Flavilicious Cookbook Facts

Happy Halloween! Ol’ Bally the Dog is dressed up as Chewbacca again, and so I’ll slip on my “Darth Trainer” outfit and join him in frightening some young kiddos that stop by for treats tonight. Hope you have a fun one too!

I know you’ve been having an amazing week trying out the fabulous recipes that I’ve been sharing from Flavia Del Monte and her brand new Flavilicious Cookbook.

So I’ll keep this message quick like a 4-minute circuit of squats, pushups, burpees, and rocking planks (try that between treaters tonight!)…
Before tonight you need to go grab Flavia Del Monte’s 150+ Easy-To-Make Fat-Burning Recipes in her new ‘Flavilicious Cookbook’. . .

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Still not sure if this is for you? Let me share the Top Ten Reasons you must get Flavia’s Flavilicious Cookbook before the price doubles, and bonuses are removed, at midnight tonight…

#10. Flavilicious Cooking focuses on ONE CRITICAL THING:

Balancing your hormones. Because when your fat burning hormones are balanced, you’ll be skinny. It’s just that simple. But if they aren’t (because you use the wrong ingredients), you’ll always battle stubborn belly fat.

9. Every Meal will taste like a Cheat Meal. Now you don’t have to wait until Saturday night to enjoy food. You’ll love your Tuesday lunch, your Thursday breakfast, and everything that you eat on the weekends – and so will your family. (Everyone will be ‘in shock’ that these tasty meals are also super healthy.)

8. You will NEVER have to count calories again.  Forget food apps, forget weighing your portion sizes, forget that life of obsessive-compulsiveness, and ditch boring meal plans.

The Flavilicious recipes will guarantee that everyone in your family leaves the table 100% SATISFIED. This is exactly how Flavia LOST 30 lbs of fat in just 4 months! You can see her incredible transformation pictures here:

How Flavia Ate MORE and Still LOST 30lbs of Fat <<< Discount/Bonuses Disappear Tonight

Eat more food. Fix your metabolism. Lose more weight. The perfect formula.

7. 150 brand NEW and unique recipes. Guaranteed to give your ‘diet’ an exciting MAKEOVER and put your weight loss plan on autopilot. As Vince says, “It’s easy to lose fat when you eat delicious recipes made with REAL food.” <= That’s the key.

6. 100% Allergy-Friendly Recipes This means a LOT to me…because I avoid grains and dairy. Flavia’s recipes will help you AVOID all the bloating, fatigue and weight gain that comes from eating fat-gaining ingredients like gluten, soy, wheat and sugar!

5. SAVE money and lose weight. Another great formula. By having convenient fat burning meals at home (Flavia will show you how to cook for a week all at once!), you won’t be wasting your hard-earned money at overpriced restaurants.

Listen, as much as I love having my Ballantyne Burrito Bowl at Chipotle, those things are darned pricey (and there are still a few hidden ingredients at Chipotle that I am better off avoiding). It’s much better to eat healthier and for fat loss at home – while saving big bucks.

4. Simply Delicious Foods One time last year I let myself get a piece of banana bread from Starbucks. It was a bad decision for my health, but also for my tastebuds. You could just taste the artificial, mass-produced ingredients in it. I was doubly disappointed. Don’t make the same mistake.

Eat REAL food with the Flavilicious Cookbook and you will love it – and the results – more than anything you can buy at a store.

3. Easy to Make Meals Flavia and her mentor, one of Canada’s top professional chefs, will show you how to make ALL of these meals fast, and some in as little as 5 minutes. But you only get this BONUS video today. So act now.

Make Fat Burning Meals in Minutes <= Bonus Disappears Tonight

In the “How to Cook 15 Meals in 50 Minutes” bonus video you will see professional Chef Amy Stoddart take Flavia though every step so that you can do it too. (It’s even easier than it sounds.)

This one bonus alone is a MUST HAVE for anyone that wants to make easy meals that taste amazing and are great for your waistline. . .

2. Gives You Back Control It’s time to stop getting tricked by the big food companies and take back control of your health and energy.
When you eat bland pre-made meals, or worse, ‘mystery restaurant meals’, you feel tired and the hidden ingredients mess up your fat burning hormones.

But when you control your nutrition, you can have more delicious dinners and finally get your fat burning metabolism fired up to lose stubborn pounds.

Take control of your kitchen, family and health today. Cooking healthy and delicious food is easy for all of us. You just need to know WHAT to do (and Flavia’s brand new Flavilicious Cookbook does just that!

1. Eat More => Fix Your Metabolism => Lose More Fat

It’s the perfect formula. More delicious meals, more money saved, a fixed metabolism, and faster fat burning. Thank you, Flavia!

I could go on and on, but ol’ Bally the Dog wants me to put my costume on and get ready for the Trick or Treaters. He wants to give out organic rawhide…that sounds good, right? ha!

So listen…there are dozens of reasons (including 150 great recipes) for getting your new Flavilicious Cookbook today. Most importantly though, you have to take action like a Trick-or-Treater, because this opportunity won’t be available tomorrow.

Imagine how disappointed a kid would be showing up at houses on November 1st only to find out there is no candy left. That’s the same way you’ll feel if you miss out on the bonuses and big savings today.

=> 150+ Delicious Fat Burning Recipes <<< Sale Ends Tonight

Have an amazing fat burning weekend with your new recipes and kitchen secrets on how to make amazing meals FAST.
Back on Monday with another fun and fast workout,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – Stay strong this weekend!

People will try to sabotage your day, your diet, your deals, and your determination. Do not let this happen. Identify all the obstacles and have two solutions for each.

Write down your Rules and Priorities in life. Have them visible when the temptations come a calling. Remember what really matters.

Whatever is in your way, you’re stronger than it, you’re tougher than it, and you’re better than it. You’re going to beat it.

Stay strong. Get stronger. Have a great weekend. You can change.

You will win. I believe in you.