Best Way to Send Emails

Another busy travel week for ol’ CB. Just got back from Tampa and now it’s off to Washington, D.C. for Underground 9.

So I’m handing over today’s column to everyone’s favorite pancake conoisseur Mikey “P-Cakes” Whitfield for great advice on writing emails to your readers. Thanks Mikey!

Email Your Readers Like They are Your Best Friend
By Mike Whitfield

One thing that most people don’t know about me is that not only do I…

a) Love pancakes
b) Run my Workout Finishers business…

…but I also have a second internet business that is really starting to pick up steam.

It’s geared towards bootcamp coaches and trainers. Of course, I didn’t know this until I surveyed them in the fall of last year.

(Quick reminder – survey your list to learn more about your readers!)

Watch for his next book, “The Ultimate Guide to Pancakes”

This second business is actually an affiliate marketing business, and so I’ve promoted my own stuff (duh) as well as other offers that I feel those readers would benefit from.

So when something amazing comes around like Adam Steer’s Bodyweight Burn did last year, I knew my Finishers list and my Bootcamp list would benefit from it.

Both lists did really well, but the key was to tweak each email to tailor to each list so they felt I was emailing them personally.

This does two things:

1) Connects with your readers on a deeper level (and they appreciate this)
2) Increases your sales

Let’s compare. First, let’s take a look at the first little bit of text I sent to my Finishers List for Adam’s offer:

Finishers List

Subject – Latest Workout Trend and Density Finisher (Video) What a fun, yet nasty density bodyweight finisher on today’s agenda. Good times are ahead for you my finisher friend.


And now, let’s look at the start of the Bootcamp email broadcast:

Bootcamp/Bodyweight List

Subject – Weird Exercise for Bootcamps (Video)

There’s an easy way to give you and your campers an “unfair” fat- burning advantage.


Now BOTH emails had the exact same offer and went to a cool exercise video that Adam had on his site, but I tweaked the swipe emails from Adam to talk specifically to my lists.

If I were a bootcamp coach and saw the second email, I would be interested for sure. The same if I was a finisher freak (which I am) and saw the first one.

That’s the power of connecting and understanding your readers. Even if a bootcamp coach didn’t buy Adam’s program, I gave them a great idea to use with their bootcamp. That’s adding value.

Had I not tweaked it, perhaps they wouldn’t have thought of applying it to their own bootcamp.

Connect deeper with your tribe and you’ll improve your income and add more value.

To pancakes, finishers, and connecting with people (preferably over pancakes).

Mike Whitfield
Thanks Mike, you are a true value adder to the world.

Be like Mike,

Craig Ballantyne

Help others.

Add value. Improve someone’s life today. Do something nice, unexpectedly for someone. Transform their day.