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I’m down at a Dan Kennedy marketing seminar here in Chicago with superstars like Joe Polish, Kathy Ireland, a “behind-the-scenes” guy from the Proactive acne infomercials, and many more, learning lots of new direct marketing secrets to boost my website business – and YOURS too.

After one of yesterday’s presentations, I was talking to my friend Ed, a direct marketer here in Chicago, and I figured I’ve spent over $75,000 on Dan Kennedy seminars and newsletters in the last 5 years since I attended my first Kennedy event (which also happened at this hotel).

Fortunately, my ROI is well above 10-to-1, because this stuff works.

I’ll bring you a few lessons next week showing you how it works.

Now for today’s questions:

Question: I just want to start off by saying you are the man… My question for you is this: I am the total opposite of you, I can video myself all day, it doesn’t bother me.  But my writing skills are THE WORST!  What do you recommend I do. Like if you wanted to make a website “team”  who would the players be and how can I do it with minimum cost?  – Robert Gibson

Answer: Hey Robert, great question, simple answer. Create your videos and hire someone to transcribe them. From those transcriptions, have that same person – or a person with better writing skills – clean up the transcription so it makes a nice article.


You can find those people by advertising on Craigslist. Post an ad for someone with good written communication skills. Offer $10-12 per hour.

I prefer to get “kids” right out of college, before the corporate world has a chance to kill their souls and work ethic. – It’s AMAZING the quality of people you can find on Craigslist.

You can also use Stay-At-Home Mom networks, like Tell Shelby and Leslie you heard about them from me. You won’t get a deal or anything, but it will make me look good. 🙂

Question: Hi Craig, Love the way you think and all that you share. As far as solving your list’s #1 problem, how to you find out what that is? Do you do it by posting different topics and seeing which one people respond to and react to the most? – Roman

Answer: Hey Roman, you simply ask everyone in your target market that you can possibly contact.

It might be people you know in person (create a survey they can fill out), or people on your newsletter list (use

But if you really know your market, it should be fairly obvious – what do they keep asking about?


Finally, I just received an email yesterday from Mike Youngs, the internet attorney I interviewed the other week, and he told me that the state of Texas has just passed a bill that will start collecting taxes on all online sales from internet retailers.

I think this is the 4th state that has decided it is time to take your money.

Mike is always on top of the latest internet laws and tax issues, and while I know it’s not a “fun” internet marketing topic to discuss, but you always have to be thinking about how you can protect your website business from all the threats out there.

If you haven’t listened to my interview with Mike, you can do so here:


Please forward that interview – and this email – to anyone else you know who is running their own website business.

There’s also a NEW transcription of the interview available at that link if your preferred learning style is reading – as is mine.

Now if I could only get these seminars to be transcribed in real time instead of having to leave home and sit in a giant hotel conference room…

Time to get back to the seminar,

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