getting me closer to my objectives“?