SEO Tips for YouTube and Facebook

I apologize.

Recently I turned to our friend, the recently back-from-the-dead Nicky Parsons, for advanced SEO tips to help one of my high-end coaching clients.

But if you’re a new reader, you might not know who Nicky Parsons is…well, here’s the deal. Nicky is an underground SEO superstar. She works under a pseudonym, of course, so that “The Big G” can’t track her down.

Once in a while Nicky brings her website traffic secrets to the surface, and shares them with me.

However, months ago, I was convinced that Nicky had met a grim fate…she had disappeared from all contact…perhaps she crossed the line, and gotten too close to The Big G’s secrets.

And then one day, out of the blue, I heard from her. It was time to meet up, and discover what was working to help YOU get free traffic to your website.
Nicky Strikes Back

Of course, Nicky and I met in a dark alley. It was just outside of Sea World in Orlando, Florida, where I was attending a seminar…and here’s what was passed on to me.

“The password is Shamu,” I whispered into the crack of the door.

I hear the bolt unlock and a door slowly opened, leading to another pitch black alleyway. It stunk to high heaven of rotten fish.

“Ugh,” I gurgled, suppressing a retch. “Nicky, it smells terrible in here.”

“Welcome to the Sea World of squid guts and octopus crap,” she replied. “But hey, what did you expect…I told you we were meeting in the garbage disposal for Sea World.”

“Yes, true. And as usual, you weren’t lying. So let’s make this quick…so I can get out of here and go run myself through a car wash – three times – before I return to my hotel. I won’t be able to back in the seminar room for days,” I said in disgust.

“Sure. So here’s the deal. I’ve figured out a LOT of new methods to get webpages ranked on the “big G” since I went underground last year,” Nicky started.

“Here’s what’s working for free traffic…

Let’s start with Youtube. To get a boost in the rankings, make sure to get a lot of backlinks built to the Channel URL.

Also – get other people to add your Channel to their favorite Channel’s list, as that helps to give it a popularity boost.

A real quick and easy way to get some Youtubes ranking at the top would be to have about 3-4 really well optimized Youtubes, then do a PRweb announcement for each one.

Always make sure you are creating videos and naming them with your keywords. Plus, if people are looking for your name, add it to the title twice, like this:

Steve Smith – Get Ripped Diet for Steve Smith

In this example – the main keyword is placed twice (Steve Smith) – then to get even more traffic throw in some other keywords so that it shows up in Youtube searches for other things.

Then a press release on Prweb to announce the video.  I have found that linking to the video in the very first sentence of the Prweb with the keyword – in this case “Steve Smith” – ranks the video very quickly.

Repeat the process with a few videos – and if you are trying to rank the Facebook page for your name as well, make sure to include a link to the Facebook page in each press release.

To rank a Facebook page it’s easiest when the page actually is the keyword. If it is not the keyword it is harder, but with a lot of backlinks it will start to rank. One of the first things I do from my reputation management playbook is rank my client’s Facebook page, and then rank several videos.

Sometimes the Facebook page will be very stubborn unless the page is specifically the keyword – so it’s good to have other options showing on page 1 to drive traffic to what you want.

The easiest to take page 1 with aside from Youtube are Prweb, exact match domains, Tumblr, Pinterest, Linkedin, Vimeo

Did you get all that,” Nikky finished.

“Yes, perfect. Now let me out of here before I vomit on the leftover tuna eyeballs. This place is disgusting,” I said with extreme urgency.

Nikky grabbed my arm, led me to daylight, and gave me a kick with her rubber boot to my butt on the way out.

“Man-up,” she said, and shut the door to get back to her research while hiding out from the Big G.

Why she chose there, I’ll never know.

All that matters are the big Youtube and Facebook lessons she shared above.

Put those to work for you today.

NOTE: A big hidden lesson in there is this…if you’re creating a Youtube or Facebook page, use your name or your product’s EXACT name.

I’ve made that mistake and I’m stuck with

That hurts my SEO chances.

More SEO secrets on the way,

Craig Ballantyne
PS – If you’ve never heard of Nicky Parsons…

…read this.