Facebook QnA- Exercise Substitution For Stability Ball Rollout

Question: Hi Craig. I am just about to finish TT 2K10 which I have used for fat loss and maintaining muscle mass. I was looking at doing the TT Halloween workout that you recently published. Will that program serve the same purpose? – John

John – Yes sir, great program for that. tough too, despite the cartoony cover.

Question: Thanks Craig. Another question if I may…..are inverted rows a good alternative for lat pulldowns or chin-ups/pull-ups? – John

John – They are not a good substitute for pullups or chinups.

Question: Your training….will it slim the thighs and build a nice butt?? – Sherri

Sherri – Yes maam, especially this version – Turbulence Training Booty For Wife

Question: Thank You Craig!!! Have a fantastic day!!!!! – Sherri

You too Sherri, thanks.

Question: What exactly is the correct way to do a step up? Should you keep working leg on the box throughout the set or step it down to the floor between each rep? It seems there is more time under tension if working leg stays on box. – Emily

Emily – I prefer it to stay on the box, but its not that big of a deal

Question: Hey Craig, how do you encourage your participants to use a weight appropriate for the 8 reps…i.e. they need to lift a bit heavier but are intimidated? – Corey

Corey – If I’m training them one on one, they don’t have a choice. They do what I say. Otherwise, you could try giving them an equal intensity bodyweight exercise.

Question: Thank you – Corey

Question: Could you please explain how a body weight only training system can be effective in maintaining, maybe even building some muscle? – Nick

Nick – Same way that weights are effective. It’s just harder to find as many exercises – particularly for the lower body – that put the same intense stress on the muscle. Some folks respond well to high reps, and those are the folks that do really well with bodyweight exercises for lower body.

Question: Could you recommend a more challenging replacement for the stability ball roll out exercise used in the intermediate TT manual? – Matt

Matt – Barbell rollout if you have a barbell. Otherwise, take a 5-second eccentric in the movement.

Question:  Any good sub. for v-grip pulldowns?? -Randy

Randy – V-grip pullups or narrow grip seated rows.

Question: Kettlebell thrusters, yay or nay? – Charlie

Charlie – Those are fine

Question:  Also, Nick Tumminello recently recommended against V-grip seated rows due to the degree of internal rotation. Agree or disagree?Charlie

Charlie – I still use them.

Question: Craig what are the top three supplements you recommend? – Jim

Jim – Aside from protein which depends on your diet, I use fish oil, glucosamine-chondroitin, and 5g of vitamin C per day.

Ok, time to go. Have a great weekend.

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer